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Completed Trades

16-Feb-2008T2Rulz gets: Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (PC)
dlk gets: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 (PC)

14-Feb-2008T2Rulz gets: The Sims 2 (PlayStation 2)
sixteenvolt420 gets: One Piece Mansion (PlayStation)

12-Feb-2008T2Rulz gets: Sonic Mega Collection Plus (PlayStation 2)
CeilidhaChaos gets: Echo Night (PlayStation)

9-Feb-2008T2Rulz gets: Quackshot Starring Donald Duck (Genesis)
LeonKennedy631 gets: Super Game Boy (Super Nintendo)

9-Feb-2008T2Rulz gets: Tiny Toon Adventures (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Nintendo gets: Athletic World (Nintendo Entertainment System)

23-Jan-2007T2Rulz gets: Still Life (PC)
ScottishDragon gets: Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Town With No Name (PC)

23-Jan-2007T2Rulz gets: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
APfalz gets: Life/Yahtzee/Payday GBA, Castlevania Double Pack GBA

14-Sep-2006T2Rulz gets: Resident Evil (GameCube)
pressenter gets: $7 PayPal or Money Order

31-Aug-2006T2Rulz gets: Galerians (PlayStation)
Orlandu gets: Illbleed (Dreamcast)

12-Aug-2006T2Rulz gets: Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (PC)
ddjohnson gets: Delaware St. John, Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor (PC)

24-Jul-2006T2Rulz gets: Mario's Time Machine (Super Nintendo)
PICTO1234 gets: Mega Man 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)

21-Jul-2006T2Rulz gets: Gran Turismo 4 (PlayStation 2), Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PlayStation)
buckeyelover53 gets: $12

20-Jul-2006T2Rulz gets: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / The Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)
Renald gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (PlayStation 2), $10

28-Jun-2006T2Rulz gets: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
E_C_R gets: $5 Paypal

27-Jun-2006T2Rulz gets: Cluedo: Murder at Blackwell Grange (PC)
birdy1 gets: $

13-Jun-2006T2Rulz gets: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Game Boy Color)
buckeyelover53 gets: $4

10-Jun-2006T2Rulz gets: Delaware St. John, Volume 1: The Curse of Midnight Manor (PC), Delaware St. John Volume 2: The Town With No Name (PC)
Dee gets: Trace Memory (Nintendo DS)

12-Dec-2005T2Rulz gets: Monster inc.
Xeverex19 gets: Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker (VHS (fullscreen))

27-Sep-2005T2Rulz gets: Tetris (Game Boy), Lagoon (Super Nintendo)
extremejon gets: Sanitarium (PC)

10-Sep-2005T2Rulz gets: Nancy Drew: Message In A Haunted Mansion (Game Boy Advance)
catbelly36 gets: Primal (PlayStation 2)

25-Aug-2005T2Rulz gets: Keyboard (Dreamcast)
whitegreyblack gets: Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Dreamcast)

19-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: MediEvil (PlayStation), Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo)
zombie_rot gets: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (PC), Super Mario Land (Game Boy), Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge (Nintendo Entertainment System)

19-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: Amerzone (PC), Syberia II (PC)
McMadGamer gets: Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (PC), Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel (PC)

15-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: The Wolfman (Handheld), Dracula (Handheld), The Mummy (Handheld)
koster gets: Monsters Inc. Scream Arena (GameCube), Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (Nintendo Entertainment System), Chessmaster 5000 (PC)

14-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: Secret of the Silver Earring (PC)
Red_34 gets: Don't Quit Your Day Job (PC), Survivor - the interactive Game

12-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: The Black Mirror (PC), Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC)
imageless gets: Resumes That Work Deluxe (PC), Harvest (PC)

9-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Game Boy Advance)
Humorous_screenname gets: Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (PC)

7-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: 9 weeks Subtime
CoachMcGuirk gets: Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (Nintendo Entertainment System)

7-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: Sanitarium (PC)
soundtech gets: Tomb Raider II Gold (PC)

5-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: Dark Fall: The Journal (PC)
blacklab1936 gets: The Arrangement (PC)

4-Mar-2005T2Rulz gets: Nocturne -- Strategy Guide (guide)
Starwave27 gets: Nightmare Ned (PC)

26-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: One Piece Mansion (PlayStation)
shadow1 gets: Dark Cloud (PlayStation 2)

18-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: Fatal Frame (PlayStation 2)
dlk gets: DVD Remote (PlayStation 2)

18-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (Super Nintendo)
ou812now gets: Controller (PlayStation 2)

16-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: The Arrangement (PC), Harvest (PC)
mbc841 gets: Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut (PC), Puzz3D: Victorian Mansion (PC)

