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Recent Trades

10:24amnonamesleft gets: Darkside Detective Steam, Frog Detective Steam
DOMINION gets: Good Karma Points :)

10:17ampressenter gets: Generation Zero Steam
DOMINION gets: Freebie

10:15ambumsplikity gets: Warhammer: Chaos Bane Steam and NBA Playgrounds Steam
DOMINION gets: Good Vibes

11:16pmLobsterbush gets: Paypal
relewis2011 gets: Auction Winnings

11:12pmNINTENDOMASTER gets: Pokémon Crystal (Authentic GBC cart)
Johnny gets: PayPal

21-Aprbumsplikity gets: Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology -- Launch Edition
tigg gets: Sega Master System Lot

21-AprGypsy gets: Operation Babel Newo Tokyo Legacy
Missile gets: $20

21-Aprgameremporium gets: Neir automata GotY edition & alliance Alive both cib
jdwooley14 gets: Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age -- Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch)

21-Aprcliffsteele gets: 3 AMC Ticket Bundles: (3 Black Tickets, 3 Large Drinks, 3 Large Popcorns)
D78 gets: $21 F&F/Gifted Paypal

21-AprXeno gets: Resident Evil 2- LN $100 Fire Emblem Path of Radiance- Good $250 Super Mario Sunshine- LN $50 Skies of Arcadia- LN $200 Metroid Prime- LN $35 Eternal Darkness- LN $100 Metroid Prime 2- Good $50 Resident Evil 3- LN $90 Resident Evil 0- LN $15
MooJr gets: $750 PP

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