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Bad Traders Reported by trueking

JJTfromKY Has Written 6 Reviews BTRs4-Dec-2010
Status: active
Address: 607 Prichard Street Grayson, Ky 41143
Reporter: trueking

On October 26th, me and StopDropNRoll began communication on discussing a possible trade. On November 7th, we were finally able to come to a deal.

The deal involved me sending:
-Seinfeld: Complete Series
-Adaptation DVD
-Deer Hunter DVD

He was to send me the following:
-Cars (Bluray)
-Casablanca (Bluray)
-Kill Bill vol 1 (Bluray)
-Kill Bill vol 2 (Bluray)
-V for Vendetta (Bluray)
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall (DVD)
-Gran Torino (DVD)
-Invention of Lying (DVD)
-Raising Arizona (DVD)
-Tombstone (DVD)
-Yes Man (DVD)
-Zombieland (DVD)

Now although StopDropNRoll is a new trader, I agreed to send first because I still had previous BTR's on my account. He told me that he was going to be at a different address to attend a funeral and listed the address to send to. I sent on November 11, with DC. It took StopDropNRoll a little longer than what the DC said to mark he had received but on November 19th, he marked he had received. He told me he was still dealing with some funeral stuff and I was completely okay with it and patient with him. AFTER marking he received, he was telling me that the conditions of the Seinfeld series was not the greatest video quality (I later found out it was apparently a burned copy of the series, but informed him of it and he was completely okay with it). He told me that the earlier seasons were great but some of the later episodes were not. I asked him what seasons weren't working well (I planned on purchasing whatever seasons were not good quality on Black Friday to make up for it), but he never told me which ones were bad. I kept trying to contact him, asking him for more information and if there was anything I can do to fix the problem. This was asked immediately after he marked he received on Nov 19. I gave it a few days and heard nothing. I kept messaging him asking for more information or if he was even going to send or not. Finally on November 29th, 10 days after hearing anything from him (also since he last logged in), I told him that if I had not heard from him I would be posting a BTR by Friday (Dec. 3).

It is now Saturday December 4 and I still have heard nothing from him.

I asked him to either send all of my stuff back, or send his side of the deal (minus the $25 to make up for the bad episodes).

I will delete the BTR once I either hear from him (with intentions to fix this problem) or until I receive my side of the deal.


I was just informed that there is another trader,, who has the same address listed on his account as he does on StopDropNRoll


I told you before I even sent that the item may be a fake.

on 9-Nov-2010 at 6:32am StopDropNRoll Are you sending today (Tuesday)? I'd really like to look the set over, and there's a 99% chance of me doing the trade as long as the picture/audio is good, it'll work for me. I just want the complete set of episodes to watch over and over. ;0 please try to pop those in the mail today, if at all possible. Thanks!
on 8-Nov-2010 at 3:20pm StopDropNRoll just ship it on out and I'll look it over more closely. no worries.
on 8-Nov-2010 at 10:58am trueking so i looked for the seinfeld and found it (had it stashed away)

and idk... it doesn't look right

i think it might be fake?

There's the proof. You clearly said you don't care, you just want to watch all of the episodes.

I will be filing mail fraud on you if I do not receive my side of the trade or my item back. It does not matter what the product is, and the fact you just "threw it away" is complete bullcrap. The item is my property (unless you send your half, then the trade is complete, making the item yours). You have absolutely no right to just throw something of mine away like that and that is not only stealing, but also destruction of property (which in itself is another crime).

1. you marked received. when someone marks they have received they are happy with the item and thus agreeing they will send their side of the deal. you check the item out before you mark received, before complaining or asking for something to be fixed.
2. On on 19-Nov-2010 at 3:30am StopDropNRoll Didnt want you to think I was never going to respond, been a tough week. On those Seinfeld dvds, the first 5 discs play great, but the picture is defective on the other discs, like they came from downloading them from the internet, surely thats not what has happened, right? Let me know where I can look this up and get some more feedback about the set, if you can find me a link I'd reallly appreciate it and I will send out when I figure this out. Thanks for being so cool.

With those comments you clearly act like you are still interested in it, but wanting a problem to be fixed. i offered to help fix the situation but got no reply from you. your attitude completely changed from being understand and okay with it to absolutely pissed off and unwilling after you saw a BTR.

Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Aug-2015)
you got the wrong user. I never traded with you. I never had Seinfeld either. Sorry

chronosurge BTRs27-Feb-2006
Status: active
Address: Church Hills, TN
Reporter: trueking

i sent him a disc only suikoden 2, a breath of fire 3, and a few other minor games i dont care as much about. all i want is my suikoden 2 back

he was supposed to send me a few copies of Suikoden Tactics, and Wild Arms 4. he received, and then lost all communication with me. he refused to talk to me, on GTZ, AIM, or through email. he denied even knowing me, keeping my things, saying he knew nothing about it.

here we are now, after a month or so of the account being inactive, i was planning on leaving this in its grave, but now that i see the account has become active again, i feel i need to warn others of his acts.

he now says its his "brother", and not nick himself on this account. i had a chat with his "brother" in the chat and he gave me some more information.

27-Feb-2006 9:48pm chronosurge he said you gave them to him as a gift

here he says that his "brother" does admit to receiving my side and now saying it was a gift. i barely knew the guy, and wouldn't send such a large bundle as a gift.

everyone on this site knows how much i love my games, especially suikoden 2, and how i would never hand that over as a gift to anyone.

all i ask is that i have my suikoden 2 disc only returned to me, i dont care about the rest of the items, just this disc only. i have filed mail fraud, and will continue to file it if things are not settled and fixed

SephirothLv51 BTRs1-Aug-2003
Status: active
Address: 92 Owings Dr. Winters, CA 95694
Reporter: trueking

He did not complete his end of the deal. I sent my trade and I have heard nothing from him. I don't even know his real name. He just goes by Hoof Bite. I am going to follow up with police, etc., to have charges filed against him. DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM!