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Bad Trader Reports

Joesworld79 BTRs18-Nov-2011
Status: active
Address: joe Gile 21 Elbow st bellingham, ma 02019
Reporter: ChairDancer

So back in August I pended a trade with Joesword79. A loan for 50 dollars, he would pay me back 60 on the 31st of October. Well I sent him a message on Nov. 7, saying "hey, hope you didn't forget our trade". He was on at the time I sent it, and on afterwards, so I believe he would have gotten it. Messaged him a few days later threatening a btr if he didn't respond by tuesday.

Will delete this BTR if:
1) I get the 60 dollars as agreed to in the beginning of the trade
2) I get my original 50 dollars back

Joesworld79 BTRs15-Oct-2011
Status: active
Address: 21 Elbow st bellingham, ma 02019
Reporter: Erik

he was supposed to pay me back on September 30th but said he needed a little more time since then he hasn't responded to any of my messages, ill delete this when he pays me the 55 dollars

Completed Trades

12-Feb-2014Joesworld79 gets: pp loan 50
Erik gets: 55 pp loan do on sep 30

31-Aug-2011Joesworld79 gets: Paypal (see memo for amt)
GoldenEagle gets: coins (see memo) pp repayment by august 1

15-Aug-2011Joesworld79 gets: Saints Row (Xbox 360), Halo Wars (Xbox 360), Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360)
agentyoung gets: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360), Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Xbox 360), Supreme Commander 2 (Xbox 360)

13-Aug-2011Joesworld79 gets: Paypal (see memo for amt)
GoldenEagle gets: coins (see memo for specifics)

11-Aug-2011Joesworld79 gets: Viva Pinata (Xbox 360) (Cover: No, Insert: Yes) Used Condition
luvgangster gets: Doom (Nintendo 64)

9-Aug-2011Joesworld79 gets: Marvel Trading Card Game(Nintendo DS, new)
Tad gets: $2 + shipping

24-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: Auction Winnings
BJB gets: $15 + shipping

22-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: 13 shipped
Captain_Skaggs gets: dead space gun

14-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: Marvel vs Capcom 3
Dawghouse26 gets: Dead Space 2

14-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: The URBZ: Sims in the City (Nintendo DS)
3hitcombo gets: Killer 7 (GameCube)

9-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: Batman: Arkham Asylum -- Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)
plngg gets: 15.00

2-Jul-2011Joesworld79 gets: Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS)
som1special2 gets: All-Pro Football 2K8 (Xbox 360)

11-Jun-2011Joesworld79 gets: Fable III (Xbox 360)
Luminous gets: vanquish

22-May-2011Joesworld79 gets: cod mw 2
Puppyburger gets: 12 pp gifted

7-Apr-2011Joesworld79 gets: PayPal (gifted)
Heavyd814life gets: 1600 MS Points

7-Apr-2011Joesworld79 gets: 3 1600 msp cards
hfeshtrkjygtr gets: 45 pp

5-Apr-2011Joesworld79 gets: 200 pp
jacobm gets: ring

30-Mar-2011Joesworld79 gets: $30 paypal, gifted
xaosslug gets: Super Mario All-Stars - Limited Edition (Nintendo Wii) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

29-Mar-2011Joesworld79 gets: $15 Paypal
SideSwipe gets: 1600 MS Points

14-Mar-2011Joesworld79 gets: $60 Gifted PayPal or money order (your choice)
PurplePenguin04 gets: 1600 Microsoft points codes X4 (6400 Microsoft points)

2-Feb-2011Joesworld79 gets: $33
SpaceManSpiff gets: (2) 1600 Xbox Live MSP Cards.

27-Jan-2011Joesworld79 gets: $45 shipped 10 right away 35 after shipment
alexander8 gets: Green 64 silent hill psx bioshock 1 and 2

18-Jan-2011Joesworld79 gets: $52 Shipped
alexander8 gets: RE 0,1,2,3, X ALL MINT COMPLETE

10-Jan-2011Joesworld79 gets: $40 shipped
alexander8 gets: Mint DS Lite

29-Nov-2010Joesworld79 gets: 80 paypal or mo
sk8rjason gets: psp 2 game charger case

23-Nov-2010Joesworld79 gets: XBOX 360 - Left 4 Dead (Complete W/ Box & Manual
NLS gets: $12 Shipped

16-Oct-2010Joesworld79 gets: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii); Twilight Princess hardcover walkthrough
Sinoda gets: $20 money order

14-Jul-2010Joesworld79 gets: Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit *USED*
cRaZySaVaGe_94 gets: $12.00 Gifted Paypal

19-Jun-2010Joesworld79 gets: clear face PSP with 1GB card, psp sleeve and how to disc as listed below
Kianta gets: broke psp, 15 gifted PP , 20 cash, monopoly Microsoft Xbox 360 & WWE Legends of WrestleMania Microsoft Xbox 360

14-Jun-2010Joesworld79 gets: Broken PSP (Doesn't turn on) , PSP Memory Stick 4 GB
sandman gets: Silent hill , Terminator 2 , Happy Feet , The Covenant , The Departed , Into the Blue , House of Flying Daggers , Stealth , Underworld Evolution , Corpse Bride , We Were Soldiers , Open Season , Aeon Flux (sealed) , Ghost Rider , Rocky Balboa , The Descent , XXX , Letters from Iwa Jima , District B13

3-Jun-2010Joesworld79 gets: Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (PlayStation Portable), Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (PlayStation Portable), Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (PlayStation Portable), Dead Rising (Xbox 360), Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Xbox 360)
Deathblow1981 gets: Nintendo DS complete with Charger and Stylus. In good working condition.

