Topic   GBA- Some boxs/manuals for sale

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* 14-Sep-2018(#1)
Happy to provide pictures upon request, just hit me with a PM. Boxes/inserts/manuals. Prices do not include shipping.

SOLD Pokemon Emerald- name lightly embossed from previous owner -- $13.00
SOLD Pokemon Ruby- Great condition- $16.00
Pokemon Sapphire- Great condition- $16.00
SOLD Pokemon FireRed- Great condition- $20.00
Pokemon LeafGreen- some slight smooshing, but no creasing. $17.00
SOLD Pokemon Yellow- some creasing- $12.00
Pokemon Pinball- Great condition- $15.00
SOLD Metroid Fusion- Great condition- $18.00
Mario Golf Advance Tour- Great condition- $12.00
Robotech: Macross Saga- Great condition- $11.00

This is my first time trying to sell boxes/manuals themselves. I usually trade/buy CIB, but I've decided to just go for loose GBA games now, so yeah, here we are. I've done some research, but if I'm way off with pricing, I'd love any additional references to look into so we can hypothetically make a reasonable and fair deal.


Topic   GBA- Some boxs/manuals for sale