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Have lots of cards

Bernie Wrightson Master of the Macabre Trading Cards, over 100
Chris Achilleos Fantasy Art Trading Card over 50, heavy metal artist
Dragonballz super grab bags 30 cards 5.00 plus shipping
Magic card lot 30 cards hardly any doubles
Mario party japanese trading cards
Michael Kaluta Fantasy Art Trading Cards, around 50 cards, heavy metal artist
My little pony trading cards series 2,3,
My Little Pony trading card Foil Discord master of Chaos
My Little Pony trading card series 3 Foil Promo F61
Munchkin Tricky treats 1 pack new unopened
Pokemon 30 card grab bags 5.00 plus shipping
Yugioh 40 card grab bags 5.00 plus shipping

will trade or sell

example lot

other stuff
Domo gold metallic vinyl new
Dragonball figure Shu
Dragonballz super trading card game pin promo
Fantastic Beasts keychain new
Ghost in the Shell 2 figure Motoko new
Grand Theft Auto V lanyard
Harajuku Bishoujo watch new
Marvel legends Big time Spiderman loose
Marvel legends white suit Spiderman loose
Mega Man Heroes figures Megaman, Roll, Protoman and Gutsman
Megaman Kidrobot figure keychain dr wily
My little pony discord poster
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Eva 01 figure loose
Pokemon Tournament tshirts new size M,L
Spiderman Venom wallet
Sailor moon atsumete Luna P figure new
Strawberry Shortcake funko dorbz walmart exclusive

Pop minis all new
Akuma gamestop exclusive
Attack on titan Eren jager
Frozen Elsa
Gears of Wars Felix
Nightmare before Christmas Sally
Walking dead Rick grimes
X-men Wolverine
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price on mtg and pokemon cards?
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CML for the Mtg lot?
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Price on Dragon Ball and Yugioh lot?
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Topic   Trading cards Magic, Dragonball , Pokemon, Yugioh , figures pops added updated