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Completed Trades

30-Jun-2004immediategameing gets: Bandits (DVD) disc only + Spyro 2 and manual per our e-mails
Count_Floyd gets: Eternal Darkness (GC) disc only

14-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: Salt Lake 2002 (PlayStation 2), The 6th Day (DVD (fullscreen)), Enemy at the Gates (DVD (widescreen))
Count_Floyd gets: Spyro, Spyro 2 (+insert), Crash 1, Twisted Metal 1, Oddworld:Abe's Exodus, Madden 2001 (+ manual), Starfox manual (GC), Smashcourt insert (PS2)

11-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $6.50
waazzuup1 gets: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

10-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: 6.50 pp
framerguy gets: Black and Bruised

9-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $7.50
cjmartian gets: Super Mario Sunshine

7-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $6.5 paypal
Helen gets: Eternal Darkness gc disc only

5-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: 2 DVD disk only
AzzipCats gets: $3

5-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: Money
Ironman gets: Nintendo 64

5-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $7.25 paypal
Kevin gets: Resident Evil(GC-disc only)

5-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $8.75 paypal
segarickman gets: animal crossing cd only

2-Apr-2004immediategameing gets: $5
gamecollectress gets: Ps2 Inserts And Manuals

29-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: $4.25 paypal
tennisball gets: Gta Vice City Map , Diddy kong racing manual , Mario party 5 manual ,tony hawk underground manual(ps2) ,madden 2004 manual (ps2)

28-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: $4.25
segarickman gets: breath of fire dragon quarter,ape escape 2,clock tower III,mario party 4,mario party 5

23-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: $4 shipped
Renald gets: X-Men (box/manual only)

20-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: Aggressive Inline (Xbox)
DCGX gets: Virtua Racing (32X)

18-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: Splashdown (PlayStation 2)
Count_Floyd gets: Tekken 3 (disc + manual), Rampage 2 Universal Tour (disc only, sticker on game), Driver insert

17-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: 3 dollars
cjmartian gets: ssx ps2

15-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: 5.25 paypal or cash
waazzuup1 gets: 3 xbox controller extensions

15-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: $$
Kevin gets: N64 System w/ 2 controllers all hookups and one memory card

14-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: $26.5 +actual shipping costs via paypal
chris88 gets: Giants Citizen, Fantavision, Oni, Stuntman, and Vexx

12-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: 8.00 Shipped Via Paypal.
Ravaged gets: GTA Vice City Manual, Ratchet and Clank Manual, and SSX (Complete)

10-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: Baulders Gate: Dark Aliiance
FFF gets: Naki Purple Ps2 Fighting/Arcade Stick and $1

7-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: turok evolution
dustin11 gets: N64 games

2-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: 12 weeks subtime
Osiris gets: sealed rfu adapter gc

1-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: maximo ps2
slyfishbone gets: gc controller (3rd party)

1-Mar-2004immediategameing gets: 4 weeks subtime
kzn gets: tekken 3 manual

28-Feb-2004immediategameing gets: $3
Eggplant_Wizard gets: Metal Gear Solid (discs only)

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: $6
GizmoDVD gets: ESPN Baseball Tonight, Joe Montana’s NFL Football, Lethal Enforcers, Sonic Cd (Blue)

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: 10 PS2 Games & 1 DVD
Spud gets: Xbox

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: Madden 2003 and Spyhunter for GBA
FireBird9101 gets: Madden 2002 and Gran Turismo 3

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: $3
gnoit gets: NBA LIve 2001 (PS2) , Tenchu 2 Playstation Manual, King Arthur & The Knights Of Justice Snes (Manual)

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: $7
mikebrown gets: NFL 2K3 (X box)

19-Jul-2003immediategameing gets: 60 Michael Jordan Cards
JBel4331 gets: 3 PS2 Games

23-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: 17.50
Dealman gets: Gradius 3 &4

21-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: $8 Shipped
moebarguy gets: Real Pool (PS2)

20-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: $
vik gets: Dave Mirra BMX 2 (PS2 - complete), LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring Manual

19-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: 80 Michael Jordan Cards (if not 80 Jordans, a few Shaq cards added to make 80)
koolkarl gets: 7 PSX games, 1 N64 game, 1 Genesis game, 2 Saturn games, 1 Sega CD game

16-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: Tekken advance (gba) complete.
goldbera gets: Sega Soccer Slam (PS2) complete.

