Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by GaminPhreak

jaykay BTRs21-Nov-2002
Status: active
Aliases: Jaykay, also uses the last name Akpan
Address: Jay Akcan or Jay Akpan 1379 Old Vacherie St. Vacherie, LA 70090
Reporter: GaminPhreak

We have a trade pending to this day. We agreed upon his Halo for my Madden 2003. 2 days later I sent on the morning of October 18th and around the afternoon I found the trade deleted by him after I sent so I sent an e-mail and told him I had already sent and re pended the trade. He e-mailed me back the next day telling me he accidently deleted it and he would be sending Halo. Week goes by, I e-mailed him asking if he is gonna send it and told him I hope he isnt ripping me off. He e-mails back saying dont worry I'll send it. Week goes by I send an e-mail asking where my game is. And for the 2 followings weeks sent e-mails in trying to contact him but he stopped responding and didnt send my end of the deal.