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Completed Trades

25-Aug-2016Xorda gets: 2 DVD Drives, 1 CPU, 1 stick of RAM
yazlaw1 gets: $5.75 paypal

13-Jan-2015Xorda gets: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One, download code)
Pathlesscookies gets: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One, complete)

8-Aug-2014Xorda gets: Dance Central (Xbox 360)
gnatforeva gets: Hot Wheels: Beat That (Xbox 360)

16-Jan-2014Xorda gets: Kinectimals - Now with Bears (Xbox 360)
Jestering gets: The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Xbox 360)

10-Jan-2014Xorda gets: 10x XBL 48hr Codes
lain21us gets: $1 PP

3-Jan-2014Xorda gets: Nintendo Game Boy Color (Game Boy Color)
jdwooley14 gets: Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (other)

21-Nov-2013Xorda gets: Independence Day (PlayStation), Worms World Party (PlayStation), Need for Speed: High Stakes (PlayStation), The Ooze (Genesis), Ecco 2: The Tides of Time (Genesis), James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (PlayStation 2)
bigncrazy gets: Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64), Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (Game Boy Advance), Nintendo DS Lite (Nintendo DS)

27-Oct-2013Xorda gets: Fatal Labyrinth (Genesis), New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS)
sdwyer138 gets: The Orange Box (Xbox 360), Putt & Putter (Game Gear)

3-Jul-2013Xorda gets: Nintendo GameCube, controller, memory card, cables
marky2fly gets: Sega Genesis, cables, controllers

14-Jun-2013Xorda gets: WWF Raw (Sega 32X), Primal Rage (Sega 32X)
sdwyer138 gets: Garfield: Caught in the Act (Game Gear), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (Genesis)

28-Feb-2013Xorda gets: Gauntlet II (GameBoy)
3hitcombo gets: $6 Paypal

26-Feb-2013Xorda gets: Knuckles Chaotix
Kwaza gets: $25 PayPal

25-Jan-2013Xorda gets: Baseball (Game Boy), NFL Football (Game Boy), Super Mario Land (Game Boy)
mattcube gets: GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64)

21-Jun-2012Xorda gets: $24
plngg gets: Command & conquer red alert 3, oblivion, orange controller n64

20-Jun-2012Xorda gets: $12 gifted paypal
Taz gets: Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Battle LA

15-Jun-2012Xorda gets: $9
FibroFreak78 gets: Super Mario Galaxy

7-Jun-2012Xorda gets: $6
BigNasty gets: Wii-mote

4-Jun-2012Xorda gets: $20 gifted PayPal
MegaNesMan gets: White wireless Xbox 360 controller with rechargable and AA battery packs

31-May-2012Xorda gets: US$15.25 gifted PayPal
thegutter111 gets: Batman Forever, Champions World Class Soccer, David Robinson's Supreme Court, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, John Madden Football '92, The Jungle Book, Madden NFL '96, Mickey Mouse in the Great Circus Mystery, Mortal Kombat, NBA Hang Time, Sega Sports NFL '95, NHL All-Star Hockey, PGA Tour Golf, Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball, Super Monaco GP all for Sega Genesis

25-May-2012Xorda gets: $4 + $2.50 shipping
ShishioMakoto gets: Riven: The Sequel to Myst (PlayStation)

8-May-2012Xorda gets: Paypal
Vynidaris gets: Uncharted (PS3), God of War (PS2), Guitar Hero 1+2 (PS2), Sony PS2 Controller, Banjo Kazooie (N64), PS2 Slim, PS2 Memory card

8-May-2012Xorda gets: $85 PayPal + exact shipping PayPal
FibroFreak78 gets: PlayStation 2 fat console(+power+A/V+Network/HDD adaptor), 8MB memory card, Sonic Heroes, Star Wars Starfighter, Heavy Rain, NES console (+power+A/V), Controllers, Wizardry: Proving Grounds, Nintendo 64 console (+power+A/V, no memory bay cover), Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, Mickey Mouse Magic Wands, Pokemon Silver version, Tetris

