Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by hill_dogg_1

kalea BTRs5-Dec-2003
Status: active
Address: 118 Oakwood dr., Jupiter Fla, 33458, USA
Reporter: hill_dogg_1

We arranged to trade my Pitch Black DVD for his American Pie DVD on 14th September 2003. I arranged to send the DVD to him approximately around the 30th September and he sent me an email stating that he received it on the 12th October. When he received the disk he stated that it had some scratches on it and would sit down and play it to see if it would still work. On the 19th October he replied to me saying that it didn't work (even though it has previously on my DVD player?) and that he got it buffed out and that we could still proceed with the trade. I emailed him stating that I was sorry about the inconvenience and that he could send the DVD to me via AirMail or any other service if he wanted to, to make up for the scratched DVD? He replied on the 20th October saying that that was fine and he will be sending ASAP. It has now been 41 days since then (December 6th right now, he told me he'd send ASAP on 20th October) and I have emailed him several times to see what is going on. So far there has been no reply so I have no idea what is happening! Rob seemed like a great guy when I emailed him and I did not expect or want this trade to turn out like this. Rob, I will remove this BTR when I receive my American Pie DVD, or if I get my Pitch Black DVD back.