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Completed Trades

13-OctEB gets: Black n red 3ds lite with og car charger and stylus.
gameremporium gets: ReCore (Xbox One), The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins (Nintendo 3DS)

16-JunEB gets: $16 PayPal + Shipping
Sun gets: Ittle Dew 2+ (Nintendo Switch)

10-JunEB gets: $2 F&F Paypal
Jeffro gets: Acceleration of SUGURI 2

1-Mar-2018EB gets: Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (PlayStation 2), TimeSplitters 2 (PlayStation 2)
tiffmo gets: Rare Replay (Xbox One)

28-Jan-2018EB gets: Auction items listed
AlphakirA gets: $7.18

2-Jan-2018EB gets: 5.50 gifted paypal
Kevster gets: Battlestar Galactica 4.5" Scar Titan

2-Jan-2018EB gets: $8 PayPal
bungholio gets: $10 iTunes code

24-Dec-2017EB gets: Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)
spotandclaw gets: $0.25 + shipping PayPal gifted

22-Dec-2017EB gets: Tetris DS (Nintendo DS), Super Mario 64 DS (Nintendo DS)
liquidcross gets: Mega Man: Legacy Collection (Nintendo 3DS)

22-Dec-2017EB gets: $9 shipped
BigNasty gets: Luigi mani on 3ds with case

12-Dec-2017EB gets: 36$ paypal
lethal234 gets: Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

5-Dec-2017EB gets: Unopened 2DS XL Orange
Helghast gets: $105 and shipping

28-Nov-2017EB gets: 7.50 + Shipping
langleybai gets: Auction Winnings

29-Oct-2017EB gets: $1 + shipping
ClearSights gets: Auction Winnings

19-Oct-2017EB gets: $15 eshop credit
BloodPuppetX gets: $12.75 gifted PayPal

16-Oct-2017EB gets: 1-2 Switch (Nintendo Switch), ReCore (Xbox One)
TheGadgetGod gets: ARMS (Nintendo Switch)

14-Oct-2017EB gets: Amiibo -- Splatoon: Inkling Boy (Nintendo Wii U)
FrictionPin gets: $5 PayPal f&f

20-Sep-2017EB gets: Beyond Good and Evil (PS2)
TripleElbow gets: $3 + shipping

20-Sep-2017EB gets: $1 + shipping
PlayYing gets: Auction Winnings

19-Sep-2017EB gets: $1.50 + Shipping
devans77 gets: Auction Winnings

12-Sep-2017EB gets: $11.50 + Shipping
KamenRiderNecrom gets: Auction Winnings

4-Sep-2017EB gets: $7.5 + Shipping
Dashey gets: Auction Winnings

1-Sep-2017EB gets: $6 + shipping
KingdomHearts gets: Auction Winnings

27-Aug-2017EB gets: Papers Please Steam Key
yearlingsun gets: $2

25-Aug-2017EB gets: GOTG 2 HD GP
mikeyr gets: $4.50 USD F&F PayPal

24-Aug-2017EB gets: $3.50 + Shipping
Rollobobo gets: Auction Winnings

23-Aug-2017EB gets: $10 eShop
BloodPuppetX gets: $8.50

21-Aug-2017EB gets: $2 pp
LastEpoch gets: $2.50 pp by 9/10

7-Aug-2017EB gets: $12 shipped gifted paypal
whitefire gets: Has-Been Heroes (Nintendo Switch)

4-Aug-2017EB gets: $10 eShop
BloodPuppetX gets: $8.50 Paypal

1-Aug-2017EB gets: Freebie
FenDiesel gets: Regalia code (FH3)

29-Jul-2017EB gets: Jedi Outcast
Grenadier gets: Tomb Raider Underworld

25-Jul-2017EB gets: strider digital
nooitzben gets: Freebie

1-Apr-2017EB gets: Bachelor DS Game
Dashey gets: Week Subtime

1-Apr-2017EB gets: Paladins Beta Code Microsoft Xbox One
Rollobobo gets: Friendship

15-Mar-2017EB gets: Zelda BotW Wii U from Best Buy
devans77 gets: Exact cost

15-Mar-2017EB gets: Kirby Triple Deluxe - sealed
Dashey gets: $16 shipped

8-Mar-2017EB gets: $15 iTunes
SinkTheThree gets: $13 PayPal

4-Mar-2017EB gets: MM Legacy Collection Soundtrack digital
Rollobobo gets: Codegiveaway Thread

