Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by kobberbean

gwar31 BTRs17-Sep-2014
Status: active
Aliases: Michael Bellanti (Recipient of Paypal funds)
Address: BB 2209 Jonquil way Redding, Ca 96002 (From Trade)
Reporter: kobberbean

I responded to a forum post in which gwar31 needed $30 paypal right away for a gameboy sp with the dkc games. At the time, he/she was a gold star trader. I sent immediately. I asked on 9/7/14 for an update. His/Her last login was 9/8/2014. I sent 2 emails to and another PM here with no response. To the make the BTR go away, I would need the sp+games sent with tracking or a refund of 32.50 for borrowing my money.

devilstriker BTRs28-Jun-2013
Status: active
Aliases: kibasoul13
Address: K.Jones 620 Albert Court Albany, Georgia 31701
Reporter: kobberbean

Under the name Kibasoul13 we had a trade of Enslaved for Dissidia 012 on CAG forums. I sent my end and he did not send his. I tried several times to communicate, but he decided to just create a new account (DevilStriker) on CAG. After the redesign of the CAG website, the devilstriker account was banned and the kibasoul13 account was closed. I wasn't the only one scammed either.
To resolve this... send your end of the trade!

7/3/13 Edit: There is no resolving this... you were kicked off CAG for trade scamming.
Kibasoul13: Take note of the "Supreme Scamming butt-hole."
Devilstriker: take note of the "Trade Scammer"

I do have pms from our trade... CAG archives them as html... if any mod is interested, I can email them.

The jist of it is as follows:
Sept 17, 2011
Kibasoul13: I just bought WKC a few hours ago... what would you trade for 012?
Kobberbean: How about Enslaved or DMC4?
KIbasoul13: (agrees to enslaved, provides address)
620 Albert Court
Albany, Georgia 31701

I try to send the games out at the same time so that we can both have them at the same time"
Kobberbean: (sends my addy and tells him that i will send before po closes that night and will input into marketplace"
Kobberbean: "you have to add enslaved to your wishlist or i guess you can initiate the trade through marketplace.Your dc# is 03110240000152194397"
Kobberbean: Sent 22 September 2011 - 06:19 PM
Have you sent yet? Have a dc#?
Kibasoul13:Sent 22 September 2011 - 06:23 PM
yes i have sent it, but for the DC # ill have to get that from my relative, is that alright sorry i havent been responding
Kobberbean:Sent 26 September 2011 - 08:34 PM
when did you send it?
Kobberbean:Sent 28 September 2011 - 03:39 PM
still have not received dissidia. I would appreciate you asking the relative for the dc#.
Kibasoul13:Sent 28 September 2011 - 09:07 PM
thats strange.. It should have been there already
Kobberbea:Sent 03 October 2011 - 05:39 PM
any word on that dc# yet?

There was no communication after that. I did check Devilstriker's profile on this site before I put the BTR up... it has his gamertags at kibasoul and kibasoul13... I didn't even type his email into the BTR and it came up as I confirmed through Gla55jaw on CAG that Devilstriker is indeed Kashon Jones. He was his last trade before being banned. I wish you were able to look at old profiles on CAG.... b/c then you would see all the traders scammed by this jerk.
--End of 7/3/13 update--

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (2-Jul-2013)
From reading this, this sounds like nonsense to me, I have only created one account which was under the devilstriker name. While CAG banned me from their website without a reason, I have moved over to gametz. so whatever business they may have is their business. Since I have never owned a PSP, I without a doubt know that we did not agree to this trade