Completed Trades

Recent Completed Trades

9:26amyoullbejustfine gets: $47.50 USD PP + shipping
bumsplikity gets: Coiner Store Auction Winnings

9:26ambloodedgedreaper gets: PP
bumsplikity gets: Auction winnings

7:39amJohnny gets: necklace/collar set ordered from amazon prime memebrship
devans77 gets: $12 gifted paypal

1:28amBloodPuppetX gets: $5 eShop
Dashey gets: $4.25 Paypal

12:21amJustin gets: $25 Best Buy GC
akfa gets: $20

11:32pmbloodedgedreaper gets: PP
BleedingViolet gets: Auction Winnings

11:15pmjsoncip38 gets: $83 + Shipping
BleedingViolet gets: Auction Winnings

11:05pmloztdogs gets: Mother HD UV
mikeyr gets: 4.50 paypal

10:13pmtonymack21 gets: Xenosaga: Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht -- Strategy Guide (guide), $15 PayPal
SirConnery gets: Tokyo Tattoo Girls (PlayStation Vita)

10:12pmTalonJedi87 gets: A crisp high five
tonymack21 gets: Freebie - Xbox One Charging Dock Complete

9:55pmBleedingViolet gets: Auction winnings + other stuff
Porksta gets: $90 PP Gift

17-DecPelle gets: $1.75 gifted paypal
PICTO1234 gets: Auction Winnings

17-DecPelle gets: $3.25 gifted PayPal
bluemetal04 gets: Auction Winnings

17-DecTad gets: 16 shipped
BleedingViolet gets: auction winnings

17-Decbloodedgedreaper gets: PP
Frank gets: Auction Winnings

17-DecBostonitalian88 gets: Bed bath and beyond coupon
sinnie gets: Goodies

17-DecFoxhack gets: El Santos vs La Tetona Mendoza OST + postage costs
Dashey gets: Courier Services

17-DecMrDeets gets: Doom for Switch
wp gets: Amazon Kindle Fire (other), OUYA -- Controller (other)

17-DecLunar gets: PayPal $5
Jerry gets: PlayStation 4 South Park: Stick of Truth Digital Code

17-DecDreamAngel gets: HDUV code: Mother
mikeyr gets: $4.50 PayPal f&f

17-DecQDizzle gets: $10 psn
cliffsteele gets: $8 pp

17-DecLunar gets: Steam Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight + ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD

17-DecPelle gets: $4.75 Gifted PayPal
NeonTrotsky gets: Auction Winnings

17-Dectonymack21 gets: Controller -- Joy-Con (L/R) (Nintendo Switch)
whitefire gets: Nintendo eShop/PayPal

17-DecKillkernal gets: Call of Duty: WW2 (Xbox One)
Rocket gets: $38 Gifted PP