4-Mar-2017EB gets: $25 Xbox credit
bungholio gets: $22.50 PayPal gifted

25-Feb-2017EB gets: $17.50
whitefire gets: Super Mario 3D Land

24-Feb-2017EB gets: movie
mad99 gets: money

19-Feb-2017EB gets: Steep (Xbox One)
oneluckybullet gets: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS), Pokemon Sun (Nintendo 3DS)

18-Feb-2017EB gets: Injustice, compatible with xbox one $5.50
Tad gets: 8.11 shipped

18-Feb-2017EB gets: $12 shipped
Longknife gets: CastleVania Portrait of Ruin cart only

16-Feb-2017EB gets: HTC Incredible S
Jurassic_Shift gets: Shipping and being an amazing person :)

15-Feb-2017EB gets: star wars starfighter steam code
Simon_Belmont gets: $2

14-Feb-2017EB gets: Superbrothers, Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball Steam
tigerzroze gets: Police Quest Collection, Space Quest Collection Steam

8-Feb-2017EB gets: Itunes movie code
JD gets: $2 pp gifted

6-Feb-2017EB gets: NSMB 2, Super Mario 3D Land, both sealed
i_gothix_i gets: $39 PayPal

3-Feb-2017EB gets: 1.50 + shipping
MegaNesMan gets: Dorbz Fallout Power Armor

31-Jan-2017EB gets: Lego Indiana Jones DS - Fading label
MrsTronne gets: 3.80 - item plus shipping

31-Jan-2017EB gets: Shinobi (Nintendo 3DS)
Dashey gets: Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)

27-Jan-2017EB gets: Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS)
pankakemarine236 gets: Titanfall (Xbox One), Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Nintendo Wii)

25-Jan-2017EB gets: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D (Nintendo 3DS)
tiffmo gets: Minecraft -- Xbox One Edition (Xbox One), $6 cash in the case

24-Jan-2017EB gets: Central Intelligence UV
Dasgessabel gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

23-Jan-2017EB gets: Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (cart only) Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron (complete) Both DS
Luminous gets: $15 paypal

21-Jan-2017EB gets: 9.50 shipped
Luminous gets: Harley Quinn Qmx Figure (LC Exclusive)

18-Jan-2017EB gets: Virtual Box Pick
tioberto2000 gets: Assassin;s Creed Chronicles bundle

17-Jan-2017EB gets: Crysis 2
tioberto2000 gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

17-Jan-2017EB gets: Virtual Box Pick
tioberto2000 gets: Dead Effect 2

16-Jan-2017EB gets: Ghostbusters 2016 digital movie
NLMagic gets: $2 PayPal

16-Jan-2017EB gets: 3DS Codes
jsoncip38 gets: $3 pp gifted

14-Jan-2017EB gets: 1 Month EA Access Digital Codes (XB1), $80 gifted PayPal
heatdolphins45 gets: PS Vita Bundle

12-Jan-2017EB gets: 3ds code
Frank gets: Pp

11-Jan-2017EB gets: Matrix dvd
shadyfozzie gets: $1 + shipping via paypal

11-Jan-2017EB gets: Retro City Rampage DX (3DS Code)
Dashey gets: $2.50 PayPal

9-Jan-2017EB gets: $18.50 including shipping
Taris gets: Futurama Planet Express

2-Jan-2017EB gets: .50 PayPal
Johnny gets: Steam Key Auction Winnings

1-Jan-2017EB gets: .25 PayPal
creagan gets: Steam Key Auction Winnings

1-Jan-2017EB gets: .50 PayPal
Rollobobo gets: Steam Key Auction Winnings

31-Dec-2016EB gets: .25 PayPal
dufftech gets: Steam Key Auction Winnings

29-Dec-2016EB gets: The Dark Knight DVD, Inception Combo Pack
Foxhack gets: $4.75 + postage

24-Dec-2016EB gets: Digital Virtual Box Pick
tioberto2000 gets: Velocity Ultra

23-Dec-2016EB gets: Risen Steam Key
Dashey gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

22-Dec-2016EB gets: pets itunes
mad99 gets: money

22-Dec-2016EB gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box
dodekain gets: Deponia

20-Dec-2016EB gets: All the Aliens Pack Steam
SBWildBill2004 gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