16-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: Resident Evil and CT:HD DVD
Souljah gets: Legends of Wrestling xbox

16-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: SSX Tricky (GBA)
GraphicsWrench gets: TimeSplitters (PS2)

13-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: $20 shipped
Shinji gets: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of Roses

13-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: $15
Shinji gets: Medal of Honor: Frontlines

13-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: $3 PayPal
Anxiouz gets: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (manual)

13-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: Doom (GBA) + $1.00
Longknife gets: Haven: Call of the King (PS2)

9-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: Super Mario Advance
SuperFox gets: Hydro Thunder (DC)

9-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: cash via paypal
chef_larry gets: namco museum volume 1(psx,disc only)

4-Jun-2003immediategameing gets: psx games: gran turismo, namco musuem vol. 1, 2xtreme, sheep raider, nba shoot out
delrockone gets: $8.35

24-May-2003immediategameing gets: WWF Smackdown Just Bring It, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, X Squad Ps2
ryanflucas gets: $18

21-May-2003immediategameing gets: $6.50
VinoBrad gets: Draconus Cult Of The Wyrm (With Original Case & Manual)

21-May-2003immediategameing gets: $16
gnoit gets: 3Xtreme, Command & Conquer, Dead Ball Zone, Killing Zone (PSX GAMES: all complete) & Killer Instinct Gold (N64)

19-May-2003immediategameing gets: $60
Longknife gets: Dreamcast console, N64 console, Medal of Honor (PSX), and Web Browser 2.0 (DC)

17-May-2003immediategameing gets: NFL Fever 2002 Xbox
animallyson gets: Lost In Space (Sealed) DVD

17-May-2003immediategameing gets: $4.50
Rachel gets: blue psx controller

17-May-2003immediategameing gets: WWE Wrestlemania X8 and James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (Cube)
Longknife gets: $20

10-May-2003immediategameing gets: $14.50
Xian gets: Soul Calibur (With Original Case & Manual), Allied General (Brand New Sealed With Original Case & Manual)

5-May-2003immediategameing gets: $12
Akira gets: Chu Chu Rocket (With Original Case & Manual), Tony Hawk Pro Skater (With Original Case & Manual) Virtua Fighter 3th (With Original Case)

3-May-2003immediategameing gets: NFL 2K3 (PS2)
moebarguy gets: Sega Genesis Model 3 + 15 NES Sleeves

2-May-2003immediategameing gets: Sega Soccer Slam, Rayman 2, TimeSplitters, Gran Turismo 3 w/ guide (All PS2)
CygnusTM gets: Dreamcast, 3 controllers, VMU, Performance Pak, Chu Chu Rocket (DC), Blue Stinger (DC)

29-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: SSX, 3 weeks subtime
akjsdhakjh gets: FIFA world to the World cup 98', Final Fantasy

23-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Madden 02, and nascar 03 (sealed)
Trogdor gets: shining the holy ark, amok, revolution x, sewer shark, the tick

23-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $10
Dealman gets: Residen Evil (With Original Case & Manual)

23-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $15.50
RATRUNICK gets: Star Wars Demolition (Brand New Sealed With Original Case & Manual, Super Runabout (With Original Case & Manual), Trick Style With Original Case & Manual)

21-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: nhl 2002, nba 2k2, legends of wreslting, just bring it
xir500 gets: 35

21-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Dead Ball Zone, 3Xtreme, Killing Zone (all psx)
Deadsexy gets: $6 + $3 shipping

18-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $11
beavis gets: Crazy Taxi, NBA 2K, Sega Bass Fishing, Redident Evil 3

12-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
CaptainOveur gets: $10 Paypal

11-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (Xbox), 007 Agent Under Fire (Xbox), & Half Life (PS2)
slyfishbone gets: Ghost Recon (Xbox)

