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* 18-May(#1)
Please don't hesitate if you need any pictures i will be able to provide them right away. Thanks for checking out !

Prices do not include shipping. Will ask that you cover any paypal fees. Average $3-$4 for first class shipment. $7+ for priority.

I need to move stuff so no reasonable offers will be turned down!

I priced items looking at the lowest on ebay and others, prices change quickly so it's hard to keep up, if you see it cheaper let me know and i will adjust accordingly.

Of course i do not mind sending first since i am the newbie here.


System with Hookups and 2 remotes (third party AC and A/V cable) $65
Zapper Second version (Orange) $10
Original control X2 $9 Each
Anticipation CiB $10
Championship bowling CiB W/manual Ripped front of box $8
Disney's Little mermaid CiB great condition $25
Duck tales CiB W/manual ( Manual is hard? can't flip pages, ok box) $30
Maniac Mansion CiB W/Manual like new if not new $75
Mario is missing CiB W/Manual Great condition $55
Solar jetman $4
Super mario Bros CiB (cut on box) $40
Super mario bros/duckhunt $5
games pic:


All Loose unless mentioned otherwise.

Third party controller NEW $7
Clayfighters $8
Pagemaster $7
Power rangers $15
Wheel of fortune deluxe edition New sealed $17


Complete system with 2 controllers (1 third party) original hookups and jump pak $60
Madden 2001 $2
Nba Hang time $7
Virtual Pool 64 $5

-- Game Pics:


All games are Loose
Luigi's Mansion $ 18
Madden NFL '08 $5
Mario Kart double dash $27
Mario Party 7 $20
Rayman arena $5
The sims 2 (complete) $15



Hot wheels beat that $5
F-1 Race $4
Out of gas $18

Gameboy color

Army Men $3
Frogger 2 $4
Rocket Power Getting Air $2
Rugrats time travelers $3
Rugrats movie $3
Tetris DX $7
Tomb raider $6
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark duel stories $3

Gameboy advance

-- All games are loose--

American Dragon Jake Long Rise of the Huntsclan $3
Banjo Pilot $10
Butt Ugly Martians BKM Battles $3
Camp Lazlo Leaky lake games $3
Cat in the Hat $3
Chicken Little $2
Cinderella Magical dreams $3
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $3
Chicken Little $3
Chronicles of Narnia $3
Crash Nitro Kart $5
Disney Princess Royal Adventure $5
DK King of Swing $5
Dogz $2
Dora The Explorer: Dora's World Adventure $4
Drake and Josh $3
Duel Masters Kaijudo Showdow $4
Fairly Odd Parents Shadow Showdown $1
Fantastic 4 $2
Fantastic 4 Flame On $3
Flushed away $3
Games Explosion $2
GBA Video Cartoon Network Collection Premium Edition $3
GBA Video: Nicktoons Collection Volume 1 $2
Ghost Ride $6
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire $4
The incredible hulk $4
The Incredibles Rise of the Underminer $3
Kid's Cards $3
Lego star wars 2 the original trilogy $4
Monster house $3
Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island $2
Open Season $2
Pac-Man Collection $4
Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest $3
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl $3
Ratatouille $3
Rayman Raving Rabbids $3
Rocket Power Zero Gravity Zone Prices $2
Shark Tale $3
Shrek the Third $4
Sonic Advance 3 $7
Spider-man 3 $3
Suite Life of Zack and Cody Tipton Caper $3
Super Monkey Ball Jr. $5
Super Monkey Ball Jr. $5
Tom and Jerry in Infurnal Escape $3
Van Helsing $5

Nintendo ds

All loose

Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends $3
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party $3
Spectrobes $2
Final fantasy tactics: case and manual , no game. $3


Arcade power stick $20
Original RF cable $5
Third party power adapter $5
Original Controller $5
Aladdin $ 8
Boogerman CiB $19
Ms. pac-man CiB with manual $7
Taz in escape form mars CiB $6

Master system:

World grand prix $6

Game gear:

--with a small case and manual--

Ax Battler: a legend of golden axe $15
Berenstain bears: camping adventure $15
Castle of illusion, starting mikey mouse $15
Chakan $10
Chuck rock $8
Chuck rock 2: son of rock $8
Crystal warriors $40
Desert speedtrap $12
Donald Duck, the lucky dime caper $12
Gear works $20?
Legend of illusion, starting mickey mouse $15
Pac-man $8
Poker face Paul's solitaire $5
Sonic the hedgehog 2 $6
super space invaders $20
Taz-mania $5

