Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Mewd

Thuglife2003 BTRs18-Jul-2003
Status: active
Aliases: Thug Life
Address: Joshua Andrews 19452 Mt.Wasatch Dr. Riverside, CA 92508
Reporter: Mewd

I met Joshua Andrews in the GameTZ chat, we made a deal to trade three of my Sega Master System games (Phantasy Star, Space Harrier, and Golleive or however it's spelled) for his Sakura Wars one and two imports. While we had equal trading ratings at the time, I sent first as that was required to close the deal as he wasn't very sure that it was even.

I wanted to discuss the trade over e-mail, I sent some, and he claimed it didn't come to him untill after we had closed the deal. It was explained as a simple delay, but I suspect he lied about it simply so that I'd have no evidence on hand.

He sent me the address via e-mail, I sent the package, three days later, my confirm delivery told me it had arrived, but HE hadn't. I told him that it told me it'd arrived, and he said he'd send tommorrow.

He didn't reply to any messages after that.

It's now about two and a half weeks since that e-mail, he hasn't responded to any increasingly urgent messages asking him to cooperate, respond, or just ease some tension to the extent that he hadn't just ripped me off.

Despite confirming that it had been delivered after I told him about the confirm delivery, he never marked his end of the deal complete. I heard bad things about him in the chat, and he even had a month old pending trade on his page that was having him send one of the games he was alledgedly trading me! He may simply have multiple units in stock, but he didn't respond to my inquire about that either. He's had weeks to respond, and hasn't. If any one doesn't believe that his end hadn't arrived, the confirmation number for my end of the trade is 0302 2940 0001 1164 7000 at

I suspect that this 'Drew Smith' that Joshua Andrews had a seperate trade with, the only trade he's had that went through, is simply an alias. Drew Smith has three bad trader reports, and if he does switch alias' and use feedback from them, he may do this again.

Joshua, I know you can read this. You may not, but listen. I don't want things to get ugly, as they're becoming. Please, send me your end, or atleast return mine. Or ATLEAST show some sort of receipt showing that it was sent, if lost in the mail. I'm tired of this game. Please respond to my e-mails.

Joshua has contacted me, and claims that family issues have kept him from sending. I will remove the bad trader report when I recieve my end of the deal. He has though, seemingly disappeared again to deal with whatever is wrong. I sincerely hope that whatever is wrong will be righted, but I am getting rather impatient to recieve the end of the deal.

Update 2:
Joshua sent a package to me. I say, 'a package'. Because it contained two of the games I had sent him for my end of the trade, Golvellius, and Space Harrier. And a game that is neither mine, nor did I ever want 'Resce Mission'. He still has Phantasy Star. The most valuable game amoung what I had sent.

All I really wanted were the games he promised on his end of the trade, but if he was going to return mine, he could have atleast sent the one that was most important.

The bad trader report will remain up, until he either returns phantasy star. Sends me both Sakura War games, or pays for Phantasy Star. If he returns Phantasy star, I will send back Rescue Mission. Rescue Mission is not an even replacement for one of the most valuable and desired Master system games.

I have grown weary of this. I was kept waiting since June for my end of the deal, and it is not beyond my imagination for me to feel that he just played the games until he got sick of them, and returned them like over due rentals without charge. Keeping the one he liked best and replacing it with a game of no value.