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Welcome to GameTZ

Game Trading Zone is a community of people who trade stuff, especially video games.

There are no fees to buy, sell, or trade, and there is a reputation system in place that helps make sure nobody gets scammed. Simply keep track of your wanted and available games in our database and our robust matching system will help you find the trades that you're interested in.

We've been around for over 15 years, and many of our members have years of experience and hundreds of trades under their belt.

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Recent Trades

8:11amJohn gets: Payback by 15Nov2015
Heavyd814life gets: $300 PayPal

6:46amSun gets: Rental: PS4 Account #10 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Heavyd814life gets: $

4:47amDarusha gets: Philips CD-I (CD-I)
JustFilthy gets: 100.00

2:40amAeonWolfX gets: Blsck Ops 1 Full Game Download
thcptn gets: $5 Gifted PayPal

1:14amAModestLion gets: Love
thcptn gets: DLC for MGSV

1:10amLeaveLuckToHeaven gets: DmC Definitive Edition PS4 (complete)
Captain_Skaggs gets: $12.50 shipped

12:22amDustin gets: Black ops 360 code
thcptn gets: $$

11:23pmthcptn gets: 48 hour xbl trial
littleceltic33 gets: Thanks!

11:09pmHeavyd814life gets: $25 Gifted PayPal
lunar4lyfe gets: 12 Month Hulu Plus

11:00pmpaul6743 gets: Amazon credit
MRW2276 gets: Paypal gifted

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ErickRPG GameTZ Subscriber Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
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ErickRPG earned a (gold star) on 30-Sep-2015.

Xevin Gold Good Trader Global Trader - willing to trade internationally
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Member since: 24-Nov-2007 Game Trading Zone member for over 8 years

Xevin earned a (gold star) on 29-Sep-2015.

JeriC Bronze Good Trader
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Member since: 17-Jun-2013 Game Trading Zone member for over 2 years

JeriC earned a (bronze star) on 29-Sep-2015.

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Tearaway: Unfolded has me torn away from reality in the best ways possible.
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Zip it. Zip it good.
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Until Dawn is a well executed game that is well worth any horror fan's time
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (Nintendo DS)
I'm a little l8 to this sk8 party.
Super Mario Maker (Nintendo Wii U)
Let me "level" with you-- this creator is great.
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (Nintendo DS)
Finish off the dog days of summer with this canine and cat adventure.