Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by E_C_R

hmong BTRs1-Mar-2006
Status: active
Address: Jon Yang 2579 spaatz ave Columbus Ohio 43204
Reporter: E_C_R

Ok, I'm pretty irritated here. We had a trade set for me sending my Way of the Samurai (PS2) and for him to send Need For Speed: Underground (PS2). Simple, straight forward trade. This is a new user, and against my better judgment, I sent at the same time with him because I was making a post office run and just felt like being nice. Big mistake on my part, and I won't be doing that again.

Hmong said he sent on January 31st.
I sent on Febuary 7th.

I sent a message on Febuary 18th:
"Hey dude. Any idea what's going on? Have you received yet? And did you actualy send when you said you did? I've been looking for the game, but haven't seen it as of yet. Please let me know what's up. Thanks.
No responce from Jon.

Another message was sent on Febuary 26th:
"Hey dude, what's going on?
I don't see any package, and you haven't received my end yet. I also haven't heard from you at all sence the 29th of January. And it's almost a month sence you sent, and no package yet.
Give me a sign that your alive or something dude."
(I also sent him an e-mail with the above message, saying that I was sending this to his e-mail incase he haden't checked his GTZ messages in a while. I copied and pasted this to the e-mail.)
No responce again.

Two days later, on Febuary 28th, I receive an e-mail saying that the trade had been cancled by Jon. His reason for cancling was: "Have NOt Recived"

You can view all of these messages under his cancled trades listings to see that they are not altered in any way.

If he didn't receive my item, then he should have talked to me about it first and then we would have gone from there. I am very disgusted with this. I've checked his cancled trades and I found out he did the same thing to two other uses. Not ripping them off exactly, but cancling for other reasons such as "found a better deal." One of them he had said he sent, but then cancled after "finding a better deal." Now I ask you. If you sent the game, why would you find a better deal and cancel the trade? That dosen't make any sence. Well apparently he did the same to me but we took it all the way to where he falsely sent, and I sent to be nice a few days later, and he ends up canceling the trade for supposedly having not received.

I'm disapointed dude. I didn't want to post a BTR on anybody, and here I really have no choice. Two ways this BTR can be resolved. Send me Need For Speed Underground, or send me back Way of the Samurai. It's your call, I don't care which you do, but this BTR isn't coming down untill I receive one of them.