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Completed Trades

30-Dec-2017Jarrkenn gets: lunar map
Foxhack gets: 15 paypal

10-Dec-2017Jarrkenn gets: Nintendo 64 (Nintendo 64)
TheNewKnightmare gets: $48.44 PayPal

8-Dec-2017Jarrkenn gets: n64 system w/ all hookups,controller, jumppack,controller pack,starwars game,5 green n64 cases
TripleElbow gets: $50

5-Dec-2017Jarrkenn gets: snes classic
BigNasty gets: paypal

27-Nov-2017Jarrkenn gets: 16 n64 games listed in post
idontknowwhattoname gets: 120 paypal

31-May-2017Jarrkenn gets: 80 off at keurig
Xplict91 gets: 25

14-Apr-2017Jarrkenn gets: classic mini and controller
bungholio gets: paypal

8-Apr-2017Jarrkenn gets: Mass Effect: Andromeda (Xbox One)
Deadpool gets: 43

9-Mar-2017Jarrkenn gets: nintendo switch
djchiszle gets: 330

26-Feb-2017Jarrkenn gets: Ghostbuster large cardboard logo, from bluray display
Tad gets: 1 plus shipping

2-Nov-2016Jarrkenn gets: xbl 12m
michaeld gets: 37 paypal

19-Oct-2016Jarrkenn gets: dd warriors of eternal sun, mario tennis
phacryth gets: 11 plus shipping

16-Sep-2016Jarrkenn gets: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Super Nintendo)
Damian254 gets: Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (Nintendo 64)

11-Aug-2016Jarrkenn gets: EarthBound (Super Nintendo)
Jruizsal777 gets: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PlayStation)

1-Dec-2015Jarrkenn gets: xbox live 12 month
RBK gets: $30 paypal

26-Oct-2015Jarrkenn gets: xbl 1month
bungholio gets: 4.75 paypal

27-Jan-2014Jarrkenn gets: Turbo Grafx Package (See Below)
alexkidd401 gets: Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64), Gauntlet Legends (Nintendo 64), Pokémon Stadium 2 (Nintendo 64), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Nintendo), Pocky & Rocky (Super Nintendo), R-Type III: The Third Lightning (Super Nintendo), Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo), Super Double Dragon (Super Nintendo), Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Super Nintendo)

18-May-2011Jarrkenn gets: Rampage, Bomberman 64, Banjo Kazooie, Quest 64, Buck Bumble
Sneeks gets: $28 MO or $29.15 paypal.

25-Aug-2010Jarrkenn gets: xbox 360 120hdd
60sTrackStar gets: 45 paypal

7-May-2010Jarrkenn gets: ff8 and lost pc games
ACC32 gets: $15 paypal

28-Apr-2010Jarrkenn gets: Factory Sealed MadWorld
lordly_llama gets: $8 PayPal

12-Apr-2010Jarrkenn gets: $45 paypal
MegaNesMan gets: $50 BB card

1-Apr-2010Jarrkenn gets: $45 paypal
MegaNesMan gets: $50 BB card

16-Mar-2010Jarrkenn gets: $70 paypal or money order
MegaNesMan gets: $75 in Best buy gift cards

13-Feb-2010Jarrkenn gets: 1600 pts card
Mezmoron gets: 18 paypal

31-Dec-2009Jarrkenn gets: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -- Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360), Chrono TriggerDS
Sticky gets: 32.33 Paypal Gifted.

31-Dec-2009Jarrkenn gets: 1600 Microsoft Points
l3ornl3aked gets: $17 PayPal

25-Jun-2009Jarrkenn gets: 4000 pnt card and 12+1 month live card
SmurfALMIGHTY gets: $65

20-May-2009Jarrkenn gets: $28 + ship
norkusa gets: Lot of 15 SNES games

2-Apr-2009Jarrkenn gets: Hori Ex2 Fight stick (xbox 360)
NINTENDOMASTER gets: $60 + shipping

1-Mar-2009Jarrkenn gets: 1600 MS points
Royalbliss1 gets: $17 non-cc paypal

4-Jan-2009Jarrkenn gets: Micro Link Wireless Adapter (Game Boy Advance), Micro Link Wireless Adapter (Game Boy Advance), Shipping (Int. Air)
Yoshimitsu gets: Paypal $15

6-Dec-2008Jarrkenn gets: 2 pc games mech commander 2 disk and manual and lost planet complete box manual key disk
northerngames gets: $9.00 by paypal

23-Nov-2008Jarrkenn gets: Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)
wannabepunktony gets: Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

6-Aug-2008Jarrkenn gets: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
AngstOverlord gets: Shadowrun (Super Nintendo)

8-Mar-2008Jarrkenn gets: Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
Lexmark gets: BioShock (Xbox 360)

26-Jan-2008Jarrkenn gets: $15?
Sneeks gets: Paper Mario -- Official Strategy Guide (guide), is this the prima one with the yellow cover? I need this one, I already have the green one.

