Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Kevtones

Trading_Man BTRs20-Mar-2004
Status: active
Emails: Mickman300 on AIM
Reporter: Kevtones

Four seperate people, users "Sun", "Eugenethegrey", "Xena" and myself had all planned on trading with the new member "trading_man", who claimed to be the owner of a small gamestore in TN. After a week or so, "Sun" and I both deliberated with this James Carl (who claimed to be 28, the nephew of a Billionaire as well) about our prospective trades, repeatedly making sure to tell him to send with Delivery Confirmation. So he sends my package on March 5th (he says March 6th on the report but it was March 5th he said) First class, without Delivery Confirmation. Things began to get suspicious. Five days roll around, no package. Sun, eugenethegrey and Xena are all in similar situations. Trading_man is now nowhere to be found. Sun's resourcefulness managed to get us James Carl's phone number via Trading_man's address and this past week we called him. According to his more then angry father, his TEENAGE son was trying to scam us, as best evident by his practices. None of us will be receiving any games and if this attempt at trading is any indication of James Carl's arrogance, well a BTR will serve him just fine. Oh, and this isn't even half of it. He also purposely outbid things on me just to piss me off, he was a bigot on the chat room and harrassed other traders while giving false feedback. James Carl is an example of a poor human being and a horrible trader.