Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Trotts

VicWest BTRs20-Dec-2005
Status: active
Address: P.O. Box 57; Arma, Kansas 66712
Reporter: Trotts

We agreed to both send immediately. I sent a month ago, and he claims to have sent two weeks ago. He has not replied to any of my emails and has not signed onto to state that he has received my side of the trade.

on 6-Dec-2005 at 5:23pm Dementedgoth I sent on 6-Dec-2005.
sorry it took a while... been busy and quite forgetful

on 3-Dec-2005 at 11:30am Trotts I still have not heard back from you and at this point, I believe I have been ripped off. Please reply back to my message. By now, you should have received the game I sent, and I should have received yours if you sent it.

on 25-Nov-2005 at 4:09pm Trotts We agreed to both send immediately, but I haven't seen an update saying you've sent. When will you be sending?

on 21-Nov-2005 at 4:12pm Trotts I sent on 21-Nov-2005.
First Class was cheaper than the agreed upon Media Mail. Free upgrade for Demetedgoth!

on 18-Nov-2005 at 6:05pm Trotts Pending trade created.
Offer Accepted

on 18-Nov-2005 at 5:11pm Dementedgoth Offer Accepted

on 18-Nov-2005 at 5:10pm Trotts Offer Created