23-Jan-2008Jarrkenn gets: Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
Haeleos gets: $44 paypal + fees (if any)

11-Nov-2007Jarrkenn gets: Guides Below
TomoyoN gets: $13

5-Sep-2007Jarrkenn gets: nes game cases, nomad battery pack
RLeav20717 gets: 16.00mo or 16.50 paypal plus actual shipping

3-Sep-2007Jarrkenn gets: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / The Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)
FilmGrrl99 gets: $8 cash or money order

13-Feb-2007Jarrkenn gets: Metal Gear Acid 2 -- Strategy Guide (guide)
Caliburn gets: $4 paypal

22-Apr-2006Jarrkenn gets: $23 shipped
MegaNesMan gets: wipe out pure

19-Apr-2006Jarrkenn gets: $50 shipped
goldbera gets: GTA liberty stories(psp), Zone of the enders 2

22-Mar-2006Jarrkenn gets: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PlayStation Portable)
beavis gets: Firefly dvd set

14-Feb-2006Jarrkenn gets: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind -- Game of the Year Edition (Xbox)
sa330206 gets: Mario Party (Nintendo 64), Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)

18-Jan-2006Jarrkenn gets: Resident Evil 4 -- Premium Edition (PlayStation 2)
archfarseer gets: Shadow of the Colossus (PlayStation 2)

7-Jan-2006Jarrkenn gets: Virtual Boy games: Red Alarm, Mario Tennis and Vertical Force
bonanza125 gets: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64), Q*bert 3 (Super Nintendo)

14-Nov-2005Jarrkenn gets: Final Fantasy III (Super Nintendo)
Smart_Shark gets: Legend of Mana (PlayStation)

30-Sep-2005Jarrkenn gets: sega nomad
Toymachine3285 gets: brigadine, final fantasy 3, alundra, kouldelka

14-Jun-2005Jarrkenn gets: N64 System 4 games,memery card misc assesory
Z13LAZARUS gets: La Pucelle: Tactics (PlayStation 2), SaGa Frontier (PlayStation), SaGa Frontier 2 (PlayStation)

24-Apr-2005Jarrkenn gets: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy (Super Nintendo)
ACEuvSPADES gets: Castlevania Chronicles

7-Mar-2005Jarrkenn gets: Shenmue II (Xbox)
Bahamuta666 gets: Unlimited SaGa (PlayStation 2)

23-Feb-2005Jarrkenn gets: Alien Hominid (PS2, Complete)
Jurassic_Shift gets: Suikoden 3 (Complete)

2-May-2004Jarrkenn gets: Kill Bill WideScreen
Eugene gets: Breath of Fire II (Game Boy Advance)

30-Apr-2004Jarrkenn gets: $38 USD
Iced gets: Rez (with original cover box, game and insert, no manual)

13-Apr-2004Jarrkenn gets: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (PlayStation 2)
GlennE gets: Suikoden III (PlayStation 2)

6-Mar-2004Jarrkenn gets: Beyond good and evil ps2
JMC gets: half life w/guide

7-Feb-2004Jarrkenn gets: XBox system w/2 controllers, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind w/Guide, Splinter Cell, Halo, Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future, Project Gotham Racing
Dan gets: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (PS1, sealed), Shinobi (PS2, sealed), 14 other SNES games, 2 NES games, $50 US Dollars

7-Feb-2004Jarrkenn gets: spirited away dvd (2 disc)
glock17 gets: $12

23-Dec-2003Jarrkenn gets: Zelda bonus disc, 4 dvds
Generallee02 gets: Parasite eve 1 & 2 with guides, parasite eve dvd

21-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: silent hill guide
DrizzDrizzDrizz gets: $5

15-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: Metroid Fusion
Dealman gets: Alundra 2 w/guide and Vandal Hearts II guide