4-May-2012Xorda gets: $4.25+$3 shipping
rainmaker_7783 gets: Sony PlayStation memory card, NES controller, Battleship [GameBoy], Looney Tunes [GameBoy]

25-Jan-2012Xorda gets: $85 Concealed Cash + $10 Sears Gift Card
IcedCookie gets: Razer Lycosa + Razer DeathAdder

25-Dec-2011Xorda gets: TimeShift (Xbox 360)
djscheiber gets: LEGO Indiana Jones/Kung Fu Panda (Xbox 360)

3-Dec-2011Xorda gets: $2.50 + $1 shipping
metsfan718 gets: Just cause xbox 360 disk only in good condition

2-Dec-2011Xorda gets: $130 PayPal
lukas606 gets: Nintendo 3DS Bundle

2-Dec-2011Xorda gets: PP
JD gets: Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4 360

22-Nov-2011Xorda gets: Gifted PP
bungholio gets: Games Below

17-Nov-2011Xorda gets: $5 PayPal or money order
playersen gets: Analog tv tuner PCI card

4-Oct-2011Xorda gets: 2.00 paypal
1112e gets: Netflix

17-Sep-2011Xorda gets: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. PC
GoreObsessed gets: $9 Gifted Paypal

9-Sep-2011Xorda gets: $2
1112e gets: Netflix

6-Sep-2011Xorda gets: $30 Shipped
Toxl222 gets: Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS

14-Jul-2011Xorda gets: $13 shipped
Ivo gets: mass effect 2

29-May-2011Xorda gets: $60 non-paypal
yxyccc gets: 8GB Zune/USB cable/Flip case and 16GB flash drive

16-May-2011Xorda gets: sonic 2 poster
classicrock909 gets: $2 gifted paypal

9-May-2011Xorda gets: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Super Nintendo), $10 shipping
zschofield gets: Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Entertainment System)

5-May-2011Xorda gets: $35 paypal
xaosslug gets: $40 Visa gift card

27-Apr-2011Xorda gets: PayPal
John gets: USB devices

30-Mar-2011Xorda gets: $15
Jurassic_Shift gets: 2GB Zen Stone w/ speaker (black)

25-Feb-2011Xorda gets: $31
Plantguy7 gets: Sega Nomad with power supply

15-Feb-2011Xorda gets: Saw (Xbox 360)
poelabwa gets: Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)

11-Feb-2011Xorda gets: Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)
Gilly gets: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)

30-Jan-2011Xorda gets: Sony PSP -- 3000 (PlayStation Portable), PSP charger
gameboy1009 gets: $125 USPS money order

21-Jan-2011Xorda gets: Money Order $175 Shipped
alexander8 gets: iTouch 4th Gen W/ Camera/Facetime New 32 Gig

18-Jan-2011Xorda gets: $70
Jurassic_Shift gets: 30GB Black Original Zune

21-Dec-2010Xorda gets: $35.00 USPS Money Order Or PayPal - Your Preference
BadBowtie gets: Good condition / working PS2 console, hookups, and 1st party controller

16-Dec-2010Xorda gets: $20
emoryarts gets: Nintendo Entertainment System + hook-ups + controllers + SMB3

9-Dec-2010Xorda gets: Insanely and Deliciously Massive Hand-Carved Balinese Wooden Dong!
ENIX gets: $$$

17-Nov-2010Xorda gets: $15 Cash
volt1up gets: 16gb White USB Drive.

10-Nov-2010Xorda gets: Vectorman 2 (Genesis)
RetroPWN gets: Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)

3-Nov-2010Xorda gets: $120 Money Order
Subby gets: Microsoft ZuneHD 32GB (Box: yes; Manual and USB cable: yes)

20-Oct-2010Xorda gets: Lair (PlayStation 3)
Kawaii_Pinku gets: Controller -- Halo 3 Limited Edition: Spartan Green (Xbox 360)

25-Aug-2010Xorda gets: 40$ Money Order
Scarface gets: iPod Touch ( Defective ) With included stuff

9-Aug-2010Xorda gets: Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)
DeputySchrute gets: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) Box/Manual included.

