Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

11:21amwhitefire gets: Alien Covenant HD UV
Xellos2099 gets: $5

10:32ampankakemarine236 gets: Overcooked Steam key
DOMINION gets: Free?

8:58amPathlesscookies gets: nintendo $10
tonymack21 gets: 7 paypal

7:08amJersiah gets: $50 gifted paypal
Broccoli gets: GTZ $50 Football League

5:34amyouruglyclone gets: retron 5 black with extras
Mir_wan gets: 90 usd

12:57amilike2game gets: Vanquish (Xbox 360)
megaprotobass gets: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)

12:25amincubus421 gets: $58 shipped
ResidentGamer gets: Sony PSP Slim -- Madden NFL 09 Entertainment Pack (PlayStation Portable), 3 games bundled with it

12:02amInfiniteJest gets: 72.70 Amazon
Amir gets: $64

12:02ambungholio gets: $52 Amazon
Amir gets: $46 Gifted PP

11:43pmArcher gets: Edge of tomorrow UV
es_webdev gets: $3 pp

15-Augtonymack21 gets: 10 Amazon
RBK gets: 9 pp

15-AugAntipop gets: Crazy Taxi (Dreamcast)
Slim_Trigger gets: We Love Katamari (PlayStation 2)

15-AugAlderain gets: Mafia III (Xbox One)
jennavive gets: Mass Effect: Andromeda (Xbox One)

15-AugFrictionPin gets: $75 PayPal
Rune_Walsh gets: The Legend of Zelda -- Gold Collector's Edition (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mega Man 4 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Star Tropics (Nintendo Entertainment System), Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tetris (Nintendo Entertainment System)

15-AugArcher gets: GoT season 6 UV HDX code
moonlitknight1 gets: $12 PP

15-AugFrictionPin gets: Bravely Default -- Collector's Edition (Nintendo 3DS)
kintanos gets: PlayStation Vita Slim (PlayStation Vita)

15-AugArcher gets: $50 psn
TurkFebruary gets: $45 pp

15-AugJersiah gets: Yakuza 3 (PlayStation 3)
RaptorZX3 gets: Grandia III (PlayStation 2), Bushido Blade 2 (PlayStation)

15-AugDemonicTrader gets: Arms (Nintendo Switch) CIB
3GSid gets: Fate Extella (Nintendo Switch) CIB

15-AugJeremey gets: PayPal loan
John gets: Repayment by August 18th

15-AugDashey gets: $25.20 PayPal Gifted
MrBean gets: $28 Amazon codes

15-Augtonymack21 gets: 10 psn
Heavyd814life gets: 8 pp

15-AugDashey gets: $25.50 PayPal Gifted
tonymack21 gets: $30 PSN credits

15-Augsharif gets: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GameCube), Bible Adventures (Nintendo Entertainment System)
incubus421 gets: $20 shipped

15-Augdracula gets: Controller -- Classic (Nintendo Wii)
Yoshi gets: 15$ Shipped pp or venmo