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* 19-Apr-2017(#1)
Hi, I have an extra FFXV Cindy Regalia Mobile Download Content Code for Playstation 4. I am accepting $7.50 USD or best offer for it.

If there's more than 1 interested party, I may be getting up to two more, but it is not a sure thing.

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What's the difference between this and the Cindymobile recolor DLC that is 49 cents on PSN?
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i think the one you're pointing out is just for retouching the colour. this is the actual dlc of the cindy mobile, I believe? unsure to be honest what comes included, and did google for a bit and that's what I found.


Cindy Mobile use to go for that (and even more) until it was released for 49 cents.
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i don't know. i've looked on the psn store, and it says RECOLOR (than goes on to list the HD outputs). You know how back in the day you could go on old games and decide how much color you put on, as long as your computer could run it, like 256K lol. I think it's a color setting one that you guys are talking about. I don't know if that's the one you're talking about, or if it's still the one that's selling for more elsewhere like amazon.

Saw a post saying the same thing, but I'm not jumping on the bandwagon. Screenshot of one without the recolor in ad?
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* 21-Apr-2017(#6)
i did some digging and in fact, this code is the same one that is 49 cents in the psn store. the code unlocks the same thing that is 49 cents.

this post from reddit from dec talks about "How TF do I claim my Cindy mobil Regalia skin!?" so if they was talking about this in dec, they didnt know it would be released on psn

which is the same thing that is 49 cents in the psn store

and on the psn store, it says ....... Show your appreciation for Hammerhead's mighty fine mechanic with this custom coloring. aka Cindy skin which is the same thing is in this code you are trying to sell for $7
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* 21-Apr-2017(#7)
Hey all...

after much discussion, it seems i've found a site with all the extra add-ons that are available for ffxv.

some say: ITEM, or WEAPON...recolor doesn't sound like anything tangible so I'm leaving the price as is, and not giving in until someone claims to have bought this and says for sure it's the same thing.

here's the link:

I would think this would be ITEM if it was an actual item, no? yes?

it just might be, will leave as is. if it is truly so, than it's time to close this topic.
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seems it's just the skin for the car, thanks to a gametzer for clearing it up. not worth it to try and sell now, so will wait for the limited time to be over to try again. can't offer a better deal than the psn store.

*topic closed*

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