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the_wizard_666 Has Written 2 Reviews Canada BTRs2-Aug-2009
Status: active
Reporter: JPI

So did you send? I plan on doing a BTR report in the next few days. You may want to send.....
on 8-Jul-2009 at 10:09am the_wizard_666 Holy crap, I just got back in town and realized I didn't get this off before I left. Family emergency. It'll be off ASAP, sorry about this man! I don't know what to say, there's no excuse for it.
on 5-Jul-2009 at 2:19pm JPI If no responce by july 8th will mark you down for a BTR. Your call.
on 25-Jun-2009 at 1:42pm JPI You plan on sending some time this year?
on 8-Jun-2009 at 11:26pm the_wizard_666 Hey, just so you know I'll be sending out as soon as I get cash for postage. Should be getting some on the weekend, so it should be out Monday. Just didn't want to worry you.
on 8-Jun-2009 at 9:38pm JPI I sent on 8-Jun-2009.
on 4-Jun-2009 at 9:42pm JPI JPI's address:

J. Gill
2111 Meadowview Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954
on 4-Jun-2009 at 9:42pm the_wizard_666 the_wizard_666's address:

Michael A. Zazulak
35 Fonda Green S.E.
Calgary, Alberta Canada
T2A 5S4
on 4-Jun-2009 at 9:42pm JPI Offer Accepted
on 4-Jun-2009 at 9:42pm the_wizard_666 Pending trade created.

on 3-Jun-2009 at 10:27pm the_wizard_666 Offer Created

This guy does not respond to messages and has not sent his end of deal. Now ignoring me.

Completed Trades

24-Aug-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Ultima IV map, Lufia II manual, Metroid Prime Hunters sleeve
DR_SPOCK gets: $15

2-Aug-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Phantasy Star IV (Genesis)
moebarguy gets: Contra -- Box Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), $17

1-Jul-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis), Super Smash TV (Genesis), Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Genesis), Rocko's Modern Life SNES CIB
scaughty gets: Diddy Kong and Banjo Kazooie Action Figures

27-Jun-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena (PlayStation)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Image Fight (Nintendo Entertainment System), Out to Lunch (Super Nintendo), Futurama: Volume One (DVD (fullscreen)), Castlevania II Japanese GB cart, $35 PayPal

20-Jun-2008the_wizard_666 gets: NES lot as listed on ebay
dragonwarriorfan gets: $20 Paypal + shipping

17-Jun-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Secret of Evermore poster
Datanuke gets: The Legend of Zelda -- Map Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

14-Jun-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis), Barker Bill's Trick Shooting -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Bump 'n' Jump -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Dr. Mario -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), World Class Track Meet w/Power Pad Controller -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Super Nintendo), Manuals listed in message.
ou812now gets: $35 PayPal

7-Jun-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Atari 7800 box
slayer510aj gets: 15$ money order

23-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: metal gear solid (ps1) mint n complete non gh
wrxguy05 gets: street fighter alpha (saturn)

21-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: NES, SMS and TG-16 stuff as per forums
RLeav20717 gets: $210 + 2/3 Shipping + PayPal Fees

21-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Liberty or Death (Genesis)
Izumo gets: Frantic Flea (Super Nintendo)

12-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: 13 shipped
chupaskabra gets: manuals in message

11-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: $8 Shipped PayPal
ironman82 gets: F-Zero X -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Cool Spot -- Manual Only (Genesis)

7-May-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Contra -- Marquee Only (Arcade), P.O.W.: Prisoners Of War -- Marquee Only (Arcade), Shinobi -- Marquee Only (Arcade), Street Fighter II -- Marquee Only (Arcade), Strider -- Marquee Only (Arcade), Thundercade -- Marquee Only (Arcade)
jethrokiller gets: $70.00 US Paypal Shipped

28-Apr-2008the_wizard_666 gets: NES Manuals Listed in Message
ugly_monster gets: $8 PayPal Shipped

8-Apr-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Totally Rad (Nintendo Entertainment System), Track & Field II (Nintendo Entertainment System), $16
jaac98 gets: Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Nintendo Entertainment System), Cliffhanger (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (Nintendo Entertainment System)

21-Mar-2008the_wizard_666 gets: nes collection
gauu gets: PayPal

22-Feb-2008the_wizard_666 gets: 6-Pak (Genesis), Pat Riley Basketball (Genesis), Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Genesis), Adventure Island 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System), Cowboy Kid (Nintendo Entertainment System), Rygar (Nintendo Entertainment System), Zelda II: The Adventure of Link -- Box Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Choplifter III (Super Nintendo)
bonanza125 gets: Dragon Warrior III (Nintendo Entertainment System), The Goonies II (Nintendo Entertainment System), $40 PayPal