14-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: BloodRayne (GameCube)
Keith gets: Spaceballs (DVD (wide+full))

12-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: Controller -- Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad USB (PC)
gtbaddy gets: Mortal Kombat 3 (PC)

10-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: Zombie Revenge (Dreamcast)
anonymouswhoami gets: Syberia (PC)

5-Feb-2005T2Rulz gets: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy Color)
sportbettor gets: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Genesis)

31-Jan-2005T2Rulz gets: Faxanadu, Haunting
oncetoomuch gets: Noctropolis (PC)

5-Feb-2004T2Rulz gets: Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths (PC)
malsch gets: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (PC)

31-Jan-2004T2Rulz gets: Full Moon in San Francisco (PC)
Rita gets: The Sims Online (PC)

31-Jan-2004T2Rulz gets: Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (PC)
Janis476 gets: Black & White (PC)

30-Jan-2004T2Rulz gets: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PlayStation)
arrr_matey gets: Myst (PC)

20-Jan-2004T2Rulz gets: Puzz3D: Victorian Mansion (PC)
aogberean gets: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand (PC)

17-Dec-2003T2Rulz gets: Burger Time (Nintendo Entertainment System)
loopyeddie gets: Arkista's Ring (Nintendo Entertainment System)

16-Dec-2003T2Rulz gets: Shrek Treasure Hunt (PlayStation), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (PlayStation 2)
DaChief gets: American McGee's Alice (PC), Dark Vengeance (PC)

3-Dec-2003T2Rulz gets: The Quivering
alshookup gets: Planescape Torment

2-Dec-2003T2Rulz gets: The Messenger (PC), Nancy Drew Scarlet Hand
Doxnlvr gets: Dirt Thrills 4-in-1 Pack (Dirt Track Racing, Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars, Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross, Test Drive Off Road 3)

21-Oct-2003T2Rulz gets: Hollywood Squares (Nintendo Entertainment System), DVD Remote (PlayStation 2), Scooby Doo Mystery SNES
Crumie gets: Baseball (Atari 2600), Ms. Pac-Man (Atari 2600), Adventures of Bayou Billy (Nintendo Entertainment System), Quattro Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System), The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (Nintendo Entertainment System)

26-Sep-2003T2Rulz gets: SimCity 4 (PC)
BSPolin gets: Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (PC)

9-Sep-2003T2Rulz gets: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (PlayStation)
Rachel gets: Triple Play 2001 (PlayStation)

29-Aug-2003T2Rulz gets: Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Dreamcast)
FteAlucard gets: Normality (PC)

15-Aug-2003T2Rulz gets: Clock Tower Strategy Guide
Neokitty gets: Albert Odyssey Strategy Guide

7-Aug-2003T2Rulz gets: Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone (psx)
AY2 gets: Adventures & Burpee 3D Garden Designer (pc)

30-Jul-2003T2Rulz gets: Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast)
DTracker gets: Amber: Journeys Beyond (PC)

17-Jul-2003T2Rulz gets: Hitchcock: The Final Cut (PC)
Sirocco gets: Unreal Gold (PC)

14-Jul-2003T2Rulz gets: Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
timethy gets: WarCraft II -- Battle.net Edition (PC)

17-May-2003T2Rulz gets: Normality (PC), Nightmare Ned (PC), Torin's Passage (PC)
boyamilucky gets: Sim Mania for Kids (PC)

17-May-2003T2Rulz gets: Jekyll & Hyde (PC), Syberia (PC)
CJFire gets: Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower (PC), Ski Resort Tycoon (PC)

8-May-2003T2Rulz gets: Chiller (nes)
rainbowgirl gets: 2 Trisha Yearwood CD's: Hearts in Armor & Self-Titled

8-May-2003T2Rulz gets: Arkista's Ring (Original Nintendo)
lkiefer1 gets: Fester's Quest (Original Nintendo)

2-May-2003T2Rulz gets: Echo Night (PlayStation)
witchbippy gets: John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror (PC)

6-Mar-2003T2Rulz gets: Street Cop (nes)
bonanza125 gets: Cash

9-Feb-2003T2Rulz gets: Zombieville
robbieny gets: Lost Eden

2-Feb-2003T2Rulz gets: Dracula Resurrection
korriek gets: Caesar III

29-Jan-2003T2Rulz gets: Blackstone Chronicles
SnowMoon gets: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

27-Jan-2003T2Rulz gets: Nancy Drew Treasure In The Royal Tower
judynan gets: The Sting

23-Jan-2003T2Rulz gets: Undying & Planescape
egeisler gets: The Longest Journey

11-Jan-2003T2Rulz gets: Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion
aogberean gets: Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger

