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Welcome to GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

There are no fees to buy, sell, or trade, and there is a reputation system in place that helps make sure nobody gets scammed. Simply keep track of your wanted and available games in our database and our robust matching system will help you find the trades that you're interested in.

We've been around for over 15 years, and many of our members have years of experience and hundreds of trades under their belt.

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Recent Trades

1:48amRollobobo gets: $1.25 paypal
StrangeInStereo gets: Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty

1:11amMiranda gets: 60 Paypal
Archer gets: Paypal + Repay

1:09amNERDtendo gets: $25 shipped
CrimsonRage78 gets: Mortal Kombat 3 (Super Nintendo), Mortal Kombat II (Super Nintendo), Super R-Type (Super Nintendo), Super Star Wars (Super Nintendo), Tetris 2 (Super Nintendo)

12:42amklusion gets: GTX 560 Ti and Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX PCIE Fatal1ty
tioberto2000 gets: $70 paypal

12:27amShadowrunner gets: Sound Shapes (JP,HK,EU)
Amir gets: Pre-Paid from previous buy

12:12amFinalFantasyForever gets: Illusion of Gaia (SNES)
majin_shinsa gets: $12 PP

11:30pmmajin_shinsa gets: $60 PP
jumpman1229 gets: Secret of mana, Link to the past

11:19pmDJ_Sars_916 gets: Mk8 code
cardozo gets: 12$ PayPal

10:48pmBat gets: Wonderful 101(60 Coins) Zelda: Skyward Sword(50 Coins) Kingdom Hearts 3D(40 Coins) Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff(30 Coins) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(40 Coins) Pokemon White(40 Coins) Pokemon White Version 2(40 Coins) Pokemon X(40 Coins) Pokemon Y(40 Coins) Bravely Default(40 Coins) Yoshi's New Island(40 Coins) Zelda: ALBW(40 Coins) Mario Party: Island Tour(40 Coins)
cardozo gets: $13.5 paypal gifted

10:38pmwhocares3 gets: PS4 controllers/all hookups
gameorigin gets: $240 PayPal gifted after I receive working console back from sony

Featured Traders

Master_Z 250 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally Has Written 1 Review
Traded: with 253 Different Traders (324 total)
Member since: 5-Jul-2008 Game Trading Zone member for over 6 years

Master_Z earned a (250 trade quintuple gold star) on 11-Jul-2014.

constantfray Silver Good Trader
Traded: with 28 Different Traders (29 total)
Member since: 11-Jul-2009 Game Trading Zone member for over 5 years

constantfray earned a (5 year plaque) on 11-Jul-2014.

philliesphan Double Gold Good Trader
Traded: with 107 Different Traders (142 total)
Member since: 29-May-2013 Game Trading Zone member for over 1 year

philliesphan earned a (double gold star) on 10-Jul-2014.

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