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Completed Trades

20-Apr-2017sovietconscript gets: x-men 5.5 floppy game, Tron 2.0
Tad gets: 3 plus shipping

26-Jan-2017sovietconscript gets: Covert Action; Master of Magic; Master of Magic Strategy Guide; Runaway: A Road Adventure; Arabian Nights; AmerZone
Grenadier gets: $40, shipped

14-Oct-2016sovietconscript gets: Man of War II: Chains of Command (PC), Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny (PC), Sid Meier's Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds (PC)
yazlaw1 gets: $39 paypal gifted

1-Aug-2016sovietconscript gets: World in Conflict, Homeworld II
sp1cychick3n gets: Shipping

15-Jan-2016sovietconscript gets: hyper chase, armor attack vectrex carts
PvtParts gets: $22

1-Dec-2015sovietconscript gets: misc jp ps1 games
Lunar gets: $10

13-Nov-2015sovietconscript gets: Mine Shaft game cartridge IBM PCjr
Shadow gets: $23 shipped.

13-Jul-2015sovietconscript gets: Coregrafx, Hooks, Few HuCard titles
DarkFact gets: $80 Shipped Paypal (After Fees)

8-Jul-2015sovietconscript gets: Big box for Duke Nukem 3D
Tony gets: First Class postage

9-Mar-2015sovietconscript gets: Genpei Toumaden II, Rock-On
DarkFact gets: $16 shipped

5-Jul-2013sovietconscript gets: Paypal
Yoshimitsu gets: Front Mission 3 Soundtrack

23-Jun-2013sovietconscript gets: Voodoo2 Graphic Card
Captain gets: $13 PP Shipped

5-Dec-2012sovietconscript gets: $5 plus shipping
MrZeem gets: NES Rescue The Embassy Mission CIB

19-Aug-2012sovietconscript gets: G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x4GB DDR3-1333
NS_Talon gets: $35 Paypal

7-Jul-2011sovietconscript gets: Fatal1ty Sound card w/ 64mb xram
EasyCompany gets: 50 shipped gift pp

4-Jun-2011sovietconscript gets: Nes Console Bundle
Outinthedark gets: $60.40

8-Apr-2011sovietconscript gets: $13 shipped, gifted Paypal, or $14 shipped otherwise
mobiusclimber gets: NES Games listed below

27-Mar-2011sovietconscript gets: Adventure Island (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super C (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tecmo Bowl (Nintendo Entertainment System), Final Fight (Super Nintendo)
bonanza125 gets: $20 shipped paypal

14-Feb-2011sovietconscript gets: NES Games
Tad gets: $10 shipped

12-Nov-2010sovietconscript gets: $7 paypal
sinnie gets: 20 gb ide hard drive

4-Nov-2010sovietconscript gets: Aliens Versus Predator (PC), Aliens Versus Predator 2 (PC)
shadwolf gets: $25 shipped

26-Mar-2010sovietconscript gets: 680 watt PSU
Pirate_Sarge gets: $18 paypal

19-Mar-2010sovietconscript gets: Win95 and DOS 6.22
james2006 gets: The promise of a good home for such software!

11-Mar-2010sovietconscript gets: Original disk set system 7.5 OS
Osiris gets: $12

8-Mar-2010sovietconscript gets: CyClones pc game
Gonchi gets: $15 paypal

19-Feb-2010sovietconscript gets: Restricted Area (PC), Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (PC)
buffduff gets: 13.00

16-Feb-2010sovietconscript gets: the witcher (pc)
Maximus gets: $23 paypal

15-Feb-2010sovietconscript gets: 1943: The Battle of Midway (Nintendo Entertainment System), Metal Gear (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (Nintendo Entertainment System), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (Nintendo Entertainment System), Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny (PC)
emoryarts gets: $35

10-Feb-2010sovietconscript gets: voodoo 1 and 2 graphics cards
Mrlapage gets: $5 shipping paypal

7-Feb-2010sovietconscript gets: Shipping cost
rkrocks123 gets: Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Special Forces

23-Jan-2010sovietconscript gets: sms controller
mobiusclimber gets: $10 paypal

29-Dec-2009sovietconscript gets: awe64 soundcard, 2 gravis pads
pressenter gets: $6 paypal

27-Oct-2009sovietconscript gets: Cyber City Oedo 808 PCE game
mobiusclimber gets: final fantasy nes (box/manual/game)

2-Sep-2009sovietconscript gets: 1 stick pc100 128 ram 1 stick pc133 128 ram
Richie gets: $6 paypal

21-Aug-2009sovietconscript gets: voodoo3 agp pc graphics card
mwokou gets: $20.00 paypal

