Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by dracula

AngelOfDeath Canada BTRs2-Apr-2004
Status: active
Aliases: junglehunter
Address: 416b 33 Ave Ne , Calgary, Alberta T2e 2j1 , Canada
Reporter: dracula

Junglehunter(calls himself "angelofdeath" now) and I had a trade a few months ago for his famicom converter for my brave fencer musashiden. I got the converter but it is non working(it has the screen blinking problem but a lot of the games had that problem). A few weeks ago I got a new pin connecter, but his converter still doesnt work. I emailed him and he said I am probably not hooking it up right, but I got it to work once, but the screen started blinking after a few minutes. I eventually tried it on my friends toploader but it still doesnt work.

I was very reluctant to put this btr up, bc I am open to the possibility that something happened in transit, but given junglehunter's name change to angel of death and recent restrictions, I think I am getting ripped off. The weird part is that junglehunter said he was including a "surprise". He included mario 3 for the famicom. I asked him if he did this because he knew the converter didnt work, but he said he was just doing it to be nice. Furthermore, this was one of junglehunter's last trades before he let his sub time expire. He might not be back but I think I better put this up in case he does decide to come back to try to rip anyone else off.

We exchanged emails and he says he doesnt want to undo the trade, but I ended up having to track down a copy of excitebike that had a converter in it so I could play my famicom games. I will take this down when junglehunter/angelofdeath sended my game back, I will gladly give him his converter back and his mario 3.
I sent the Famicom converter in PERFECT working condition, and it should still be that way. I cannot trade the Brave Fencer Musashiden as I have traded it away already. I gave dracula the SMB3 because I thought he'd like to have it and it was also my last Famicom game so I didn't need it. It's pretty funny how he's trying to make me send it back after more than a month of the trade being done. I can exchange dracula's Famicom converter if he wants to send it back to me.

videodrone BTRs22-Mar-2004
Status: active
Aliases: jeffrey christopher
Address: 325 cowhead creek rd, greenwood,sc 29646
Reporter: dracula

Videodrone and I agreed to trade his complete zelda windwaker, metroid prime loose and ninja gaiden NES loose for my $50, $25 I send first and I would send the other $25 after I received. I gave him the $25 back on march 3, and it is now 3 weeks later and I still have not received. Alton says he sent back on march 5 without delivery confirmation via first class. I have received nothing, and he left no sort of tracking information and has not replied to emails or phone calls.

He does not respond to my emails which leads me to believe that he sent nothing(he agreed to use delivery confirmation then says he sent it out without DC...). I hear that he got into a car accident, while this is unfortunate, it does not make it OK for him to rip me off. Either return the $25 or complete the trade and I will take this down.

EDIT on april 27: added his other email addy, his real name is jeffrey christopher, his wife has never heard of anyone named alton. His paypal name is jeffrey christopher so that is pretty official. His phone # is 864-943-0131. I highly doubt that he ever had the games he agreed to send, so if you return the $25 I sent you back on march 3, 2004 then I will not file mail fraud.

edit: fraud charges are pending.