Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Jeffreykins

segarickman BTRs29-Jul-2006
Status: active
Address: P.O. box 253, Rome City, IN 46784
Reporter: Jeffreykins

On the 4th of May 2006, Rick and I decided to make a trade-I would give him $7 for 10 NES dust sleeves. I sent my end of the bargain on May 9th and have paypal records that back me up. I thought everything seemed OK, then 2 weeks went by with no dust covers. He had marked "sent" on May 15, 2006. Then another it's been almost 2 months and I haven't received anything. Multiple attempts to contact Rick have failed, with the only response being one or two "have you received yet?" I gave Rick a final notice 9 days ago that if I did not receive in a week I would be forced to file a BTR. I am now doing so. Rick, I'm sorry about this, but all I want is to just receive my dust covers or my money back, I don't care how you do it, but that will prompt me to immediately clear this BTR. Thank you.