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Completed Trades

2-May-2005nickie gets: Cash
Sirocco gets: Orion Burger (PC), Astronomica: The Quest for the Edge of the Universe (PC)

21-Apr-2005nickie gets: The Polar Express (PC)
imageless gets: Sentinel: Descendants in Time (PC)

22-Jan-2005nickie gets: Money money money
oncetoomuch gets: The Scroll (PC), Dragonsphere (PC)

10-Dec-2004nickie gets: Myst IV: Revelation (PC)
questyun gets: Secret of the Silver Earring (PC)

10-Dec-2004nickie gets: Doom 3 (PC)
jerel gets: Sacred (PC), cash

8-Dec-2004nickie gets: The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (PC)
Peggy gets: Secret of the Silver Earring (PC), Box was received from company a little manhandled

22-Nov-2004nickie gets: Cash
16songs gets: Valhalla Chronicles

25-Oct-2004nickie gets: $15
Farlow gets: Silent Hill 2 (PC)

19-Oct-2004nickie gets: Rocky Interactive Horror Show (PC)
Veniceknight gets: The Arrangement (PC)

18-Oct-2004nickie gets: $$$
namma gets: Darkfall 2

24-Sep-2004nickie gets: $12.00
imageless gets: Entombed (PC) [Condition: unopened; Box: yes; Manual: yes; shrinkwrapped, sealed/price includes priority shipping]

11-Aug-2004nickie gets: Gabriel Knight: Beast Within (Book), Rollercoaster Tycoon + Expansions, Battleship (Free)
Aggie gets: Cash

4-Aug-2004nickie gets: Darkened Skye (boxed, sealed)
mdauphin gets: Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern (PC)

30-Jul-2004nickie gets: Faery Tale about Father Frost
Joe_D gets: In Memoriam (PC)

4-Jul-2004nickie gets: $
flotsam gets: Puppet Motel

26-Apr-2004nickie gets: Spells of Gold (PC)
robslifka gets: Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC)

20-Apr-2004nickie gets: Crystal Key 2
jules gets: Forever Worlds

8-Apr-2004nickie gets: Cash (via Paypal)
Section8 gets: The Temple of Elemental Evil (PC)

9-Mar-2004nickie gets: Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (PC)
danetigs gets: Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel (PC)

25-Feb-2004nickie gets: Siege of Avalon (PC)
Jhawkr gets: The Thing (PC)

24-Sep-2003nickie gets: Blackstone Chronicles
Jbenoit gets: Jack The Ripper (PC/DOS)

13-Sep-2003nickie gets: $
flotsam gets: Psychotron

19-Jun-2003nickie gets: GameTZ T-shirt (other)
nihon gets: cash

30-May-2003nickie gets: Four feathers DVD
Reloaded85x gets: cash

1-May-2003nickie gets: The Thing (PC Game) and Arcanum (PC Game)
doctor_kaz gets: $22 cash

27-Apr-2003nickie gets: Icewind Dale
haanul gets: $$ Cash $$

5-Apr-2003nickie gets: press kits
rowan gets: cash

20-Mar-2003nickie gets: Usual Suspects DVD (complete and mint)
removed1 gets: money

16-Mar-2003nickie gets: cash
RefinedSugar gets: SFPD :Case File: The Body in the Bay

8-Mar-2003nickie gets: Sinkha - Hylen
lesismore gets: Gast

7-Mar-2003nickie gets: Sierra Soundtrack Collection
jtrain gets: Cash

5-Feb-2003nickie gets: Harvest
mbc841 gets: Journeyman Project 2: Burried In Time

29-Jan-2003nickie gets: Freedom First Resistance (PC)
ryanflucas gets: $10 shipped

26-Jan-2003nickie gets: five opals
marianaterry gets: $10 + shipping cost

22-Jan-2003nickie gets: Last Half of Darkness
Paladin82Y gets: Nancy Drew: Stay tuned

22-Jan-2003nickie gets: Age of Wonders, Sacrifice, Blood Omen
10basetom gets: cash

22-Jan-2003nickie gets: All Time Greatest Movie Songs CD (unopened)
sinnie gets: 8 weeks sub time

21-Jan-2003nickie gets: Ecoquest, 7 Games of the Soul, Legend of Lotus Spring
ryanflucas gets: $15 via paypal

8-Jan-2003nickie gets: Private Eye Mysteries
vern8 gets: Dark Fall

7-Jan-2003nickie gets: famous five - on a secret mission
rainbowgirl gets: terratopia

10-Dec-2002nickie gets: Phantasmagoria, shadows of amn, freedom force, night of the vampire
rizen88 gets: $$

10-Dec-2002nickie gets: Scooby-Doo and Gast
ccross gets: Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth and Passage Path of Betrayal

10-Dec-2002nickie gets: Lighthouse
kwbridge gets: Robinson Crusoe

30-Nov-2002nickie gets: Alcatraz + Evil Twin (in retail boxes)
aljuan gets: Law and Order (in retail box)

24-Oct-2002nickie gets: Jazz and Faust
sqrllover gets: Gilbert Goodmate & the Mushroom of Phungoria

