Bad Traders

Bad Traders Reported by benstylus

GizmoDVD BTRs13-May-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Brad Lowenberg, Bradford Lowenberg
Address: Moorpark CA 93021
Reporter: benstylus

Details on the exact dates are a bit fuzzy, but it was sometime in late 1998 or early 1999.

Essentially, we agreed to trade my Virtual Boy for his Contra Hard Corps plus $15.

Virtual Boys at the time were being clearanced for $30 at places like best buy and EB so I figured it was a fair trade.

Well we both said we sent, and he got my stuff in a couple days and thanked me. After a week had gone by without me receiving anything I contacted him to let him know his stuff hadn't arrived and asked if he had a delivery confirmation number or something.

He said he had no DC, but to give it a few more days, and he'd send another copy of the game if I didn't get it. This set off some red flags, right there, but as he already had my stuff there wasn't really anything I could do.

Anyway, after a few more days I reminded him and he said he'd send another copy of the game out. Never heard from him again - he stopped responding to my emails and that was that.

He was a kid at the time, so I couldn't pursue any legal action. Anyway, you probably already know this from the other BTRs that have been filed on this guy, but it's probably a bad idea to trade with him.

A word to the wise - he may currently be living in Simi Valley. A myspace search for "Brad Lowenberg" turned up just one result...

He's about the right age, and Simi Valley isn't such a stretch for someone like him.

TooShort4 Has Written 1 Review BTRs20-Apr-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Jordan Lindsey
Address: 802 Flat Rock Rd.; Bellevue Ohio 44811
Reporter: benstylus

Trade pended Feb 17 for a $20 loan that was to be repaid plus $3 interest within a month.

Sent a reminder 5 days before the repayment deadline, no response.

Sent a reminder on the 19th of March (2 days after the repayment date), he said he's waiting for a refund from Pac Sun and that he would send the money as soon as he gets it.

April 2 (2 weeks later), asked for a status update. No response.

April 18 (another 2 weeks), asked for a status update. No response, and he doesn't seem to be logging into the site anymore.

After 45 days, so Paypal won't do anything about it (though they did accept my complaint).

April 20th - sent a reminder saying I would have to file the BTR if I didn't hear from him by that evening since I was going on vacation the next day and was freezing my account. Well, after not getting a response, I filed the BTR and froze the account as planned. When I got back from vacation, I discovered he replied after getting the BTR - he posted a trade message saying that he'd get payment in the mail "tomorrow."

April 28th - Back from vacation, I sent a reminder because I had not received a check in the mail. No response.

May 7th - Another reminder message sent, no response.

May 11 - Actually it looks like he hasn't even logged into the site since his last message on April 20th...sent him an email.

May 20 - Looks like TooShort4 was online yesterday, but I've still received no contact AT ALL from him since April 20th. Sent another message to him, but at this point, it appears to be useless.

June 2 - still nothing. It's official, this guy's a wanker.

July 14 - looks like he logged on last week, but no response to my trade messages or emails was given. It's almost as if he's ignoring me for some reason.

August 27 - been well over another month and he hasn't been back to the site. At this point, though, I'm not gonna hold my breath on getting a repayment.

June 20 - looks like the kid logged into the site on the 16th... yes, jordan, your BTR is still here. It ain't going away until I get the money you owe me.

syntaxcoma Has Written 1 Review BTRs29-Mar-2008
Status: active
Aliases: Jason Wabiszewski
Address: 503 N. Main St. Apt D, Oshkosh WI 54901
Reporter: benstylus

On February 18, we agreed he would receive a loan of $95, and would repay $104.50 to me within a month (on or around March 18th).

When the repayment deadline passed, I sent him a reminder messages, to which he responded:

Hello. I am currently without internet as I broke things off with my ex-fiancee and am staying on a friends couch. Would you prefer a money order or Paypal? Let me know, and I can get this to you.. unless you see anything on my list you're interested in.. or my old topic in general marketplace..
thanks again

I responded that a money order would be fine and asked him to let me know when he got it out, to which I received no response.

On Wednesday, March 26, Pyramid_Party, who was worried about his pending trade with syntaxcoma, sent me the following message:

Hey I noticed he hasnt paid back his loan that he took out yet. I actually bought a few things from him around that time and still havent received it. I see he has alot of pending trades and soem of them are pretty pricey, and some are from way back. Im not sure what to think of him, he claimed to have sent a long time ago when i asked him. Thenlike 2 weeks passed, i asked him again, and he said he didnt send yet that he would be soon. So even more time has passed and he sent me a trade message like a week ago saying his internet has problems and hes at a library and is gonna send. I have seen him logging in frequently, and i havent received. So i dont know whats going on, he woes alot of people and hasnt completed any trades. I dont know if hes trying to scam or whats going on. What do you think, and has he told you anything in regards to the loan you made him?

The stories syntaxcoma told Pyramid_Party were different than the story I received, and so I began to be a bit suspicious.

I looked at syntaxcoma's pending trades, and while he has received on several of them, not a single one of his trade partners have marked their end as received, which increased my suspicion.

Since I was approached by Pyramid_Party, I have sent reminder messages to syntaxcoma over the past three days, still with no response. He has logged into the site every day, and has not responded to any of the messages I have sent.

I think that perhaps the stories he told to Pyramid_Party and myself was just a line he was feeding us to buy more time to abscond with our moneys and other people's goods. I have filed a paypal dispute, and am filing this BTR so nobody else will get ripped off.

Jason, if you aren't trying to rip anyone off, then I apologize for this BTR, but a lack of communication when specifically asked several times, especially when you frequently access the site, is not something I take lightly.


Since filing this BTR, I have been contacted by darktangerine, who gave me the following message:

Just to let you know, you & Pyramid are not the first ones he has been messing with. I had a trade that he took over 2 weeks to send after receiving. He kept giving excuses like "I purposed to my girlfriend and we're now engaged" and "had a meeting with a lawyer".

This was at the beginning of March that he was giving excuses. So if it wasn't for me threatening to file a BTR then, I'd probably be filing one right now. It wasn't just this month that he started giving lame excuses. I contacted chicorunsfunny, who had knocked his ratings down, which he got the same thing(delays and excuses). So he's been doing this for months.

So it looks like syntaxcoma has a bad habit of delaying and trying to buy more time, but apparently he may eventually come through. I sincerely hope he does, as I do not want to keep this BTR up indefinitely.

I will gladly take this BTR down when I am paid the agreed upon $104.50 (after paypal fees, if you choose to send it that way).


syntaxcoma has said he is having some financial problems and we have worked out a repayment schedule. As a good faith gesture, I am therefore removing this BTR for now unless he fails to follow through with our agreed repayment schedule.


Received one payment from syntaxcoma, then he said he sent another, which never came. Then he said he would like to hold off on sending the remaining payments until he had the full amount due to USPS money order fees.

I agreed on the condition that he stay in regular contact with me.

He said he would be without internet until the 12th. I sent him a message on the 11th and asked him to give me an update, and it's been 3 days since then and he hasn't been on the site since the 5th.

So, in view of this I'm reposting this BTR and will take it down only when the full amount is repaid.


Haven't heard a peep out of him since the last time. I'm guessing he's gone for good.

UPDATE 4/30/2010

Looks like he logged in a little over a week ago... hope things are looking up for you so you can pay what you owe and get this monkey off your back.
Response from Accused "Bad Trader": (29-Mar-2008)
I sent you a message in the trade log, and as you can see, Pyramid Party received his items today.