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Completed Trades

9-Jun-2020Camandthecity gets: $15 pp
Mr_Bing gets: 4k Abominable, 4k Bad Boys 4 Life, 4k A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 4k Men in Black: International, HD Cats (HD),

27-May-2020Camandthecity gets: $45
3hitcombo gets: Games in message

23-May-2020Camandthecity gets: Mr. Peabody & Sherman MA code
arsenal_fan gets: $4.5o pp

20-May-2020Camandthecity gets: School Daze digital code
RAWaa93 gets: $3 paypal

14-May-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k codes for Zombieland 2, Ready Player One, ET, Knives Out
Mr_Bing gets: $15 paypal

29-Apr-2020Camandthecity gets: $24 paypal (friends and family)
DOMINION gets: Silence of the Lambs Blu-Ray, Wet Hot American Summer Blu-Ray, Neverending Story Blu-Ray, Pans Labyrinth Blu-Ray, The Departed Blu-Ray

19-Apr-2020Camandthecity gets: codes for alien 6 movie collection and oginal x-men trilogy
Victor6475 gets: $10 paypal ff

30-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: Men in Black 1-3 UHD digital codes
Victor6475 gets: $3 paypal

21-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k codes for SUPERMAN, MAN OF STEEL, PHILADELPHIA, STARSHIP TROOPERS
acillatem gets: $16 paypal

21-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k Field of Dreams, 4k Evil Dead 2, 4k/points The Incredibles 2
RAWaa93 gets: $16 paypal

5-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: $8 via paypal
RAWaa93 gets: 4k full code/points - Iron Man

5-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: Bad Times at El Royale Digital
bluemetal04 gets: $5 PayPal

3-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k codes for Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Endgame, Rocketman, and Blade Runner 2049
BasiliskFang gets: $25 paypal

3-Mar-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k download codes for Hellboy (2004) and Glass
RAWaa93 gets: $11 paypal

29-Feb-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k download codes for Matrix 1, Wizard of Oz, Batman Returns, Blade Runner: Final Cut
BasiliskFang gets: $25 paypal

28-Feb-2020Camandthecity gets: 4k download codes for Doctor Strange and Frozen
acillatem gets: $10 PAYPAL

21-Feb-2020Camandthecity gets: TOY STORY 2 AND 3 4K CODES
acillatem gets: $12 PP f&f

2-Sep-2019Camandthecity gets: Tomb Raider -- 2013 Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4)
Batmanjl77 gets: The Thing (Blu-ray)

18-Aug-2019Camandthecity gets: $5 paypal in gift form
Wheels617 gets: Movie download code for tag

14-Jul-2019Camandthecity gets: pp
tonymack21 gets: digital 4k codes

13-Jul-2019Camandthecity gets: $18 paypal
Mr_Bing gets: Toy Story (Movies Anywhere), Toy Story 2 (Movies Anywhere), Toy Story 3 (Movies Anywhere)

12-Jul-2019Camandthecity gets: $25 paypal
Mr_Bing gets: Cinderella (Movies Anywhere), Incredibles 2 (Movies Anywhere), Lady and The Tramp (Movies Anywhere), Peter Pan (Movies Anywhere)

22-Feb-2019Camandthecity gets: 35 paypal
Pathlesscookies gets: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch)

5-Jan-2019Camandthecity gets: New Sony Gold Wireless Headphones (PlayStation 4), $40 via paypal
Hondacivicex gets: Thumper - Collectors Edition (PlayStation 4), Condition: Thumper is a pre-order. I will send as soon as it arrives to me.

22-Dec-2018Camandthecity gets: The Last of Us -- Remastered (PlayStation 4)
Hondacivicex gets: $15 paypal

30-Aug-2018Camandthecity gets: World to the West (PlayStation 4)
Rollobobo gets: Pilotwings 64 (Nintendo 64), Exit DS

25-Jul-2018Camandthecity gets: Flinthook (PlayStation 4)
BigdogJ gets: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy Color)

25-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: Thomas Was Alone (PlayStation 4), The Swindle (PlayStation 4), The Flame in the Flood (PlayStation 4)
TheGadgetGod gets: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Super Nintendo), Mario Party 8 (Nintendo Wii), Punch-Out!! (Nintendo Wii), WaveBird (GameCube), Reciever for wavebird

24-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: Star Wars: Battlefront (PlayStation 4)
Kuliddar gets: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PlayStation 4)