11-May-2010Joesworld79 gets: left 4 dead 2
2Bad4BaseballPhill gets: Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)

5-May-2010Joesworld79 gets: fallout 3 goty and Batman AA both very good and complete
RyoHazuki gets: Dante's Inferno (Xbox 360), Dead Space (Xbox 360), The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

4-May-2010Joesworld79 gets: WWE Legends of WrestleMania (Xbox 360), Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360)
adam_josh gets: Afro Samurai (Xbox 360), Clive Barker's Jericho -- Special Edition (Xbox 360)

13-Apr-2010Joesworld79 gets: Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
NCN gets: Yu Gi Oh, Metroid, SMA, Pinball, Link's Awakening, Dr. Mario

15-Mar-2010Joesworld79 gets: Lego Batman + Pure Sealed for Xbox 360 2-in-1
Dusk gets: Mass Effect Mint/Complete Original Version (Non-Plat)

2-Mar-2010Joesworld79 gets: Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (Nintendo Wii), Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo Wii)
formerroadie gets: New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS)

11-Jan-2010Joesworld79 gets: Soldier of Fortune: Payback (Xbox 360), Universe at War: Earth Assault (Xbox 360)
3hitcombo gets: BMX XXX (GameCube), King of Fighters '94 (Nintendo Wii), King fighters 94 is actually King of fighters the orochi saga for the wii. also he has stated that BMX XXX is in excellent condition. NOT VG

21-Dec-2009Joesworld79 gets: boaderland
MegaNesMan gets: left for dead 2

12-Dec-2009Joesworld79 gets: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360)
RyoHazuki gets: Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox) [Condition: very good; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

12-Dec-2009Joesworld79 gets: Army of Two (Xbox 360) [Condition: excellent; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
RyoHazuki gets: Halo 2 (Xbox) [Condition: Very Good; Box: yes; Manual: yes]

26-Sep-2009Joesworld79 gets: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360)
GuillotineStare gets: Tom Clancy's EndWar (Xbox 360)

6-Sep-2009Joesworld79 gets: Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War (Xbox 360), Left 4 Dead
sparticus391 gets: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360), Lost Odyssey (complete), Alone in the Dark (Complete)

31-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: mario soccer game either kingdom hearts or resident evil 4
backseatdog2 gets: BioShock (PlayStation 3), departed

27-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: Madden NFL 09 (PlayStation 2), WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (PlayStation 2)
CJMILLZ94 gets: gta San Andreas

25-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (Xbox 360)
sovex gets: Dementium: The Ward (Nintendo DS)

24-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: Alone in the Dark (Xbox 360)
ACT gets: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (Xbox 360)

17-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: silent hill homcoming brothers in arms hells highway
MasterAMP gets: The Orange Box (Xbox 360), Tom Clancy's HAWX (Xbox 360)

9-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: Endless Ocean (Nintendo Wii)
cblake78 gets: Cabela's Big Game Hunter (Nintendo Wii)

4-Aug-2009Joesworld79 gets: The Bigs (Xbox 360)
Dasgessabel gets: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (Xbox)

27-Jul-2009Joesworld79 gets: Dead Space (Xbox 360)
cblake78 gets: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy (Xbox)

11-Jul-2009Joesworld79 gets: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (Xbox 360), Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360)
digita1sunset gets: Dark Cloud 2 (PlayStation 2), Silent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2), Manhunt (Xbox)

30-May-2009Joesworld79 gets: Lost Odyssey
MasterAMP gets: would u do C&C Tib + mario DS or possibly C&C Tib + pkmn ?

22-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: Silent Hill 3 (PlayStation 2)
CodyLamp gets: Sonic Mega Collection (GameCube)

20-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox 360)
Meyer gets: Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360)

15-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: No More Heroes (Nintendo Wii)
proathlete199 gets: Fatal Frame (xbox)

14-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: nothin
Sonny_Crockett81 gets: 48 hr xbox live card

13-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return (Nintendo Wii), + $10 cc
tkszeto gets: Resident Evil 4 Gamecube [Very Good Condition] Gamestop limited edition complete

11-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: Controller -- Zapper (Nintendo Wii), 10 dollabillz
Sonny_Crockett81 gets: God of War II (PlayStation 2)

6-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: Namco Museum Remix (Nintendo Wii), Super Paper Mario (Wii) [Excellent condition]
Frank gets: Conker: Live and Reloaded (Xbox), Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360), Call of Duty 3 (Xbox 360), Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

3-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: The Orange Box (Xbox 360), Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Xbox 360)
RedFaction gets: Fracture (Xbox 360), NHL 09 (Xbox 360)

2-Apr-2009Joesworld79 gets: $20 via paypal.
Moriya gets: Enchanted Arms (PlayStation 3)