Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by shadow1

ragnorak BTRs16-Feb-2002
Status: active
Aliases: MyName
Address: 1117 Lafayette Street, Greeneville TN 37745
Reporter: shadow1

We agreed to a trade on December 6 2001, my Madden 2001 for PSX for his ESPN MLS Gamenight for PSX, I sent my part and he didn't. After a month I emailed him asking why he had not sent yet, he gave a very good reason, I told him I understood and gave him my address a second time, and decided to wait another month. After 2 months I emailed him again, this time he told me he had sent me an email a few weeks earlier asking for my address and I had not replied, (first I never got that email and second I had given him my address twice already)So I sent him my address a third time, he said he was going to send the next day. A few days later I emailed asking if he had sent the game and gave him my address a fourth time, but he didn't replied, I tried again a few days ago, but he did not replied either. His name is Adam Berryhill by the way.