31-Jul-2010Xorda gets: Fat Black Playstation 2
emerica2jh gets: $15 + Exact Shipping Money Order

10-May-2010Xorda gets: Supreme Warrior (Sega 32X)
Mizderection gets: Rayman 2: The Great Escape (Nintendo 64), Glover (Nintendo 64)

30-Apr-2010Xorda gets: $60 Money order.
blaze gets: PSP and Memory Stick.

18-Apr-2010Xorda gets: $100 MO
Jurassic_Shift gets: 80GB zune with usb and sleeve

27-Mar-2010Xorda gets: Free Metallica Album Download
Wienerschnitzel gets: Nothing

1-Mar-2010Xorda gets: PSP 1000
formerroadie gets: PSP 3000

1-Mar-2010Xorda gets: Riven: The Sequel to Myst (PlayStation)
Blu_Ray_Freak gets: Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)

27-Feb-2010Xorda gets: PSP 3000
JBucc gets: Apple iPod Touch (other)

25-Jan-2010Xorda gets: Sonic Heroes (Xbox)
Frank gets: Nintendo Game Boy (Game Boy)

29-Nov-2009Xorda gets: Rock Band (Xbox 360)
Joel99268 gets: Burnout: Paradise (Xbox 360)

1-Nov-2009Xorda gets: Pendant of Fortune
Jurassic_Shift gets: $30

22-Oct-2009Xorda gets: Blinx: The Time Sweeper (Xbox)
Zthun gets: $1.50 + shipping

30-Sep-2009Xorda gets: Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)
mikechi gets: Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

21-Aug-2009Xorda gets: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (Nintendo DS)
ps3_fanatic gets: Sony PlayStation (PlayStation)

15-Jun-2009Xorda gets: Sega Nomad System with AC Adapter
7keys gets: $55 money order

10-Jun-2009Xorda gets: Controller -- Rock Band Guitar (Xbox 360)
M1LH0USE gets: Guitar Hero: World Tour -- Guitar Kit Only (Xbox 360)

23-May-2009Xorda gets: Doom (Sega 32X), Virtua Fighter (Sega 32X)
kevlar51 gets: Dreamcast Jump Pack (Dreamcast)

22-May-2009Xorda gets: Painkiller (PC)
Gutterpuppy gets: Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PC)

21-May-2009Xorda gets: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC)
mwokou gets: SimCity 4 -- Deluxe Edition (PC)

7-May-2009Xorda gets: Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
8BitWonder gets: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (unopened) and Sonic Heroes, both for GameCube

6-May-2009Xorda gets: $40
beavis gets: Nintendo Ds

4-May-2009Xorda gets: IHRA Motorsports Drag Racing with manual PS1
bonanza125 gets: $$

18-Apr-2009Xorda gets: Worms Armageddon (Dreamcast)
TheGamingGuy gets: Gears of War (Xbox 360, Complete, in Good Condition.)

18-Apr-2009Xorda gets: Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (PlayStation), Tomb Raider II (PlayStation)
Sonny_Crockett81 gets: Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City (PlayStation Portable)

30-Mar-2009Xorda gets: Mortal Kombat (Genesis)
molotovwars gets: Jet Set Radio Future / Sega GT 2002 (Xbox)

24-Mar-2009Xorda gets: D (Saturn)
JustFilthy gets: Pokémon Yellow -- Special Pikachu Edition (Game Boy)

4-Mar-2009Xorda gets: Sonic Heroes (GameCube)
emceeskwaird gets: Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

2-Mar-2009Xorda gets: Virtua Cop (Saturn)
classicrock909 gets: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (Nintendo DS)

25-Feb-2009Xorda gets: volle
gbush65 gets: cash

21-Feb-2009Xorda gets: Nintendo GameCube (GameCube)
dxrules1220 gets: Controller -- Logitech Dual Action Game Pad (PC), Sonic CD (PC)

9-Feb-2009Xorda gets: Game Boy Camera (Game Boy)
BadIdeaGuy gets: Sonic R (Saturn)

