Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Jurassic_Shift

Turps813 BTRs13-Apr-2012
Status: active
Address: Chris Hoenninger 214 South 42nd Street Apt. 3M Philadelphia, PA. 19104
Reporter: Jurassic_Shift

Gave out a loan over 2 weeks ago. He now has a btr for another loan and isn't responding to pms even though he has logged in....

lillhead BTRs6-Jul-2001
Status: active
Aliases: lillhead
Address: 2214 Park ave. Baltimore, MD 21217
Reporter: Jurassic_Shift

Alright #2 on the bad trader's list (I hoped this would never happen)... Here goes:

Chris and I made a trade back in May of this year (the trade is in fact still pending). I agreed to send my super gameboy for his shinobi 3 (gen), donkey kong country 3 (snes), and ms. pacman (genesis). He told me that he had been ripped off before and that he could not send first (That's what they all say)... Considering that I was getting a great deal here and I really didn't value my super gameboy highly (I bought it real cheap) I agreed to send first (This was around the beginning of June. Chris received my package a few weeks later and completed his end of the trade, and I patiently waited for my end of the deal. about a month passed so I emailed Chris asking him what the status of the trade was... He seemed shocked that I hadn't gotten the package yet, since he "sent a few weeks before". I offered him recourse and gave him until this Friday (7/6) to respond to my email, and he hasn't. If the package was lost in the mail I suppose I'd understand (although packages have never been lost in the mail before with me) and all I ask is some sort of compensation, as Chris can file for a claim with the post office. Until I receive a reasonable settlement this BTR stays up, sorry for my long-windedness, just laying down the fact. DO NOT TRADE WITH CHRISTOPHER WHITE....


Pikachu BTRs27-Nov-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Rubei
Reporter: Jurassic_Shift

We made a trade back in September.... I sent him King
of Fighters 97' (sat. import) and he was supposed to send me Burning Rangers (sat).
I sent him my game first because he was just starting out and i wanted to give him
a nice beginning trade... He got the game and said he mailed Burning Rangers, yet
i never seemed to get the game. Whether or not the game was lost in the mail or
he never sent it i don't know... I spoke with him a few months back and he said he
had traded KOF 97 and would send me 20 bucks to compensate for the loss... It has
now been almost three months and i've emailed him several times with no response...
I really hate to do this because i like to trust people's words but he doesn't seem
to think that following through with a trade is important. I've been very patient
with richard and don't want to give him another btr but this is my last resort. I will remove this report when i receive some sort of compensation...