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* 28-May(#1)

Here are additional photos: (close-ups, different angles etc:)

It looks a little beat up but while using it I never really noticed. In fact I'd rate this as the best condition OLED Vita I've ever owned since the L button squeak is barely prevalent on this one. Battery is also doing great. Dpad, both analogs, and all buttons work perfectly and feel responsive. P.S. this Vita is the 3G version, assuming it matters.

Games included:

Borderlands 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Also included:
- 16 GB memory card.
- Old Skool charger w box
- SD2Vita adapter (system is NOT hacked, I only had this in case I decided to..)

By the way, there's something I should note about owning a Vita. I have been having difficulty deactivating my PSN account from Vitas recently, and would get an error message each time I'd try. To make matters worse, a new Vita firmware update was recently released making it so you need to scan an QR code using another device such as a smartphone in order to log in on your Vita. (Although it seems you can log in normally after that, so thankfully it's a one time thing.) Just thought I'd warn everyone about this up front. Fortunately my PSN account is already removed from this particular Vita.

Anyway I think 220 210 via Paypal sounds fair for everything listed above. I'll pay shipping.
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I'd be on this if the games weren't so dang pricey esp the rpgs
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That update also effected PS3 systems. I don't recall ever having a problem activating a system unless you already had 2 systems activated. So I'm thinking the new owner will just log into the vita like normal and it will then automatically deactivate it for your old account. Incase its the AR code scan giving you the problem you don't need to scan the code, you can just log into sony and generate a code to use. But be sure to write it down as you can't view them again, but they wont expire until you remove them.
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I'll lower the price of the bundle to 210 and will include an extra game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

To recap, that's 210 for the system, charger, memory card, and six games with cases.

Topic   OLED Vita system bundle for sale