15-Dec-2016EB gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box
dodekain gets: Lichdom: Battlemage

15-Dec-2016EB gets: Galak-Z
MrDeets gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

4-Dec-2016EB gets: Star Wars Battlefront II, Psychonauts, Lume (code may not work)
Turning180 gets: $3 PayPal

4-Dec-2016EB gets: Odallus: The Dark Call Steam key
Rollobobo gets: .50 PayPal

2-Dec-2016EB gets: Runbow Nintendo Wii U , Cave Story + , Fez, VVVVVV Steam codes
monkeysmadness gets: $3.60 PayPal

28-Nov-2016EB gets: Chroma Squad
Rollobobo gets: Next Pick in Digital Virtual Box

28-Nov-2016EB gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box
dodekain gets: Prison Architect Steam Game

28-Nov-2016EB gets: $32 Paypal after shipping
DiamondDave gets: Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

26-Nov-2016EB gets: $35 PayPal
chazd1984 gets: Skylanders/Skylanders Giants

25-Nov-2016EB gets: A good feeling inside
shadyfozzie gets: LEGO eBook PDF

24-Nov-2016EB gets: Freebie
Rollobobo gets: Steampunk LEGO (PDF or ePub)

24-Nov-2016EB gets: Black Ops digital key for Xbox One/360
Rollobobo gets: $7 PayPal

22-Nov-2016EB gets: Next pick in the Digital virtual box
Dashey gets: Stealth B*stard Deluxe Steam

21-Nov-2016EB gets: Elegy for a Dead World Steam key
Oduomega gets: Next pick in Digital Virtual Box

21-Nov-2016EB gets: CHRONICLES OF A DARK LORD EP 1 & 2 Steam
Coffee_Obsession gets: 0.50 PayPal

18-Nov-2016EB gets: Virtual Box Pick
xXISPECTERIXx gets: Batman: Arkham Knight (Xbox One)

17-Nov-2016EB gets: Prison Architect [Steam Key]
Oduomega gets: Need for Speed: Most Wanted: A Criterion Game (PlayStation Vita)

15-Nov-2016EB gets: $45 Amazon GC
LeapYearBear gets: iPhone 4S with Otterbox and accessories

15-Nov-2016EB gets: $10 eShop gift card
xxslingbladexx gets: Next Pick in Virtual Box

13-Nov-2016EB gets: PayPal
Rollobobo gets: Qora

10-Nov-2016EB gets: $3 amazon giftcard
Clown gets: Steam Games

31-Oct-2016EB gets: Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Origin Code)
MCleveland89 gets: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PlayStation Vita)

26-Oct-2016EB gets: $1 Amazon
Tradingfin1983 gets: Quadle, room13, Concrete Jungle, The Yahwg

23-Oct-2016EB gets: $1 Amazon
Tad gets: Necromonads (Steam Key)

21-Oct-2016EB gets: Never Alone (Steam Key)
SideSwipe gets: Environmental Station Alpha, Plantera (Steam Keys) + another of choice

19-Oct-2016EB gets: Amazon GC
Snatcher gets: Oniken

10-Sep-2016EB gets: $5 Amazon through email
stevemoco gets: Grilla Drilla, Magna Charge, Boom Jet

5-Sep-2016EB gets: $13 Amazon
creagan gets: Skylanders

26-Aug-2016EB gets: $25 Gamestop
NERDtendo gets: Splatoon (Nintendo Wii U)

21-Aug-2016EB gets: Rare Replay (Xbox One), Super Mario Maker (Nintendo Wii U)
TheGadgetGod gets: Wii Party U (Nintendo Wii U), The Amazing Spider-Man (PlayStation Vita), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (Xbox One), LittleBigPlanet (PlayStation Vita)

28-Jul-2016EB gets: Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PlayStation Vita)
MichaelWhiteley1987 gets: Sly Cooper: Collection (PlayStation Vita)

12-May-2016EB gets: PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Vita)
Mir_wan gets: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Nintendo Wii U), Batman: Arkham Origins (Nintendo Wii U), Batman: Arkham City -- Armored Edition (Nintendo Wii U), Mario Party 10 (Nintendo Wii U)

25-Apr-2016EB gets: Minecraft -- Xbox One Edition (Xbox One)
BloodPuppetX gets: NES Remix Pack (Nintendo Wii U)