Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360)

Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360)

Listings:   2 available, 3 wanted, 14 collection
Types:   Action/Adventure, 1st Person Shooter, Action
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GameTZ Review:   [ A+ ] Do you hate when you're playing a game, and you think "Man, wouldn't it be awesome if I could...", only to be let down and not be allowed to do the awesome? Not in Just Cause 2...

Available Listings

SANGRE 550 Trade Quintuple Gold Good Trader
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes
Condition: digital   Box: N/A   Manual: N/A
Comment: Backwards compatible download (i.e. can be redeemed and played on the XBox One)

Wanted Listings

klusion GameTZ Subscriber Quadruple Gold Good Trader Happy Birthday to Me
Condition: excellent   Box: yes   Manual: yes
gnatforeva Silver Good Trader
Condition: unopened   Box: yes   Manual: yes
lain21us Bronze Good Trader Gold Global Trader (9)
Condition: good   Box: N/A   Manual: N/A