7-Dec-2002T2Rulz gets: CTR & Dino Crisis
Belladonna gets: C64 Collection

19-Oct-2002T2Rulz gets: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Lupercus gets: $9.00

28-May-2002T2Rulz gets: City of Lost Children; Broken Sword
russian_pirate gets: Grim Fandango; Scooby Doo Mystery of Fun Park Phantom

28-May-2002T2Rulz gets: Dracula Unleashed; Shivers
russian_pirate gets: The 7th Guest; Need for Speed: High Stakes

28-May-2002T2Rulz gets: Fable; Harvester
russian_pirate gets: MDK 2; Descent 3

23-Apr-2002T2Rulz gets: Noctropolis and Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger
Moonlight gets: Daria's Inferno

26-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: Gabriel Knight (pc) & Super Mario RPG (snes)
Tornapartbydingos gets: D (pc) & NES Games: Peter Pan, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, Dino Riki

25-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: Terminator 2 (gb)
evileck gets: Kid Niki and Elevator Action (nes)

18-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: Alone In The Dark: New Nightmare (psx)
jandcatari gets: Lost Boys Laserdisc

8-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (complete) GBC
bredon gets: Amber Journeys Beyond (complete) PC

4-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: Gabriel Knight 3 & Zombieville
dchitest gets: Dark Side of The Moon & Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

1-Mar-2002T2Rulz gets: American McGee's Alice (pc)
corno1 gets: Fantasy Five (pc)

28-Feb-2002T2Rulz gets: X-Men for Sega Genesis
segasonicfan gets: Marvel Land for Sega Genesis

27-Feb-2002T2Rulz gets: Lighthouse
franco gets: Marco Polo

4-Feb-2002T2Rulz gets: Darkstone, Grim Fandango
Hooty gets: Nocturne

18-Jan-2002T2Rulz gets: Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill (complete with box)
girlgeek gets: Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror (complete with box)

10-Jan-2002T2Rulz gets: Crash Bandicoot
FalconV gets: Cash

1-Jan-2002T2Rulz gets: Monopoly (snes) and Rescue Rangers (nes)
JamesBond00715 gets: Castlevania 2 and Dragon Warrior (nes)

16-Dec-2001T2Rulz gets: D (psx)
Socko gets: comic books

22-Nov-2001T2Rulz gets: 40 Winks & Nicktoons Racing
Dee gets: Nightmare Ned & Spooky Castle

2-Nov-2001T2Rulz gets: Everquest (pc)
playersen gets: Tiny Toons Cartoon Workshop (nes) and cash

28-Sep-2001T2Rulz gets: Cash
cjnana gets: Normality

10-Sep-2001T2Rulz gets: Quattro Adventure w/box & Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES)
Plazma gets: Simcity unopened (SNES)

5-Sep-2001T2Rulz gets: Diablo (psx)
porunga gets: Gremlins 2 cards (unopened packs)

27-Aug-2001T2Rulz gets: Fast Food Tycoon (PC) & Magical Racing Tour (PSX)
FirmBelieverInGod gets: Disney's Villians Revenge

24-Aug-2001T2Rulz gets: Dance Aerobics and Where In Time Is Carmen San Diego? (nes)
PleasantOne gets: Muppet Adventure and Bard's Tale (nes)

20-Aug-2001T2Rulz gets: Spyro 2 (psx) and Virtual Bart (snes)
RoadoggDX316 gets: Castlevania 4 unpoened (snes)

19-Aug-2001T2Rulz gets: Case Closed (pc)
challis3 gets: Choose Your Own Nightmare: Night of the Werewolf (pc)

27-Jul-2001T2Rulz gets: daria's inferno (pc)
cmhipp gets: donkey kong country (supernes)

17-Jul-2001T2Rulz gets: Horror Themes CD
M34Creed gets: Scooby Toys

12-Jul-2001T2Rulz gets: PayPal-Cash
Graham gets: The Forgotten, Boxed

25-Jun-2001T2Rulz gets: Jeopardy, Normality, 9, Fantasy Five, and Activisions Commodore 15 pack
birdy1 gets: Yellow Brick Road, Gateway, and Virtual Murder 2

13-Jun-2001T2Rulz gets: Megaman 3
valquez gets: Marble Madness

11-Jun-2001T2Rulz gets: Castlevania 4 (new) and Pitfall (pc)
C_Hawk_Fan gets: Star Tropics (new) and Doors Picture

13-Mar-2001T2Rulz gets: The Simpsons trivia game.
C_Hawk_Fan gets: Phantasmagoria (PC)

