Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by Domathoin

Thuglife2003 BTRs8-May-2006
Status: active
Aliases: Big Balla
Address: 19452 Mt.wasatch Dr.
Reporter: Domathoin

Sevin and I pended a trade on the 15th of March. I asked a few times for an update on when he would be shipping and never recieved one.On the 4th of April I asked if there was a problem with this trade since he logged on almost every day and did not answer my messages. The following day, he supposedly sent. I have asked questions on a few more occasions and have recieved no information. It is now May 8th, almost 2 months after the pending trade was created, and I still have no word. This will be resolved when I either recieve my end of the deal or the trade is canceled.