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Bane_2099 Canada BTRs2-May-2002
Status: active
Aliases: cujo102
Address: 198 Church St Apt 1a, Keswick Ontario, Canada, 14p1j7
Reporter: Message

I began talking to him about a trade. I felt it was a little too good to be true and though I had more trades, he insisted I send first. I contacted his only rated trade, Nick Young, and Nick said he sent 3 PS2 games and some money to Chris, Chris says he never got them so he sent Nick ILLEGAL DREAMCAST COPIED GAMES to make up for his loss, hardly fair. I asked Nick why he did not file a bad trader report, and he said he was afraid Chirs would send one back on him in retaliation. He said Chris just talked him into giving him good ratings to build them both up. Nick is in the process of possibly filing a bad trader report as well. I unwisely decided to give Chris the benefit of the doubt, but instead of sending both DVDs, I would send one, and once he got it, he was to send the Playstation 2 game Devil May Cry. Then I would send the other DVD. He recently emailed me and said he did not like the condition of the DVD (utter nonsense, I am immaculate with my DVDs as all my trades can attest to) He said he would send it back when he could but it would be a while because his house was supposedly broken into. I contacted his other trade (pending) Chad Dylan Long to see how his trade was going. Even though Chad has over 100 trades, Chris convinced him to send first. Chad forwarded Chirs's last email and in it Chris says he opened the movie, watched it and now decided it is not what he wanted, yet again ripping off someone else. And funny how he never mentions that he was robbed in that email huh? Please stay away from him. I am going to give him 5 days to get my movie back, if he does not, I have already contacted the police in his hometown and I can prosecute, let alone the trouble he can get into due to his dealing in pirated games.

UPDATE: He has contacted me and refuses to get my stuff back to me. He said basically "you'll get it when you get it" I tried calling him in Canada and there is no listing for his last name in Keswick or any surrounding area. Probably not his real name. Also, he thinks the police will do nothing to him for this. He tried saying my X-Men DVD I send him had a bent case and a cracked plastic disk holder. Anyone who has this DVD will know that it would take major abuse to do that as it is in a tri-fold case enclosed in a slip cover. Not to mention I bought a padded envelope from the post office specifically to avoid any damage. It was in perfect shape when I sent it. IF I get it back, it must be in the shape I sent it to remove this report, and I am not promising to do it even then as I am afraid he will do this again to someone else. He basically promise you a great game (usually Xbox or PS2) for a DVD or two. Too good to be true.

UPDATE #2- I just got my X-Men DVD back, and just as I expected, he went and broke the case to prove his story. You can see where it was bashed very hard against the corner of something like a table. I told him for me to remove this report my DVD would have to come back in the condition I sent it in, and if he broke it he would have to replace it. It was my understanding he was replacing it. Regardless if you decide to trade with this guy, always make him send first. He will give you every story in the book as to why he won't do it, but take it from the four of us who got burned by him, it is not worth it. He ruined the case to my X-Men DVD, and whos to say what he may do to your stuff.

UPDATE #3- As I told Chris, IF my DVD was returned in the condition I sent it I would tone down my report, he sent it back with a trashed slipcover and broken case. That is not the condition it was in when sent, he did not return it in the condition I sent it, so no, I am not toning down the feedback. You can actually tell how he broke the case as it clearly is from being slammed on the corner of something such as a table. He is a liar, look through his history and contact any of his other trades and you will get a similar story. And how did I get a new x-men out of this and how did it cost you $37 Chris? You sent back my DVD, and you broke it, it did not cost you a thing except return postage, so keep your threats and your lies to yourself.