15-Jun-2009sovietconscript gets: odyessy2 and atari 5200 mods
platinumfungi gets: $92.50 paypal plus return actual cost of return shipping

15-May-2009sovietconscript gets: $25 shipped
sk8rjason gets: Call of Duty 4 PS3

13-Apr-2009sovietconscript gets: Burai II, Hyaku Monogatari, Monster Maker (All PC Engine)
DDCecil gets: $15 PayPal

13-Apr-2009sovietconscript gets: Star Ocean Till the End of Time manual + case (no slipcover)
tonymack21 gets: 3.25

10-Apr-2009sovietconscript gets: ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler & M2 thermal paste
VastoLorde gets: $30 paypal

24-Nov-2008sovietconscript gets: SFC games: Dragon Quest VI,Laplace no Ma, Treasure Hunter G
layzee gets: $70.00 paypal

6-Jul-2008sovietconscript gets: Star Ocean (Super Famicom), Shipping (Int. Air)
Yoshimitsu gets: USD$20 paypal (non credit/debit card)

7-Apr-2008sovietconscript gets: $25
NINTENDOMASTER gets: Assassins Creed (Xbox 360 complete)

24-Jan-2008sovietconscript gets: $15
seanner gets: Call of Duty 3 (Xbox 360), Quake 4 (Xbox 360), Tomb Raider Legend (Xbox 360)

11-Jan-2008sovietconscript gets: $42 paypal
ResqTek gets: Ratchet & Clank Future tools of destruction - PS3

4-Jan-2008sovietconscript gets: Godzilla Generations (Dreamcast - Import)
sav2880 gets: $13 via PayPal Shipped

3-Jan-2008sovietconscript gets: IBM Thinkpad R40 laptop w/ AC Adaptor
Admiral gets: $185 paypal

21-Dec-2007sovietconscript gets: $50 paypal
NINTENDOMASTER gets: Super Paper Mario & Zelda: Twilight Princess (Both Wii complete)

9-Dec-2007sovietconscript gets: $60 (Paypal)
rutherf8 gets: Super Paper Mario, Wario Ware, Baten Kaitos Origins

27-Oct-2007sovietconscript gets: Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo)
FibroFreak78 gets: $28 U.S. postal m/o

18-Oct-2007sovietconscript gets: Sega Saturn system with hookups, 2 controllers, UM cart
jdd1510 gets: $50 MO

24-Jul-2007sovietconscript gets: $15 Paypal
rkrocks123 gets: Destroy All Humans! 2

7-Jun-2007sovietconscript gets: $5 paypal
sixteenvolt420 gets: PS2 red faction

11-Apr-2007sovietconscript gets: Super Nintendo Controller (Nintendo brand)
ChuckyDJ gets: $6 shipped

16-Mar-2007sovietconscript gets: pc-fx mem unit will be sent with the system,
Psone gets: 50 .00via paypal asap

16-Mar-2007sovietconscript gets: PC-FX system boxed with manuals/hookups/ect 1 game Battle Heat
Psone gets: $205 postal MO

23-Feb-2007sovietconscript gets: Darius Plus PC engine
OldSchoolGamer gets: $20.00 paypal

25-Jan-2007sovietconscript gets: $15 paypal
Sheesh gets: the suffering PS2, siren PS2

19-Jan-2007sovietconscript gets: Legend of Dragoon manual
junkeater77 gets: $4 cash

13-Jan-2007sovietconscript gets: Disgaea, Atelier Iris, Suikoden Tactics
Yahtzee gets: $50 MO

5-Dec-2006sovietconscript gets: Sony Flopy drive - 80mm case fan - 120mm case fan
junkeater77 gets: $6

4-Dec-2006sovietconscript gets: $8.00 shipped paypal
sonicsaint gets: CoD:FH(Complete), CoR:EfBB(Complete) for Xbox

1-Dec-2006sovietconscript gets: $30
saminex gets: king kong 360, ace combat 5 ps2, red faction 2 ps2

11-Nov-2006sovietconscript gets: $17.00
Admiral gets: Alundra II, Baku Baku

10-Nov-2006sovietconscript gets: Neutopia for TG16. Hucard with original case and manual.
platinumfungi gets: $20 shipped

2-Nov-2006sovietconscript gets: Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (PlayStation)
wannabepunktony gets: $$$

31-Oct-2006sovietconscript gets: $10.00 paypal
sinnie gets: night of the living dead dvd's

31-Oct-2006sovietconscript gets: $$$
saminex gets: Halo 2 limited collectors edition.

31-Oct-2006sovietconscript gets: Alundra (PlayStation), Alundra 2: A New Legend Begins (PlayStation)
Dodger gets: PayPal