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* 12-Jan(#1)

Have a vast collection of pc games. Some older mac and ibm games. A few playstation 1 and playstation 2 games, and ps3 games. I have a varied variety. See if anything fits your fancy, I tried to be fair with prices, but definitely can do a little bit better when buying multiples. Here's the list: P.S: Don't know what the minimum would have to be as shipping might kill the deal unless you're taking quite a few. Will leave it open for now.

Star Trek Starfleet command orion pirates - Complete jewel case, key and instruction manual $15
Lucasarts Xbox Experience Volume 1 Demo disc in dvd style case $5
Sherlock Holmes The Awakened - both in dvd cases, $6 for used, $10 for new and sealed
Zork Nemesis Xplosiv dvd case $5
Darwinia New + Sealed $10
Road To India Manual in larger dvd style case $6
Nikopol Secrets of the Immortals $5 No Manual
Gary Grimsby's World At War Small Box Complete with manual $15
Runaway 2 The Dream of the Turtle New + Sealed $8
Tradewinds 2 Small Box New + Sealed $10
Grand Theft Auto The Classics Collection Some Shrink Wrap Problems New + Sealed $50
Secrets of the Ark: A Broken Sword Game Small Box + Manual $6
WWII Tank Commander Small Box - Jewel Case Sealed - $18
Diner Dash New + Sealed In Tin $5
The Ship Dvd Box $6
Bad Day LA (American Magee present) New + Sealed in big DVD Box $7
Circus Empire Small Box New + Sealed $8
Blitzkrieg Open Small Box + Manual $4
Moscow to Berlin Red Siege Open Box + Manual + Dog Chain $7
The Moment of Silence Small Box + Manual $7
Moon child (Collector's Edition?) German language $16
Alien Vs. Predator 2 Primal Hunt French Language Box Beat Up but dvd style case sealed $12
Space Rangers 2 Rise of the Dominators (includes Space Rangers 1) New + Sealed $10
Atari Links LS 2000 New + Sealed in Oversized CD Case $5
Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern PC Small Box New + Sealed $10
Lego Creator Big Box + Manual $10
Disney's Magic Artist Pc or Mac Complete Big Box (1997) + CD Only Magic Artist Studio (1999) $15
Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Complete but box has upc cut out $10
Gunmetal Sealed Jewel Case Box ok gamestop sticker on it (NOT war transformed) $15
Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas Big Box New + Sealed $8
Curse of Enchantia Box in french and german, same for manual Complete $15
Enigma Pinball IBM/Tandy 3.5 disc NEW + Sealed $8
MicroLeague Baseball The Manager's Challenge 3.5 disc IBM Complete In Box $15
Eidos Sydney 2000 Box a little messed, Complete $8
Omikron The Nomad Soul - Complete Good to Play Game $35
Twinsen's Odyssey Cd + Manual $20
Quake II Netpack 1 Extremities (no manual needs quake II to play) $5
Nerves of Steel Jewel case $7
Terminal Velocity IBM PC CD Front Paper in jewel ripped $10
Legacy Dark Shadows Just the 3 Discs $7
Curse The Eye of Isis New + Sealed jewel case $5
Big Jets add on for flight simulator 98 or 95 Jewel Case $5
Black Knight Marine Strike Fighter Jewel Case $5
Defend The Fleet Pearl Harbor New + Sealed Jewel Case $6
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (Add-On) Complete Paper Case $15
Rollercoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes Includes Corkscrew Follies)-Need Rollercoaster Tycoon game to play Jewel Case $7
Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe New + Sealed Jewel Case $5
Crusader No Regret Jewel Case $7
Space Rangers 1 and 2 Cd's Only $5
Goblin's Quest 3 pc Jewel Case - jewel case broken, can get new one $5
Sitting Ducks new + sealed in cardboard jewel case $8
Battlefield 2 - 3 discs only $5
General Baseball Admission PC CD + Front Jewel Cover $5
Everquest The Scars of Velious Jewel Case $5
Sierra Lords of the Realm II Jewel Case $6
Summoner Cds + Manual Only $6
Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego TANDY COLOR Broderbund includes almanac New + Sealed $10
Sanitarium Jewel Case + Manual - manual little damaged at crease $17
Austin Powers Pinball New + Sealed Jewel Case $8
Omikron The Nomad Soul CD's + Paper Jewel Case Only $10
Tropico Paradise Island New + Sealed Jewel Case (add on only) $6
Hero X New + Sealed Jewel Case $5
Anachronox Cd's + Manual $15
Fallout 2 Jewel Case - broken jewel case, can get new one $6
Soldier at War CD Only $4
Thief 2 The Metal Age Full Jewel Case made of cardboard $16
Outcast Jewel Case $10
Sierra King's Quest VI : Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Jewel Case $7
Jazz and Faust CD + Manual $7

Might & Magic Heroes V Mac Open DVD Box $8
Comanche Mac Big Box Complete $7
Microsoft Flight Simulator 1991 Mac Complete 3.5 disc box is flat/rough $15

The Unholy War Playstation 1 Scratched disc should still work I think $5
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Playstation 1 Disc Only $10
Iron & Blood Warriors of Ravencroft Complete Jewel Case $10
Nagano Winter Olympics 98 Complete Jewel Case Playstation 1 $10

Beyond Good and Evil Playstation 2 Complete with manual $20
Shadow of Destiny Playstation 2 disc has some light cracking on centre, might not work $5 for dvd case + insert, no manual (I sold off my ps2 a long time ago and put the cd in a bad holder - haven't tried it but noticed the cracks)

Dark Souls II (2) PS3 - No Manual and the insert is torn out on the top right corner. Also has eb stickers on case $5
Heavy Rain PS3 - Complete, GH (Greatest Hits cover) $5
The Elder Scrolls V (5) Skyrim PS3 - Complete (manual, cover and cd) no map if it came with or it was part of another edition $5

Need for Speed Underground 2 for Xbox Live - Disc Only $4

Let me know if interested. Thanks for looking!
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nobody yet. not going through the process of listing them out on eBay yet, so bump
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one more bump to the top
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Bronze Good Trader Canada
games at decent prices! one more look!
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* 15-Mar(#6)
decided to keep one more shelf of games, so took some stuff from my list to keep for a while longer. All above games, I am ready to sell. I think they're fair prices but buy a couple and let me know if you want a slight discount. Ready to move this stuff, and since I'm not taking them all to eBay today, one more bump.

also, the pc games except path of neo from my find of the week are going to be sold - that one seems to hold a decent price for a neweresque game, so my bet is in a few years, I'll sell it and be happier lol - so if interested, let me know. prob might not reach a deal since I want top prices for them, but these games, took the median out of the lower end prices and can do slightly better since you'll be saving on shipping rather than buying single.

Albeit pc games were never a hot commodity. I always thought they were undervalued and recently some of the games I wish I kept a little longer to sell now. All good, I usually never bought retail lol
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will probably have to remove boxes to make shipping appropriate and just list on eBay, but since I'm feeling ultra-lazy and slacking a lot, they haven't gone on eBay just yet lol. Bump
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