4-Feb-2009Xorda gets: Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
hubcap gets: Star Fox Command (Nintendo DS)

28-Jan-2009Xorda gets: Tetris (Game Boy)
rpfs12004 gets: ECW Hardcore Revolution (Dreamcast)

22-Jan-2009Xorda gets: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Xbox 360)
mc21 gets: Rock Band (Xbox 360)

22-Jan-2009Xorda gets: Controller -- Guitar Hero X-Plorer Guitar (Xbox 360)
BringMeTheHorizon gets: Guitar Hero: On Tour (Nintendo DS)

20-Jan-2009Xorda gets: Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)
Shagohod gets: $25 shipped Check/Cash/Money Order Only

12-Nov-2008Xorda gets: Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)
MuttenMaster gets: Need for Speed: Carbon (Xbox 360)

2-Nov-2008Xorda gets: Sega Genesis (Genesis), Sega CD Model 2 (Sega CD)
Slim_Trigger gets: Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360)

19-Oct-2008Xorda gets: Earthworm Jim (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis), Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)
BJB gets: Evolution 2: Far Off Promise (Dreamcast), Tomb Raider: Chronicles (Dreamcast), $2

13-Oct-2008Xorda gets: An invite to Demonoid.com
BTD gets: 6 months of sponsorship on RedvsBlue.com

28-Sep-2008Xorda gets: Doom (Sega Saturn) [Condition: Unknown; Box: yes; Manual: yes]
Columns08 gets: Vanishing Point (Dreamcast)

25-Sep-2008Xorda gets: Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis), Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge (Genesis)
Feloniouspython gets: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

16-Sep-2008Xorda gets: The Need for Speed (Saturn), Soviet Strike (Saturn), Tomb Raider (Saturn), The Mansion of Hidden Souls (Saturn)
DaLastDon25 gets: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360)

3-Sep-2008Xorda gets: Memory Card (Xbox 360)
radjago gets: New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS)

27-Aug-2008Xorda gets: Demolition Man (Genesis), RoboCop 3 (Genesis), The Terminator (Genesis), Super Mario World (Super Nintendo)
damiencorso gets: Black & White 2 (PC), Star Wars: Monopoly (PC)

14-Jun-2008Xorda gets: NiGHTS Into Dreams... (Saturn)
Yoshimitsu gets: Sansa M240 MP3 Player (other)

22-Apr-2008Xorda gets: Controller (Genesis), I would prefer a 6-button controller. my buddies don't like the 3-button one that i prefer
bigncrazy gets: $10 or something.

31-Mar-2008Xorda gets: Super Nintendo (Super Nintendo), Has A/V or RF cable and Power adapter, right? and controller(s)?
TheORKINMan gets: StarFox Assault: Nintendo GameCube

20-Mar-2008Xorda gets: The Great Circus Mystery (Genesis)
bigncrazy gets: Banjo Tooie (Nintendo 64)

17-Mar-2008Xorda gets: Sonic R (Saturn)
Slim_Trigger gets: Phantom Dust (Xbox)

7-Mar-2008Xorda gets: Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Sega 32X)
captaincold gets: Fable (Xbox)

4-Mar-2008Xorda gets: sega genesis 2 system with all cords except the power cord
bigncrazy gets: super mario for gameboy, gameboy advance, and sonic adventure 2 for dreamcast

22-Feb-2008Xorda gets: Gauntlet IV (Genesis), Space Harrier II (Genesis), Sub-terrania (Genesis)
RainMoN gets: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Dreamcast)

14-Feb-2008Xorda gets: madden 92 cartridge for sega genesis
bigncrazy gets: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Game Boy Color)

11-Jan-2008Xorda gets: Chex Quest (PC)
Itallion_Stallion gets: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy), Nintendo Game Boy (Game Boy), Pokémon Blue (Game Boy), Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Game Boy)

29-Dec-2007Xorda gets: Far Cry: Instincts (Xbox), Suprise
alexander8 gets: Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (Nintendo Wii)