14-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: 6 months subtime
speedy05 gets: quantum redshift

13-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: Wreckless XBOX
SEspo gets: Morrowind XBOX

11-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: Devil May Cry (no instructions)
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $7 PayPal

8-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: Super Mario land 2, Game & Watch Gallery (GB)
SirConnery gets: $8 via paypal

8-Nov-2003Jarrkenn gets: Socom 2 demo (sealed), XIII demo w/ soundtrack (used)
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $5 PayPal

31-Oct-2003Jarrkenn gets: Cash (via Paypal)
Starwave27 gets: 4 guides: Alundra (Official Working Design), .Hack/Mutation, Rayman 3, and The Sims (PS2 version)

28-Oct-2003Jarrkenn gets: $15+shipping
Souljah gets: Xbox Harddrive

22-Oct-2003Jarrkenn gets: Paypal
chris88 gets: Klonoa 2 guide

8-Oct-2003Jarrkenn gets: XBOX stuff
lando786 gets: $55 +shipping

1-Oct-2003Jarrkenn gets: Suikoden (PlayStation)
gog gets: Tales of Destiny (PlayStation)

24-Sep-2003Jarrkenn gets: super mario land
lobsterman gets: 4 weeks sub

5-Aug-2003Jarrkenn gets: New/sealed GBA SP, Radio Tuner, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA
Castlevania gets: Money

1-Aug-2003Jarrkenn gets: Star Wars Episode DVD and T2 Ultimate Edition
nathano gets: $27

25-Jul-2003Jarrkenn gets: Brett Favre Mini Bobblehead
SirConnery gets: $3

18-Jul-2003Jarrkenn gets: Halo DVD and Quantum Redshift(xbox)
px316xk gets: Wild Arms 1(psx)

28-Jun-2003Jarrkenn gets: GBA system, Megaman Battle network 2,shining soul,Golden sun,Castlevania CoTM, 3 months sub time
Nick gets: Xwnosaga w/guide FFX w/guide,Wild Arms 3 sealed, Braveheart dvd

28-Jun-2003Jarrkenn gets: GBA, Light Shield, Tactics Ogre, CV CotM, CV HoD
Dragonlordfrodo gets: Sega Nomad, AC Adapter, Might and Magic

12-Jun-2003Jarrkenn gets: Half-Life (PS2) & NES Action Set Paperwork
VinoBrad gets: Super Metroid (SNES) & $15

22-May-2003Jarrkenn gets: Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance[PS2]
Jeffro gets: Castlevania: Chronicles[PSX], Dual Hearts demo, Extermination demo

21-May-2003Jarrkenn gets: $30
DR_SPOCK gets: Gradius 3 & 4 sealed

14-May-2003Jarrkenn gets: 22 Dollars
jwitherow gets: Suikoden II guide

14-May-2003Jarrkenn gets: Beanie Baby Glory Mc D's
KingNES gets: $

10-Apr-2003Jarrkenn gets: $100 US
coreycorey2000 gets: Top Loading NES + 4 Dogbone controllers

8-Mar-2003Jarrkenn gets: ff2 - snes (cart only) yoshi's island 2 - snes (with manual) and lagoon with box and manual - snes
rainbowgirl gets: secret of mana map & manual - snes, donkey kong 3 - snes (cart only), wild arms 1 - psx(complete) and wario's woods - snes(cart only)

27-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: parasite eve 2
xir500 gets: 10

21-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: Lord of the rings extended version(4 dvds)
TahoeMax gets: FF2 cart

21-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: Lagoon (SNES Manual only)
SirConnery gets: $2

18-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: nfl blitz ps2
kornlov4you gets: 7 shipped

15-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: solar jetman,superC,contra,ninja gaiden boxes+$3
AlMac43 gets: D for ps1 complete

15-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: Final Fantasy Movie Soundtrack
bradzilla gets: $5 Paypal

6-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: 6 manuals
ou812now gets: $9 paypal

6-Feb-2003Jarrkenn gets: Final Fantasy 3 complete
nikon gets: earthbound cart,and contra III complete

25-Jan-2003Jarrkenn gets: Record of Lodoss War
Hobbes gets: $17

25-Jan-2003Jarrkenn gets: lunar 2 guide psx
meridiusfelix gets: final fantasy 3 snes and final fantasy tacticspsx