22-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: Rayman: Legends (PlayStation 4)
CrazyRich428 gets: Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)

13-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: Claire: Extended Cut (PlayStation 4)
Coorhagon gets: WaveBird (GameCube)

7-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: LEGO City: Undercover (PlayStation 4), Monopoly: Family Fun Pack (PlayStation 4), PS4 Lego Worlds
JD gets: Batman: Return to Arkham (PlayStation 4), $20 cash

6-Jun-2018Camandthecity gets: Rock Band 4 (PlayStation 4)
Mr_Huh gets: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / The Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)

21-May-2018Camandthecity gets: The Lion King (Super Nintendo)
pankakemarine236 gets: Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS)

17-May-2018Camandthecity gets: Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (PlayStation 4)
KamenRIderVulcan gets: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Nintendo 3DS), Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PlayStation 3), Yoshi's New Island (Nintendo 3DS)

17-May-2018Camandthecity gets: Nintendo 64 (Nintendo 64)
k311 gets: Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo), Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo), Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Super Nintendo), Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Super Nintendo)

15-May-2018Camandthecity gets: The Ren & Stimpy Show Presents: Stimpy's Invention (Genesis), Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Super Nintendo)
livingonwheels gets: Alien 3 (Super Nintendo), Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo)

15-May-2018Camandthecity gets: Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose (Super Nintendo)
JustFilthy gets: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GameCube)

14-May-2018Camandthecity gets: Rise of the Tomb Raider -- 20 Year Celebration (PlayStation 4)
Kriven gets: Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo Wii U), Nintendo Land (Nintendo Wii U)

25-Apr-2018Camandthecity gets: Robocop (DVD)
Porksta gets: $6.50 PP Gift

21-Apr-2018Camandthecity gets: Back to the Future: The Game -- 30th Anniversary Edition (PlayStation 4), Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (PlayStation 4)
tigg gets: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS)

20-Apr-2018Camandthecity gets: LEGO Worlds (Nintendo Switch)
scaravella gets: Mother 3 (Game Boy Advance)

19-Apr-2018Camandthecity gets: Batman: Arkham Knight (PlayStation 4), Stardew Valley -- Collector's Edition (PlayStation 4)
morses31 gets: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Nintendo Wii U)

1-Apr-2018Camandthecity gets: Nintendo Wii -- Black (Nintendo Wii), $170 paypal, wii motion plus, component cable
Wheels617 gets: Mario Party 4 (GameCube), Mario Party 5 (GameCube), Component Video Cable (GameCube)

26-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Pilotwings 64 (Nintendo 64)
dgregory23 gets: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube)

19-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Dragon Age: Origins (PlayStation 3)
jwaring gets: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 PS3

19-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii), Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo Wii)
Cevil gets: Resident Evil (GameCube), Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (GameCube), Resident Evil 0 (GameCube)

19-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS)
Cevil gets: Yu-Gi-Oh!: Falsebound Kingdom (GameCube)

19-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Controller (Nintendo Entertainment System), Controller (Super Nintendo)
bigncrazy gets: Luigi's Mansion (GameCube)

16-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Rock Band (PlayStation 3), Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
popcornrulez gets: Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Game Boy Advance), Amiibo -- Mario (Wedding Outfit) (other)

14-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Cyber Gadget Retro Freak -- Premium Edition (other), $15 paypal
Snappy gets: Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Player (GameCube), Sony PlayStation 3 (PlayStation 3)

14-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Mario Party 8 (Nintendo Wii), New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo Wii), Resident Evil 4 -- Wii Edition (Nintendo Wii)
Damian254 gets: The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition (GameCube)

12-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)
tigg gets: Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray)

9-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GameCube)
Ryan gets: $11 paypal shipped

9-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (PlayStation 3), lego batman 2 for ps3
Ryan gets: $10 paypal

5-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS), Scribblenauts Unlimited (Nintendo Wii U)
Justchilling954 gets: Resident Evil Revelations Collection (Nintendo Switch)

5-Mar-2018Camandthecity gets: Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance), Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Game Boy Advance), The LEGO Movie Videogame (Nintendo Wii U), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / The Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)
yearlingsun gets: The Sims 3 (PlayStation 3), Lady and the Tramp -- Diamond Edition (Blu-ray), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Blu-ray), The Tale of Despereaux (Blu-ray)

28-Feb-2018Camandthecity gets: Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (Game Boy Advance), Pokemon pinball advance
Thimape gets: Controller (GameCube), Controller (GameCube), Controller (GameCube)