20-Oct-2002nickie gets: Scooby Doo
dabomb765 gets: cash

16-Oct-2002nickie gets: Paypal-Cash
Graham gets: Blue ICE (boxed)

15-Oct-2002nickie gets: money order
torypost gets: might and magic archives

10-Oct-2002nickie gets: thanks
jenniren gets: Connections

2-Oct-2002nickie gets: Callahans, Spacebar, Neverhood
DodgeX gets: Lightbringer, Big Red Adventure, multiple DOS games too many to list

29-Sep-2002nickie gets: Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist
Amyrtist7 gets: Schizm and$$

27-Sep-2002nickie gets: Black Dahlia
concepts gets: cash

25-Sep-2002nickie gets: Curse of Monkey Island (includes MI1 +2)
CaswynBen gets: Gabriel Knight 1+2

7-Sep-2002nickie gets: Kenny Chesney's Everywhere We Go CD, Billy Ray Cyrus's Storm in the Heartland CD, and Jeff Foxworthy's Greatest Bits CD
Longknife gets: Dracula Unleashed (PC)

29-Aug-2002nickie gets: M+M 8
Entropy gets: Gabriel Knight 3

28-Aug-2002nickie gets: MM8, Club Dead
Huanghou gets: cash

27-Aug-2002nickie gets: cash
RainbowRose gets: Daggerfall

25-Aug-2002nickie gets: $$CASH$$
SnowMoon gets: Fall Of The House Of Usher

23-Aug-2002nickie gets: Gabriel Knight 1(odd-shaped box) and Silverload
LGtrader gets: Cash

22-Aug-2002nickie gets: Monkey Island 1&2, and Schizm
Tristy gets: Discworld 1&2, and The Halloween Party

20-Aug-2002nickie gets: Gabriel Knights I, Labyrinth of Time, Monty Python,Normality
rizen88 gets: 30$

20-Aug-2002nickie gets: Dark Fall
dlk gets: Jerusalem

18-Aug-2002nickie gets: Dust
Kenc gets: cash

16-Aug-2002nickie gets: Delphine Collection, Simon2
DaneDome gets: Cruise for a Corpse, Amazon, Lord of the Rings

15-Aug-2002nickie gets: Anachronox
Carlos102284 gets: cash

14-Aug-2002nickie gets: cash
theshiz gets: The Manhole

8-Aug-2002nickie gets: Jack The Ripper
jtrain gets: Cash

26-Jul-2002nickie gets: $$
DRabuzzi gets: Ceremony of Innocence

16-Jul-2002nickie gets: cash
8miler gets: Celtica

8-Jul-2002nickie gets: Lords of Tantrazz (in retail box)
aljuan gets: Master of Dimensions (in retail box)

7-Jul-2002nickie gets: chewy - escape from f5 (boxed)
rainbowgirl gets: bud tucker and dracula's secret

19-Jun-2002nickie gets: sfpd
legolas368 gets: cash

13-Jun-2002nickie gets: Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth
Looking4SierraGames gets: Cash

11-Jun-2002nickie gets: Infocom Mystery Collection
nakimura gets: Duckman

9-Jun-2002nickie gets: Gordak, Mirage
Mouchie gets: Monet, Necronomicon

5-Jun-2002nickie gets: comer,escape from horrorland,3 sisters,and curse of the mummy
lduford gets: darkened skye,clandestiny,opsys,and riana rouge

4-Jun-2002nickie gets: Drascula
Gage_Blackwood gets: cash

4-Jun-2002nickie gets: PC game "Drascula"
Gage_Blackwood gets: 50,00-$

28-May-2002nickie gets: Cash
Raylinx gets: The Legacy (by MicroProse)

18-May-2002nickie gets: Choose your Own Nighmare, MJ Thriller CD
Mouchie gets: Gadget, Foxhunt

18-May-2002nickie gets: Bud Tucker x2
ran_shvartz gets: cash

16-May-2002nickie gets: Soultrap
housewife gets: cash

14-May-2002nickie gets: DUCKMAN
ewing gets: VOODOO KID

7-May-2002nickie gets: Sign of the Sun
ricomon gets: Cash

30-Apr-2002nickie gets: Liath,SFPD,Synnergist
Jill gets: POV,Are you afraid...,Agharta,Dogday

20-Apr-2002nickie gets: dragonriders, and 2 daggerfall boxes
rainbowgirl gets: verschollen auf lost island and blackstone chronicles

12-Apr-2002nickie gets: Ark of Time, Kyrandia 2, Versailles 2, Kingdom of Magic
KwaZulu gets: London, Les Manley Lost in LA, Road to El Dorado, Nancy Drew-Haunted, Voyeur

12-Apr-2002nickie gets: Day of the Tentacle (s)
Samudra gets: out of print book

7-Apr-2002nickie gets: Inherit the Earth
Karo gets: Animal

4-Apr-2002nickie gets: Daggerfall
amc gets: Lost Vikings 2

3-Apr-2002nickie gets: $7
FerociousWeasel gets: Baldurs Gate

2-Apr-2002nickie gets: cash
Debra376 gets: Liath (unboxed)

