Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Lunar

Status: active
Aliases: superjugglinjester
Reporter: Lunar

well, this happened long time ago, we agreed on three trades within a week. He agreed to send first on the first trade, i did receive the games, they were in good condition. So i told him, i will send all three trades in 1 big pkge. I sent and he received it safely. Well, then he sent out the other two trades together, i never received it from him. i told him to send me the packages, or send my stuff back. and he said the stuff in lost in the mail and he cant do anything about it. Well, i understand its not ur fault, but it is your responsibility to get the games safely to me. well, he stop replying my mails, so i guess he has refused to send my games back. Well, he was a good trader however, just watch out though.