19-Feb-2008the_wizard_666 gets: 11 nes games in forum
Lunar gets: $65 Paypal

4-Jan-2008the_wizard_666 gets: Avenger (VIC-20), Cosmic Cruncher (VIC-20), Gorf (VIC-20), Omega Race (VIC-20), Omega Race (VIC-20), Pirates Cove (VIC-20), Radar Rat Race (VIC-20), Raid On Fort Knox (VIC-20), Super Slot (VIC-20)
creagan gets: Comix Zone -- Manual Only (Genesis), Cruis'n World -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Mike Piazza's Strike Zone -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Mission: Impossible -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Mortal Kombat Trilogy -- Box Only (Nintendo 64), Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Double Dribble -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Metal Gear -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Michael Andretti's World Grand Prix (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ninja Gaiden -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Sesame Street: 123 -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Top Gun -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo)

27-Oct-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Manuals and stuff as listed.
lx4d gets: $22.50 + Shipping

15-Sep-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Ice Climber (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ice Climber manual
bonanza125 gets: $25 shipped paypal

14-Sep-2007the_wizard_666 gets: $11 Shipped
dreamstate gets: Chameleon Twist -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Duke Nukem 64 -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), NFL Quarterback Club 2000 -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), NHL Breakaway '98 -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), WCW Mayhem -- Box Only (Nintendo 64)

13-Sep-2007the_wizard_666 gets: $4 US Shipped
Boss gets: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance -- Manual Only (Game Boy Advance)

18-Jul-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Genesis games as listed in message.
buffduff gets: $38 PayPal + Shipping

21-Jun-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Baseball Stars -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)
jdd1510 gets: Kirby's Adventure -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

18-Jun-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64)
Dar00069 gets: Advance Wars: Dual Strike -- Box Only (Nintendo DS)

13-Jun-2007the_wizard_666 gets: GEN - Barkley, Royal Rumble, Shinobi III NES - Beetlejuice, Silent Assault (all CIB -SA)
ugly_monster gets: $20

22-May-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Jackal Box Only
burdger gets: Baseball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Excitebike Manual Only

7-May-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Manuals in message
ou812now gets: Super Smash Bros. -- Box Only (Nintendo 64), Mike Tyson's PUNCH-OUT!! -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Destroy All Humans! -- Demo (PlayStation 2)

20-Apr-2007the_wizard_666 gets: smackdown v raw manual and insert
MightySlacker gets: $4 shipped

26-Mar-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tiny Toon Adventures (Nintendo Entertainment System)
mjstylez gets: $34 paypal.

26-Mar-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (Game Boy Advance), Masters of the Universe He-Man: Defender of Grayskull (Game Boy Advance), SBK: Snowboard Kids (Nintendo DS), Alundra (PlayStation), Multi-Acao 6-in-1 (Caltron 6-in-1 - Brazilian release, playable on US systems via game switch on back). Item is NEW, but wrap was damaged in shipping and has been removed.
Forgotten_Freshness gets: $215 Paypal Shipped

28-Jan-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (Super Nintendo)
JoeNES gets: $30

10-Jan-2007the_wizard_666 gets: Super Glove Ball (Nintendo Entertainment System)
secret_defender gets: Bad News Baseball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Baseball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Jack Nicklaus Golf -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mickey Mousecapade -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pro Wrestling -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Q*bert -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Rolling Thunder -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Slalom -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tecmo Bowl -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Top Gun: The Second Mission -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Simon's Quest (handheld)

23-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: games
paulbert7 gets: $190 shipped

21-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Quattro Arcade (Factory Sealed)
ChuckyDJ gets: Lost in Blue (DS) complete

6-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NES and Genesis stuff (see message for list)
nik gets: $150 shipped PayPal

5-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Asterix and the Great Rescue (Genesis), Draconus guide thing
Skull_Leader gets: Gyruss (Nintendo Entertainment System), Xexyz: The Space Action Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System), Genesis Model II CD port protector and cover

3-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Sega pico madness, everything i have in that listing.
Frockis gets: 25.00 + shipping

1-Dec-2006the_wizard_666 gets: After Burner (Sega Master System), Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Sega Master System), Alf (Sega Master System), Altered Beast (Sega Master System), Black Belt (Sega Master System), Double Dragon (Sega Master System), Enduro Racer (Sega Master System), Fantasy Zone (Sega Master System), Ghost House (Sega Master System), Global Defense (Sega Master System), Kung Fu Kid (Sega Master System), Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting (Sega Master System), Parlour Games (Sega Master System), Rampage (Sega Master System), Space Harrier (Sega Master System), Sports Pad Football (Sega Master System), Wonder Boy (Sega Master System)
jethrokiller gets: $90 USD Shipped (Paypal)

27-Nov-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Gauntlet Legends -- Manual Only (Nintendo 64), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nintendo Entertainment System)
incubus421 gets: $8 shipped.