9-Mar-2001T2Rulz gets: Cash
gkmaclean gets: Ripper PC game

20-Feb-2001T2Rulz gets: $25
Gorlim gets: Hundred Days Battle, Roaring Twenties

19-Feb-2001T2Rulz gets: $9
beckyk gets: Life and Death

9-Jan-2001T2Rulz gets: monopoly, popeye, star tropics 2 (all nes)
rainbowgirl gets: rugrats mystery (pc)

25-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: Silent Hill (psx)
frodo gets: Gabriel Knight 3 (pc)

24-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: The Flintstones
XaosWizard gets: Monster Party

20-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: Resident Evil: Director's Cut (psx), Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (snes), and Castlevania 2 (nes)
FteAlucard gets: Exteme Pinball (psx) & Inherent Evil (pc)

18-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: Simpsons Cartoon Studio (pc)
boova gets: Krusty's Funhouse (snes)

16-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: Castlevania 1 & 3, Hollywood Squares, Double Dare, Remote Control, Jeopardy Jr., Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (NES)
rainbowgirl gets: Amber, Ecstatica, & Clandestiny (PC)

13-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: yoshi's island (SNES)
idiotbox gets: $10.00

9-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: Addams Family, Peter Pan and the Pirates, Three Stooges (NES)
velvetgreen gets: Sins of the Fathers (pc)

5-Nov-2000T2Rulz gets: write, camera, action
Raphus gets: clue

31-Oct-2000T2Rulz gets: Ecstatica
Sleepy gets: Blackstone Chronicles

30-Oct-2000T2Rulz gets: Inherent Evil
Amyrtist7 gets: Shivers

20-Oct-2000T2Rulz gets: Donkey Kong Country (SNES) & Illusion of Gaia (SNES)
Sailorwin gets: Yoshi (NES) & Mickey Mania (SNES)

27-Sep-2000T2Rulz gets: The Blackstone Chronicles
who_me gets: the Beast Within

21-Aug-2000T2Rulz gets: Yellow Brick Road
Belladonna gets: Noir & Dark Eye

19-Aug-2000T2Rulz gets: D & Broken Sword 2
birdy1 gets: Nightmare Ned & Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion

16-Aug-2000T2Rulz gets: The Forgotten
Joe_D gets: Torin's Passage

25-Jul-2000T2Rulz gets: Sanitarium
mavetherave gets: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective

24-Jul-2000T2Rulz gets: Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within
penny427 gets: Legacy of Time

27-Jun-2000T2Rulz gets: Bart Simpson's : Escape from Camp Deadly (GB)
Homer_Simpson gets: Songs in the Key of Springfield (cd)

20-Jun-2000T2Rulz gets: money
Rac2002 gets: Game Maker

8-May-2000T2Rulz gets: Ripper
Dee gets: Ultimate Yahtzee

13-Apr-2000T2Rulz gets: Super Gameboy
MonkeyManJ gets: Money

11-Apr-2000T2Rulz gets: The Dark Eye
jtrain gets: Wonderland

5-Apr-2000T2Rulz gets: Noir, Clandestiny, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
AlMac43 gets: City of lost Children PSX complete

28-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Torin's Passage
howardh gets: $5

28-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Wonderland
baranilla gets: Castle of the Winds 2

26-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Snoopy's Magic Show
katobii gets: Money

19-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Afterlife
MichaelWerner gets: 101 Dalmations: Escape from DeVil Manor

13-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Phantasmagoria
m115919h gets: Shivers 2

12-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Life and Death
Belladonna gets: Cash

6-Mar-2000T2Rulz gets: Frankenstein
mlc82 gets: $5

23-Feb-2000T2Rulz gets: City of Lost Children
Grazer gets: $15

1-Nov-1999T2Rulz gets: The Simpsons PC game
Olala gets: Cash

30-Sep-1999T2Rulz gets: Alone In The Dark Triolgy
j347 gets: Cash

9-Aug-1999T2Rulz gets: Snoopy Sports
speek gets: Pictionary

6-Aug-1999T2Rulz gets: Game Maker
Ranamon gets: Ghosts 'N Goblins, Ikari Warriors, Mega Man 2

6-Aug-1999T2Rulz gets: Laura Bow, The Colonel's Bequest
LADYLINDA gets: Claw

6-Aug-1999T2Rulz gets: Theme Park
JoeHolmok gets: NES Games, Golgo 13, Milon's Secret Castle, and Bases Loaded

31-Jul-1999T2Rulz gets: Amber: Journeys Beyond
amc gets: Mageslayer

30-Jul-1999T2Rulz gets: Yoshi (NES)
kirbrand gets: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (NES)