Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Boss

Neko BTRs14-Aug-2018
Status: active
Aliases: Dani Dodd, Danielle Dodd
Address: Dani Dodd 1114 Hickory Dr. Morris, AL 35116 USA
Reporter: Boss

Loaned money as the others and never paid back. Awaiting a full repayment or a plan.

hhhisthegame BTRs6-Apr-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Juanita Soto
Address: Elminio Soto 34-05 108st St. Corona, Queens NY 11368
Reporter: Boss

This Guy is a RIPPER! Stay AWAY!
He tried to use my Account as Reference so another User could send him a PS2 package! I managaed to Stop the Guy before he sent out the Package to this Bad Trader!
HE used a email similar to mine but of course it was not Mine!


Soto, Juanita

34 -05 108 St
CORONA, NY 11368

Users be careful!
Check Email and Verify everything you get from people as feedback.
Ebay Feedback EMAIL Ebay Account the User Sent or EBAY!
Yahoo Auctions account email Yahoo email the Users name is on.
GameTZ feedback send an email to the Email LISTED on the users Page!

Gohan514 BTRs18-Jan-2001
Status: active
Address: RD1 box 96A, Selbyville DE 19975
Reporter: Boss

We made a trade for my $150 in cash for his 266mHZ Laptop. Well I sent the cash to him. Now When I get my Laptop it was a 25mHZ Laptop and he lied about all the stats or made a mistake and sent me the wrong one. Well I emailed him telling him to return my Cash w/ shipping for the Laptop so I can send it back to him since I did not get what I was supposed to get. He has logged on to GameTZ after I send him the email and has not replyed. If I do not recieve the proper items or the money back I will have to take this deal into the court system, since we are dealing w/ a lot of money.


OldXenogears BTRs16-Nov-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Xenogears
Address: 1925 Bacons Bridge RD Lot 289 Summerville, SC 29485
Reporter: Boss

<--The Story-->
Okay we made a deal. For my Sega Rally 2 for the Sega Dreamcast for his Gundam Side Story 0079 for Sega Dreamcast. I reported the trade. I also sent first. Like I usually do with many of my other trades. Well I sent the package with the
CONFIRMATION #: 0310 2990 0001 5848 1425
He emailed me saying he recieved it. He said he will send soon. Well after about 2 weeks I email to ask where my side was. He said his dad never sent and he will send soon. 2 More Weeks go by. Another email I tell him I will take action if I do not recieve my side. He replyed and stated he understands. Well Here is the 1st of my 'Action'. A Bad Traders Report. I will also now seek LEGAL MATTERS. I have the confirmation #, Post Office can verfy. Also I have all the email he has every sent. If I do not recieve my side soon, I will have to take this Young Man to Court. Andy REPLY to this w/ an explaniation I will post it on this Report, and I hope we can settle this outside court.

TZ has Deleted the TRADE b/c 90 days has passed on PENDING. I will have to choice now but to report Mail Fraud. STAY away from this USER.