Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by MrBean

dinosaurdaniel BTRs30-Nov-2017
Status: active
Address: 39 Brookside Drive. Unit 6. Brattleboro, VT 05301
Reporter: MrBean

* May 2nd update *
Daniel sent an additional $25. Now putting us at $75 repaid of the original agreement amount of $120.

* March 3rd update *
Daniel sent $50 with an apology note. Have followed up informing him that the delay is OK as long as there is some form of communication. I have not yet heard back in regards to an overall timeline.

Thank you for reaching out Daniel. Let's see this through and this BTR will be removed.


Daniel and I agreed on October 6th to a PayPal loan. I would lend him $100 for one month (repayment expected on Nov 6th) and he would send back the money with $20 interest.

Nov 6th came and went with no communication from Daniel. After multiple private messages (9) and emails (5), I finally heard from Daniel on Nov 16th, stating he wasn't ready to repay. I asked several times if he could begin small weekly payments and more importantly, when I can expect full repayment, but he has once again gone radio silent.

The last communication I received was on Nov 17th stating "i cant give a definite on full eta payment." I understand that life happens, but you can't leave me hanging like this, not knowing when to expect my end of the trade. Being that we're approaching a full month late on this trade, it feels like I'm not going to get my end of the deal here.

I will gladly remove this BTR once I hear from Daniel on an appropriate timeline for repayment.

Sorry and thank you.