Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Sub_Zero

bentheboom Global Trader - willing to trade internationally BTRs25-Sep-2013
Status: active
Address: benjamin pfund / 10481 grange ave ne / rockford, MI 49341
Reporter: Sub_Zero

I pended a trade with Bentheboom on Aug 21 for a CD case, and I would send him 1.69 paypal. Now first off, I had no idea it was marked as me shipping first, so that is my fault on that part, but I did not know he was waiting on me because it was only 1.69 and he never asked. I paid on Aug 31, and ive been waiting for him to send since. To file a BTR on someone for something so small seems bit over board.. But this trade is taking far too long. I was ignored a bit and finally got a answer on Sep 9 saying he'd hope he was sending that day. Never happened, and have not heard from him since. He has not been on since 15th, and to me, if you're trading you should be checking at least once a day. I don't want the CD case anymore, just want the 1.69 gifted paypal to finally end this.

Also, I found out after pending that he is only ten years old..I have no problem with younger members but he should be doing a much better job if he wants to stay.