Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by HiroGaems

Phantomplanetgames BTRs21-Jul-2014
Status: active
Emails: unknown
Address: 105 gables way kitty hawk nc 27949
Reporter: HiroGaems

We both participated in the Retro Virtual Box on the GameTZ forums. The way the box works is that everyone participating puts in at least one game, and whoever's turn it is to pick, chooses a game. They pend a trade with the owner of the game they picked, and then the owner mails the game to them. That second person then gets next pick of games in the box. The thread can be found here:

When it was my turn to pick, I chose a discs-only copy of Resident Evil 0 for Gamecube from Dixiedead. He pended the trade with me on May 7, and then picked his next game from someone else and the box continued.

He marked the trade as "sent" on May 9, but didn't include any tracking information even though I specified Delivery Confirmation in the trade agreement. I figured it wasn't worth asking for tracking info at the time, since he'd never had any trade issues that I could see, and other folks seemed to be getting their stuff from him in the virtual box.

By May 22 I started to get a bit concerned, so I added a message to the trade asking if he had any other info, like a tracking number. I didn't hear back.

On June 8, I sent a PM to Dixiedead asking again for any information he could give me on this item. No response.

I saw that he hadn't logged in for a while, so I continued to wait. He logged in on June 20, so on June 21, I added another message to the trade hoping that he'd returned to the site and would get back to me. He didn't.

On June 26, I sent a message to Bill asking if a BTR would be an appropriate recourse here, and he agreed to send an email directly to Dixiedead in the hopes of getting a response. I said that I would wait for a week or so before filing a BTR.

I've been busy with other stuff, so haven't been around GTZ much lately, but now it's been nearly a month since that email went out, and about 2.5 months since Dixiedead said he sent out the package. I understand that stuff happens, but at the very least some kind of response would have been nice.

In order to resolve this BTR I would like either a copy of Resident Evil 0 for Gamecube or $10 via PayPal, the approximate value of said game (and the approximate value of the game I sent to another trader in the trade box in order to get this pick).