10-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $8.50
Renald gets: Mega Man Legends (With Original Case & Manual), Prince Of Persia 2

10-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $4.50
Chef_Charley gets: California Games, Mega Games 2, Earth Defense Force

9-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: 7 dollars
MexicanSamuraiX gets: Parasite Eve (With Original Case)

9-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: airblade and wrc ps2
Jeff3900 gets: 23.00

9-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $8 paypal
hcb4284 gets: Primal Rage, Dennis the Mennace, Ken Griffey Baseball, V-ball SNES

8-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $4.50 Paypal
NeWsKiLLz gets: Cosmic Carnage, NBA Jam (32X) + RBI Baseball 4 (Gen)

8-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $40 shipped
MexicanSamuraiX gets: Air force delta,Marvel vs capcom,sword of beserk(all for dc),Mega man X6(psx)

8-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: $12
J_Pok gets: Space Harrier (With Original Box &Manual), Star Wars Arcade(With Original Box &Manual)

7-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: X-Squad, Batman Vengeance & Onimusha Warlords (all PS2)
slyfishbone gets: The Sims (PS2)

7-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Red Faction (PS2), Bruce Lee (XBox)
sav2880 gets: Tao Feng (XB)

7-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Nutty Proffessor II: The Klumps Uncensored Director's Cut, Down to Earth
Phlibbit gets: Sealed Microsoft XBox Controller S

4-Apr-2003immediategameing gets: Max Payne, Twisted Metal Black, Crazy Taxi PS2
DrizzDrizzDrizz gets: 27.00 cash

31-Mar-2003immediategameing gets: $12 shipped
moebarguy gets: Davis Cup (GEN), Super Tecmo Bowl (GEN) & Bomberman (NES)

29-Mar-2003immediategameing gets: MGS2 and 4 DVDs
Xian gets: DOAXBV and Black and Bruised (both new and unopened)

15-Nov-2002immediategameing gets: dave mirra gc complete broken
Souljah gets: money $5

13-Nov-2002immediategameing gets: Luigi's Mansion w/ strategy guide (Cube)
Longknife gets: WWE Wrestlemania X8 (Cube)

10-Nov-2002immediategameing gets: carrying case,1 mem card,sonic battle game cube complete,Mx superfly complete,legends of wrestling complete nhl hitz 2002 complete,mls soccer game cube complete, one other thing
kornlov4you gets: ps2,comes with all hookups, 2 analogs,blitz 2002

4-Nov-2002immediategameing gets: NBA Street (gcn)
MrSparkle gets: $12

3-Nov-2002immediategameing gets: $50
Orlandu gets: Broken PS2

21-Oct-2002immediategameing gets: Tony Hawk 3 PS2
sgentry6 gets: $12 via paypal

2-Oct-2002immediategameing gets: red card soccer and fuzion frenzy both on xbox
dylan gets: super smash bros melee, controller and mem card all for gamecube

28-Sep-2002immediategameing gets: Project Gotham Racing [ Xbox ]
Sid_Ceaser gets: Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams [ Xbox ] and Smugglers Run 2: Hostile Territory [ PS2 ]

28-Sep-2002immediategameing gets: Street Hoops (XBX), Blade II (XBX)
bobaloo gets: Home Run King (GC), BioHazard (GC), Espn Winter Sports 2002 (GC)

23-Sep-2002immediategameing gets: TonyHawk 2x, Halo, Dead or Alive 3 XBOX
Ultimate_Warrior gets: PS1 Interact Screen, Courtside 2002

27-Aug-2002immediategameing gets: Super Smash Bros. Melee
IceTech gets: Willy Beamish

7-Aug-2002immediategameing gets: resident evil gamecube complete
thatguy033 gets: gauntlet dark legacy gamecube complete plus prioity shipping

6-Aug-2002immediategameing gets: 28 dollars
Pman gets: Gamecube game

28-Mar-2002immediategameing gets: baseball stars complete with box and neo geo cup
Deftblue gets: 18 dollars and magical drop