Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by KwaZulu

angelus214 United Kingdom BTRs24-Jan-2004
Status: active
Reporter: KwaZulu

On 26th December 2003, I accepted a trade that Lee Moazzam proposed. Once Lee accepted the trade, he failed to send his part of the deal & does not reply to any chasing emails enquiring if there may be a problem.
I would ne happy to amend / delete this report if Mr Moazzam would have the courtesy to reply to any of my correspondance.
Potential traders please be wary of trading & ensure they do not send their part of the trade first.

sourcery United Kingdom BTRs2-Oct-2000
Status: active
Aliases: Sourcery
Address: 80 Richmond Road,Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3RN, England
Reporter: KwaZulu

Michaels header page reads "At the moment my primary game I'm looking for is Loom, by Lucasarts. If you have this game I will give you my soul!" As I had this game up for trade, we agreed a deal 19th August. Michael was very keen on my sending first, but having no confirmed trades, he later agreed to send his part of the bargain first. I have chased him repeatedly for feedback, but 6 weeks later I am still waiting to hear if he has sent it.
Should Michael ever see fit to honour his agreed trade, I'll be happy to remove this BTR.
In the meantime, may I advise other potential traders to be wary of dealing with Michael & ensure they do not send first. KwaZulu 2-Oct-00

PatrickSA South Africa BTRs28-Apr-2000
Status: active
Address: PO Box 25237, Langenhoven Park, Bloemfontein, RSA
Reporter: KwaZulu

I agreed a trade with Patrick 21st March & sent my package by Recorded airmail as Patrick's UGTZ listing requested. He said he did the same.
Patrick confirmed receipt of my parcel on 30th March, but it is now 28th April & I have yet to receive his.
After several emails, Patrick agreed to try to chase the delivery up with the Post Office on 16th April & advise but I have heard nothing from him.
I have repeatedly emailed Patrick to ask for any kind of confirmation or tracking number to try to trace the package from my side in the UK but have yet to receive a reply.
I have never filed a Bad Trader Report before, and do not wish to tarnish Patrick's name if the Post Office have indeed mislaid my parcel, but I have heard from 3 other UGTZ members over the last 2 weeks, who have also got long overdue or missing parcels from him & feel that this has got to be more than just coincidence.
I will gladly remove this Report as soon Patricks parcel arrives.
Jon Bradbury (Kwazulu)

UPDATE 18/6/00
David who is responding on behalf of Patrick has advised me that he has now re-sent the items owed to me by Patrick. The goods were apparently airmailed 26th May, but have yet to arrive in the UK as at 18th June.