Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by ou812now

Byoon BTRs23-Mar-2008
Status: active
Address: SOUTH ROYALTON, VT 05068
Reporter: ou812now

This user canced the trade he made with me after I had sent and he got my game. Says he has to cancel trades because he is leaving the site. The turns around and makes more trades but never sends out the trades he has already made. Here is a link

I'll take this down only after he completes the trade or I have my items back. This is sad because the trade has a really low $$ amount to it.

I see the last trade he has posted on here, the game in question is being traded away to another user. You have to be kidding me. People are still trading with this guy?

As you can see he states here on his page he will clear this up by 3/28/08. Funny I have not heard anything from this user yet.

nikon BTRs26-Jun-2003
Status: active
Aliases: nes420
Address: Joe Carr, po box 54, north henderson, IL 61466
Reporter: ou812now

So sad when a good trader goes bad. Ok here is my story. I came home one day to find an email from Joe. Saying he has some NES boxes and manual I need and one game. So we get two talking, strike a deal and decide to send at the same time. HE doesn't have a scanner so he can't send me a picture of items unless he sends to friends house, has them scan and the sent back to him. I look at feedback and decided to trust him. I send my part out $40 money order and complete Trolls on Treasure Island. I still have receipt for postal money order and delivery confirmation. So a week later I'm still waiting for my items. Email him tells me there was a death on wife's side of family and has not had time to send. Ok tell him that's ok sorry for his lost. 2 weeks go by now they are lost in mail. Didn't have money for 55-cent delivery confirmation but did have $1.30 to insure it. Asked him to scan postal receipt and insurance slip so I can see, again was told no scanner cant send pictures. Told me he didn't have a chance to cash money order to use that money to ship with. Hmmm.... Postal money order, seem easy enough to two cash at post office. I was going to wait a few more days to file this but I can see now the lies are growing. I will keep this up until I get my money and game back. Or my items he promised in trade.

6/27/03 I have now filed a mail fruad report. I hope others will do the same. Maybe then he will come thruogh on some of these Trades.

6/27/03 I have looked up the local police department. Alexis Police Dept
122 N Main St, Alexis, IL 61412
Phone: (309) 482-5537
This will be my next step if items are not recived by 7/5/03

7/4/03 OK I have not heard anything for Joe, No attempt to make good. I will be calling his local police department Monday. I will file a theft report, Then I will forward the officers name in charge to everyone that has left BTR so we can combine our efforts in this matter. I will be on vacation next week. Just taking sometime off, I'm not going anywhere so I will have alot of time to work on this. I'm make it my pet project for the week.

7/7/03 OK no answer at local police department. I did find number to local sheriff that will be paying a visit to Joe sometime today. Seems the Sheriff already knows who he is, Good thing or bad thing? I'll bet on bad. I have emailed everyone that has a BTR up here with info. I will also let everyone know what the sheriff says when he calls me back today. The phone # to sheriff is 1-903-582-5194 if you want it. I put it in everyones email also.

7/17/03 Got my letter from the post office today for mail fruad. Joe should have is also or will sooon. I'll see if this gets him moving at all. I will fill my form out and return if I don't hear from him soon.