24-Nov-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Super Nintendo), Ys: The Vanished Omens (Sega Master System)
bunkiesue gets: cash

21-Nov-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Flight of the Intruder (Nintendo Entertainment System)
seanner gets: $7 shipped

15-Nov-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NES Lot
RLeav20717 gets: $175.00

6-Nov-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Genesis lot as per forum
CenturionElite gets: $85 PayPal

12-Oct-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Cash (other)
8bit_Disciple gets: Defender of the Crown -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Destiny of an Emperor -- Map Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pinball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Top Gun: The Second Mission -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

17-Sep-2006the_wizard_666 gets: 9 lots of 400 cards each per lot for $90 shipped.
diggerdog33 gets: $90

5-Sep-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Ecco 2: The Tides of Time (Genesis), Fun 'N' Games (Genesis), Funny World/Balloon Boy (Genesis), Ghostbusters (Genesis), The Legend of Galahad (Genesis), Light Crusader (Genesis), The Ooze (Genesis), Spider-Man (Genesis), WWF Super WrestleMania (Genesis), Hang On / Safari Hunt (Sega Master System), Rambo III (Sega Master System), Rambo: First Blood Part II (Sega Master System), Rastan (Sega Master System), Rescue Mission (Sega Master System), Shadowrun + Acclaim SpiderMan
jb gets: Dr. Mario -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Gauntlet II (Nintendo Entertainment System), The Hunt for Red October -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Hydlide -- Box Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Hydlide -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Kung Fu Heroes -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mission: Impossible (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pinball (Nintendo Entertainment System), Q*bert (Nintendo Entertainment System), Rad Racer -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (Nintendo Entertainment System), Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Spike V'Ball / Nintendo World Cup (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tetris -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (Nintendo Entertainment System), World Games (Nintendo Entertainment System), Xevious -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Baseball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), R.B.I. Baseball 3 -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

28-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Rad Racer II/Dick Tracy/Duck Tales/Kirby/Indiana Jones/Super Mario Bros/Tetris (box only)/
RLeav20717 gets: 70.00 shipped

23-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Mortal Kombat cards.
Neokitty gets: Legacy of the Wizard -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Wizards & Warriors -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Wrecking Crew -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

11-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Double Dribble (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ghostbusters (Nintendo Entertainment System), Lode Runner (Nintendo Entertainment System), Othello (Nintendo Entertainment System), Stealth ATF (Nintendo Entertainment System)
animallyson gets: $18.00 shipped via airmail

11-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Every Unhinged Card you listed
Scavenger4 gets: $42 shipped

11-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: 21 pounds of Magic the Gathering cards
POG gets: $118 Shipped

9-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Biohazard Battle CIB; Garfield Caught in the Act and Bugs Bunny: Double Trouble both boxed (Genesis)
ManiacMadman gets: $17 PayPal

7-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Canucks hockey cards
IceLight gets: Silent Service (Nintendo Entertainment System)

5-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: MTG
rfugiel gets: Paypal

2-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Undercover Brother (DVD), Gord's Gold (Gordon Lightfoot)
POG gets: $12 shipped

1-Aug-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Metal Gear NES Map
Eggplant_Wizard gets: $2.50 PayPal

25-Jul-2006the_wizard_666 gets: $2 shipped paypal
incubus421 gets: TMNT II: The Arcade Game - manual only

7-Jul-2006the_wizard_666 gets: boxes and manuals in message
ou812now gets: paypal

27-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: PayPal, See Below
Neokitty gets: NES Manuals and Boxes

26-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Barbie (Nintendo Entertainment System), Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (Nintendo Entertainment System), Ghosts 'n Goblins (Nintendo Entertainment System), Heroes of the Lance (Nintendo Entertainment System), Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System), Dr. Mario (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pinball (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pro Wrestling (Nintendo Entertainment System)
ou812now gets: $42.00 Shipped

23-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NES Manuals as per forums.
dragonforce99 gets: $17 PayPal

22-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NES Manuals & GG Cases
MajorGimp gets: $7

21-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Kabuki: Quantum Fighter CIB, Defender of the Crown box, StarTropics letter.
justabum gets: 15 PayPal

21-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Balloon Fight, and Wrecking Crew Manuals only
bonanza125 gets: $11 shipped via Paypal