1-Apr-2002nickie gets: Transylvania, Countdown
hargorth gets: cash

25-Mar-2002nickie gets: Are you afraid of the Dark
nakimura gets: Paris 1313

25-Mar-2002nickie gets: noctropolis, toonstruck, dragonsphere, and zork grand inquistitor box
rainbowgirl gets: cameron files, treasure island, and faust

25-Mar-2002nickie gets: Cash
sleepyeye gets: Hamlet:A Murder Mystery/Murder/Animal

18-Mar-2002nickie gets: Jack the Ripper/Fable
Jill gets: Hamlet

11-Mar-2002nickie gets: Loom
indiana gets: cash

8-Mar-2002nickie gets: Drowned God, TLJ
Legolas gets: Atlantis 3 (Beyond Atlantis II)

2-Mar-2002nickie gets: The Scroll
alexS gets: Cameron Files

22-Feb-2002nickie gets: cash
wire2 gets: Callahan's

21-Feb-2002nickie gets: Heart of China, Les Manley & Cruise for a Corpse
Belladonna gets: Monet & Callahans

21-Feb-2002nickie gets: PC Game The Arrival
maicosurtees gets: money

21-Feb-2002nickie gets: The Arrival
maicosurtees gets: $

20-Feb-2002nickie gets: Ring, boxes for Neverhood, The Beast Within
kalimeeri gets: Black Dahlia, Quarterpole

17-Feb-2002nickie gets: Loch Ness
challis3 gets: Hitchcock the final cut

14-Feb-2002nickie gets: Ghosts
roggydog gets: Paypal cash

14-Feb-2002nickie gets: Fork in the Tale
lgustavo gets: David Bowie CD "Hunky Dory" new

9-Feb-2002nickie gets: Discworld II, Gene Machine, Drowned God
ladyjagwire gets: $$$

9-Feb-2002nickie gets: Cameron Files Secret at Loch Ness
earthpet gets: The Dark Eye

7-Feb-2002nickie gets: Scotland Yard
GRILLY gets: Mummy: Tomb of the Pharoah (incl. Frankenstein)

3-Feb-2002nickie gets: Riana Rouge
lotus gets: Road to India

1-Feb-2002nickie gets: Eve; Egypt II
waves gets: City London 2000

28-Jan-2002nickie gets: 3 Skulls of the Toltec
ricomon gets: Noir + Cash

26-Jan-2002nickie gets: Hitchcock: The Final Cut, Point of View, Journeyman Project Trilogy and Voyeur
GameDame gets: City of Lost Children, Hopkins FBI, Bad Mojo, Sacred Mirror of Kofun and Murder She Wrote

23-Jan-2002nickie gets: Azrael's Tear
Nisam30 gets: Nancy Drew Royal Tower

19-Jan-2002nickie gets: sam and max hit the road
rainbowgirl gets: crystal skull

15-Jan-2002nickie gets: Liath
Jbenoit gets: Gold & Glory: El Dorado

4-Jan-2002nickie gets: Jack Orlando
Doiron gets: Symbiocom

1-Jan-2002nickie gets: Nancy Drew: Royal Tower/Haunted Mansion
skwalton gets: Mystery of the Druids

29-Dec-2001nickie gets: Amerzone
judynan gets: Tex Murphy Overseer

18-Dec-2001nickie gets: Blue Ice, Inherent Evil, Clandestiny
Bigguy gets: cash

15-Dec-2001nickie gets: Psychic Detective
Tanski gets: Dracula Last Sanctuary

15-Dec-2001nickie gets: pilgrim
flotsam gets: agharta

10-Dec-2001nickie gets: Golden Gate, Stupid Invaders
birdy1 gets: Shadoan, The Broken Land

4-Dec-2001nickie gets: Chronicles of the Sword
sox gets: Sacred Ground

3-Dec-2001nickie gets: the last express
eccentrick gets: american mcgee's alice

3-Dec-2001nickie gets: Discworld Noir
mike703 gets: Tender Loving Care

27-Nov-2001nickie gets: Road to India
Alex gets: D.a. Pursuit of Justice

26-Nov-2001nickie gets: Morpheus
jgsax gets: Alone in the Dark 3

21-Nov-2001nickie gets: Arthurs Knight 2
flotsam gets: Lightbringer

21-Nov-2001nickie gets: The Crystal Skull
bigjohn gets: Timelapse

21-Nov-2001nickie gets: Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria
SnowMoon gets: The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin

16-Nov-2001nickie gets: Symbiocom & Bad Mojo
jpw3151 gets: Riddle/Sphinx & Messenger

15-Nov-2001nickie gets: The Feeble files
mousepolice gets: Safecracker

14-Nov-2001nickie gets: Agharta: Hollow Earth
Crash gets: Necronomicon

14-Nov-2001nickie gets: The Neverhood, The Quivering
DAW gets: Phantasmagoria, Shannara, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

13-Nov-2001nickie gets: Seven Games of the Soul/Faust
mysticalcat gets: Adventure at the Chateau d'Or

8-Nov-2001nickie gets: Gold and Glory the Road to El Dorado
Mushu gets: 9 The Last Resort