No case or Manual

Dragon the bruce lee story $4
The Lion King $2
The Lion King $2
Mighty Morphin power rangers $5
Mighty Morphin power rangers $5
Mortal kombat $5
MLBPA Baseball $4
NBA jam $4
NBA jam $4
Poker face paul's blackjack $4
RBI Baseball 94 $2
The simpsons bart vs space mutants $6
Sonic the hedgehog $ 5
Sonic the hedgehog 2 $3
Sonic the hedgehog Triple trouble $5
Sonic the hedgehog Chaos $5
Space harrier $20
Spiderman Return of the sinister six $9
Super columns $1
Super off road $7
X-men $4


Aces of the air $3
Burstrick wakeboarding $3
David Beckham Soccer $2
Command and conquer red alert retaliation (damaged case) $10
Cool boarders 3 $3
croc $9
Galaga: Destination Earth (Loose) $3
Golden Tee Golf: Peter Jacobsen's $15
Tigershark (Loose) $2
Madden 98 $2
Madden 99 $2
Madden 2000 $2
Madden 2001 (no real case) $1
NCAA football 98 $2
NFL GameDay 2000 $2
Nuclear Strike (With manual) $3
Road Rash (Loose) $5
Oddworld Abes Oddysee $10
Teken 2 $10
Tetris plus case and manual, no game. $2
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf $2
Tomb raider 2 $7
Tony Hawk $6
You don't know jack $4


Collection of intelivision classic games $2
NBA live 98 $2
Tomb raider $4

ps1 Imports : PAL
Dragon ball ultimate battle 22 $4
Dragon ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu $17
Dragon ball Final bout $5
Newman Hass Racing $4


Action replay grand theft auto san andreas $5
Call of duty finest hour $3
Call of duty Legacy bundle $10
Conflict desert storm $4
Driv3r Driver 3 $8
God of war 2 disk 1 $1
Shrek super party $9
Spongebob square pants Battle for bikini bottom $8
tony hawk underground $7


ATV quad power racing 2 $2
Enter the matrix $3
Extermination $5
Hot shots golf fore $4
Jak 2 $4
Freekstyle $4
Madden hall of fame edition $1
NBA Ballers $3
NBA live 2001 $2
NCAA Football 2006 $3
Need for speed most wanted $6
Tekken tag tournament $4
Tomb raider $4

Xbox 360

Original Kinect like new complete in box: $30

All are CiB with manuals
AC/DC fan pack New ( includes rockband track pack ,No bull DVD and Large T-Shirt) $6
Battlefield bad company 2 $5
Dance central $5
Fable 2 (Broken case) $5 SOLD
Fifa soccer 13 $3
Halo3 ODST multiplayer disk only $4 SOLD
Kinect Adventures $5
Madden 2007 $2
Motionsports $5
NBA 2K6 $4
Turning Point Fall of liberty $5 SOLD
Zumba Fitness $5


Welcome to ps3? $2
Thumb Grips $3


Ratatouille $8

Loose stuff

ps2: Grand theft auto vice city. Case and poster/map $2
Small screwdriver (triangle tip) $2

Adding Game gear games...

Loose SNES games with good condition labels.
zelda games for N64

-----For trading not buying ATM-----

EDIT: SIde question, any way to fix sound on game gears? i know it's a pretty common problem, so toss it and get a new one or is there in easy fix? Wasn't able to get much info or i just suck at searching.
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It would help if you put in what system all these for and each game as well

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JD wrote:
> It would help if you put in what system all these for and each game as well

Yeah i know i copied in pasted from another site and the codes didn't carry over :p will fix soon
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* 18-May(#4)
Added Game gear games.
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Marking this because you do have one of the GG games I need; I don't have the time to go through everything else right now...

-I swear, if I ever open a used game store...
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dunno001 wrote:
> Marking this because you do have one of the GG games I need; I don't have the time
> to go through everything else right now...

Awesome ! please let me know if the prices are ok, i had a hard time finding some on ebay.
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It might take me a little longer than I wanted; payroll screwed up this week, and my check is over $200 short...

-I swear, if I ever open a used game store...
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No worries, i hope you get your checked fixed.

Added a bunch of games and about 15 more game gear games.

Topic   Games and a few systems.