Topic   Iphone 4s question. icloud lock

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the cliche i found an iphone thing. its locked to icloud. is there any way around this without paying someone on ebay 70 dollars to unlock it?

it works perfectly its just locked to icloud.

i may have just picked up a paperweight.
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There is no way to unlock any Apple device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Watch, Macbook, etc) when it's locked to an iCloud account. The only way to unlock is to get the password to the Apple ID that is currently mated to it.

You have a paperweight. I can confirm...I bought a Watch that was locked to iCloud as well. ZERO chance of bypassing it yourself. Only the user who mated to the device can "unlink" or whatever and free it up for others to use.

People who claim to be able to unlock must be wiping/reformatting the device with a base OS.
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Those guys on eBay don't unlock it really. What they do is open up the device to swap in a new/used logic board then toss the board with the iCloud lock.

I'd imagine the parts would be cheaper to buy yourself but you'd have to look up a proper guide on youtube to follow.

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Huh. Well I just thought I'd ask since I know nothing about apple. Thanks guys

Topic   Iphone 4s question. icloud lock