Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by hubcap

kylerecse BTRs20-Apr-2005
Status: active
Address: 750 Highland Dr # 102, Ojai, CA 93023
Reporter: hubcap

Kylerecse and I pended to a trade on 3/29/05 in which I was to first send him Zone of the Enders 2 and Fatal Frame in return for Fight Night Round 2 (XBOX). I sent his games out on 4/4/05 via USPS First Class w/ Delivery Confirmation, as agreed upon (tracking # 03043490000022513147 ). He sent a "received" notice thru the system on 4/7/05. He then sent a "sent" notice thru the system on 4/9/05. After a few days of not receiving my game, I looked at his feedbacks and once again took notice of the BTRs and complaints that have been filed against him previously. I dont know why I didnt take these as a warning...... Anyway, I sent him a message thru the system on 4/15/05 asking him to please supply me with the delivery confirmation # as I did for him. On 4/17/05, after not receiving a response from him, even though he was logged in twice in those 2 days, I sent another message explaining that I would file a BTR if I did not receive a DC # within 2 days and my game in a few more. In the meantime, I also sent him between 6-10 emails telling him to check his trade messages etc. Those went unresponded to as well. So, here it is... The only reason I filed this so fast is because of his horrible track record (once again, partially my fault for deciding to trade with him anyway) and because of his total lack of courtesy to not even respond to my messages and emails. All I want is for him to send me my game immediately, and an apology would be nice too. Then, I'll be more than happy to take this BTR off.