Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by jpnrvna

ctrigger23 United Kingdom BTRs2-Jan-2004
Status: active
Aliases: Nicholas Simon
Address: 22 Countess Rd., London, England, NW5 2NT
Reporter: jpnrvna

Nicholas first contacted me on October 28. He offered me his mint xenogears and 20$ for my Chrono Trigger. I told him that my CT was cart only and I would feel like I was ripping him off if thats all I gave him, so we agreed that I would throw in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and he would not have to give the 20$. He later emailed me on Nov. 2, saying that he has sent his side, I sent out on Nov.4. The day after I sent out I e-mailed him asking him to confirm that he sent, and he said he sent out on the 4th as well. Because he e-mailed me on the second saying he had already sent out, I got a little suspicious, but I didn't think I should worry about it too much. I waited all of novemeber, then when December came I started e-mailing him, asking him if he has recieved. I probably e-mailed him once a week about, and I've still got no replies. All that I'm asking for is for Nicholas to send me his half of the deal, or to send back my stuff. It has been almost two months, I'm sure he has received my share by now. I have all the e-mails that he sent me saved for proof. Can you help me please?