Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by msu89dawgs

DeathRow7x7 BTRs9-Feb-2005
Status: active
Aliases: Jonathan Williams, Santanna Richard, Santanna Swire, DeathRow7x7
Address: 1267 Highway 27 Dequincy, LA 70633
Reporter: msu89dawgs

Conflict is a new account for DeathRow7x7, a formerly established gametz member who scammed serveral members, including me, in 2003. You can look at DeathRow7x7's BTR's at:

Conflict ("Micheal Owen" is the name he's using now, back then he used "Jonathan Williams") made an offer to me on some Dreamcast and Playstation 2 items. After we pended the trade, he sent me his mailing address, which is:

1267 Highway 27
DeQuincy, LA 70633

I recognized the address, and confronted Conflict about it. He admitted that he was the same person, and said that he would repay the people from whom he had stolen in 2003. He agreed to send me a money order for $110 by last Friday, for the Nintendo 64 bundle that I sent him in 2003, but he has not sent it, and I have tried to contact him several times for verification that he did send it. He has logged in to gametz several times this week, but has ignored my posts. Given his past, I was doubtful that he would follow through and repay anyone, but I felt that I should give him a chance first. I am posting this as a warning to anyone who has a pending trade with him, or has interest in trading with him. I would hate to see anyone else scammed by him.

DeathRow7x7 BTRs24-Sep-2003
Status: active
Address: 1267 Highway 27 DeQuincy, LA 70633
Reporter: msu89dawgs

On September 10, I agreed to sell my N64 and ten games to Jonathan for $105. He asked that I send first, due to him having two gold stars, and me having a silver. Due to his generally excellent feedback, I agreed. I shipped the items to him the next day, with USPS delivery confirmation. He told me that he would let me know when he received the package, and would send payment immediately.

As of September 18, I had not heard from Jonathan, so I checked the USPS tracking info, and found that the package had been delivered on September 15. I e-mailed Jonathan to get verification that he had in fact received the items. On September 20, he replied that he had received the items, and that he had sent payment that day.

Yesterday, September 23, Jonathan deleted the pending trade, with no explanation by e-mail. I can't imagine any other reason for him to cancel it without also contacting me with an explanation, except that he did not in fact send payment, and intends to steal the items. I have e-mailed him, asking him to contact me immediately and verify that he did actually send payment. I also saw that he had another BTR filed on him, with circumstances similar to mine.

I hope this is a misunderstanding, and that Jonathan will contact me to clear this up, and that he will either send payment, if he hasn't already done so, or at least will return my items. However, his lack of communication is a red flag that something isn't right. I will remove this BTR once I receive either the agreed upon payment amount, or when he has returned my items to me.

UPDATE 9/24/03: An e-mail reply from a moderator informed me that Jonathan had cancelled all four pending trades he had ongoing last night, 9/23. He also tried to have his GameTZ account deleted. However, the moderators did not delete his account, and have reinstated Jonathan's pending trades. I haven't heard from him at this point.