Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by ccurcillo

LawnGnome84 BTRs19-Mar-2007
Status: active
Address: 859 Washington St. #145,Red Bluff, CA 96080
Reporter: ccurcillo

Trader marked the trade as shipped on 16-Feb-2007 at 2:35pm (no confirmation #). I contacted this trader last week to ask for shipping confirmation # (no response).

JRed Canada BTRs17-Nov-2006
Status: active
Address: 150 st judes, laval,quebec,canada
Reporter: ccurcillo

Trade was...

I send Half life Team Fortress Classic + Opposing Force.


Guild Wars (account)

I received the GW account credentials.

I sent the Opposing Force CD-key to other trader.

The GW account credentials DON'T WORK, and I cannot get a response from this person. Basically this person stole my Opposing Force CD-key from me.

The other trader is supposed to send first. But this person already has the CD-Key, which is all they need to register the game w/ their steam account. They don't care if they ever get the actual CD. However, I am left w/ nothing, as the GW account credentials that they provided me were incorrect, and they will not respond to attempts to contact them.

ebroadie BTRs24-May-2005
Status: active
Address: p.o box 1491 lillington,nc,usa
Reporter: ccurcillo

Sending: eric259 sends first.
Shipping: First Class.

trade agreed to on 20-Apr-2005.

other trader claims to have shipped 28-Apr-2005 (only after I had shipped, even though other trader was to send first).

still not arrived, no contact from other trader.

jeffospina BTRs5-Oct-2003
Status: active
Address: 6111 S. Ruby Drive| Chandler, AZ 85249
Reporter: ccurcillo

Sent my address 8/8

Got his address on 8/10

Shipped his item on 8/12

Sent email on 9/3 to see if item had arrived yet (no reply)

Sent email on 9/12 (said if no response by 9/15 I will file BTR)

Filed BTR on 9/16

removed BTR on 9/20 (he emailed me with some lame excuse about switching ISPs and not being able to check email, he also claimed to not have received my end of the trade; I went as far as to SHIP HIM ANOTHER ONE! Boy am I a sucker)

Sent another email on 10/3, have not heard back.

The BTR is not coming down this time, until I receive my end of the trade. I have already shipped his trade twice, so I am out 2 items plus the cost of shipping it, twice, with nothing to show for it.

Notice in his response, he never even claims to have sent his end of the trade. EVEN THOUGH HE AGREED TO SEND FIRST! (Since he ONLY HAS 2 TRADES!)
This person is a fool, I never received the item the "first", nor "second" time. He doesn't even have a tracking # for the items the first or second time he claims to have sent it, and I don't need to respond to people wasting my time, when I get the item, I will reply to your emails, otherwise quit pestering me over a 5 dollar accesory I can buy a few blocks down the street.

Thanks to people like this starting trouble over a 5 dollar CD I'm just sticking to buying at regular shops, goodbye.