Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by TrueHype

Blackout_ca Canada BTRs1-Mar-2004
Status: active
Address: Never recieved, only a paypal email address
Reporter: TrueHype

We made a deal where I was to buy 4 DVDs that were in excellent condition for paypal. I paid with paypal and it took him over a week to send out after he claimed he didnt have my address even though it is clearly listed on paypal on the transaction trade. I had to send him 8 emails before he sent as well. I recieved the DVDs in the mail, 1 was BADLY scratched and 2 had been buffed to get rid of the scratches. These scratches were never mentioned. I questioned him about this and he agreed to send me another DVD to replace the badly scratched one. 3+ weeks later and I am still waiting for the replacement DVD. Numerous emails to him and he can not tell me when there sent I just get the same response all the time "they have been sent". This BTR can be removed if he gets me the replacement DVD or refunds my payment