15-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NES Boxes and Manuals
ou812now gets: $45 shipped

12-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Bible Adventures w/manual, King of Kings w/manual, all NES manuals listed in forum thread.
paulbert7 gets: $25 PayPal shipped

9-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Skate or Die manual
thetallguy gets: Super Dodge Ball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

7-Jun-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage (Genesis)
CoolSupply gets: NBA Jam (Genesis), CastleVania: Circle of the Moon complete (GBA)

24-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: The Punisher (X-Box) manual
Lobsterbush gets: $0.50 + Shipping

23-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Destiny of an Emperor Manual + Map, 10 ways to stay Zap Happy plamphlet thingy
CoachMcGuirk gets: Skate or Die (Nintendo Entertainment System)

20-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Controller -- Uforce (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: $38 Shipped PayPal

8-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Primal Rage (Genesis)
wannabepunktony gets: Fester's Quest -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)

8-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Donkey Kong Land 2 -- Manual Only (Game Boy), Nobunaga's Ambition -- Box Only (Game Boy), Nobunaga's Ambition -- Manual Only (Game Boy), Battletoads/Double Dragon -- Box Only (Super Nintendo)
Groo gets: $10 shipped Paypal

5-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Boxes and Manuals
ou812now gets: $52 Paypal

2-May-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Airwolf -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), The Hunt for Red October -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Rollergames -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Offroad -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Target: Renegade -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Battletoads/Double Dragon -- Manual Only (Super Nintendo), Eye of the Beholder -- Manual Only (Super Nintendo)
Tad gets: $9 shipped

8-Mar-2006the_wizard_666 gets: NDS boxes
ACEuvSPADES gets: paypal

27-Jan-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Forgotten_Freshness gets: $10 shipped

16-Jan-2006the_wizard_666 gets: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance -- Manual Only (Game Boy Advance), Life Force -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Spike V'Ball -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System), Tetris -- Manual Only (Nintendo Entertainment System)
stukarooka gets: $6 US Shipped

4-Jan-2006the_wizard_666 gets: manuals and boxes
dragonforce99 gets: $15

27-Aug-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Genghis Khan II, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, and McDonalds Treasureland, all Genesis carts
ChuckyDJ gets: North and South NES cart only, Paper Mario Boxed

25-Aug-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Misc. Boxes and Manuals as detailed in emails.
ou812now gets: $74.60 Paypal

17-Aug-2004the_wizard_666 gets: RISK (Genesis)
doc gets: Golden Sun (GBA)

16-Aug-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Gremlins (Sealed) & Lane Mastodon vs The Blubbermen, both for Apple II
Spud gets: $17.50 US PayPal shipped

1-Aug-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Super Star Wars Manual (SNES)
Rick gets: $2 Paypal

9-Jul-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Wonder Boy - cart only, Montezuma's Revenge, Bubble Bobble, Shinobi, and Gauntlet (ALL SMS - the last 4 are complete)
DennisHowerter gets: Contra 3: The Alien Wars (SNES), King of Dragons (SNES), Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis - complete) AND $15

2-Jul-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Syd of Valis (Genesis)
blanee1080 gets: $7

29-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: NES Manuals, Boxes and Posters
ou812now gets: $55 paypal

28-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Captain America (Genesis), Ranger X (Genesis)
AUG gets: $15.30 PayPal

24-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: star tropics(with manual and cardboard), genghis khan (with map, cardboard and manual) nobunaga's ambition (with manual/map and cardboard) al NES all very good shape
dracula gets: Secret of mana with map manual and cardboard in very good shape(snes)

14-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Uncharted Waters (Nintendo Entertainment System)
ou812now gets: Final Fantasy III (Super Nintendo)

11-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Mortal Kombat II (Sega 32X), Sega 32x (Sega 32X), ESPN National Hockey Night (Sega CD)
Xena gets: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox)

10-Jun-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (Nintendo Entertainment System)
G_Prime gets: Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)

17-May-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Buck Rogers (Genesis), Ogre Battle-Person of Lordly Calibur N64 cartridge game
ChuckyDJ gets: Worms Armageddon (Nintendo 64)

11-May-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Nobunaga's Ambition (Genesis)
ou812now gets: Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo)

6-May-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Ninga Giaden (Nes)
Finn gets: Mario Brothers (Atari)

13-Apr-2004the_wizard_666 gets: Lunar Legend (Game Boy Advance)
markr gets: Onimusha Tactics (Game Boy Advance)

8-Apr-2004the_wizard_666 gets: legacy of the wizrad with manual and box(NES)
dracula gets: cybernator boxed SNES + platoon NES manual only