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I'm about to contact Amazon with a question, and usually when I do, I'm placed on hold for a few minutes before they come back with an answer. Before I get involved with all that, I figured I'd ask here so I can have basic knowledge of what to expect.

Does anybody know if Amazon does price adjustments for items purchased if the price drops before it's shipped? I ordered a couple of items on Sunday morning, and as of today, Friday morning, it's still in the "Preparing for shipment" stage. Who knows how much longer it'll be before they ship my order. But regardless, I ordered the item for $17.99 + tax, and now it's $14.40 + tax. Both prices are from Amazon, not a third party. It may be a long shot, but i figured I'd ask before contacting them later.

In case anybody was wondering, this is the item that dropped in price:

The hardcover edition has stayed the same price, and I heard the hardcover wasn't worth the price, so I bought the softcover edition.
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In my experience, they don't. You are better off canceling the order and reordering.
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They used to have a certain window where they'd match prices like this (30 days?). They stopped doing it though, I've tried and been denied in the past year or two. Cancel and reorder if you can.

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They won't price match. You can however (they'll even tell you this), return and rebuy. I literally just did this a few days ago as a baby carrier we bought dropped $18 the day it showed up at our house. Rep was like "just send it back and re-order". I'm like, you realize you have to spend money on shipping and restocking? Doesn't make sense, but whatever.
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Thanks for the assistance, everybody. Does seem like a shame they wouldn't do a price adjustment, especially on items they haven't even shipped yet. It's been 5-6 days, Amazon definitely has the slowest order fulfillment speed for their free shipping option out of Walmart, Target and Best Buy.
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It kind of depends. I think you may have a shot if it's straight up sold by Amazon.

Your best bet is to go into chat and get super dogy if you're Prime. The only way to get into chat is to pick "a problem with Prime" and "other Prime issues" or something to that degree. I've had way better results with chat than phone.

I literally just went through something similar in the summer with a tent that changed prices and was pending shipping. I had to leave the chat with the first rep because he wasn't willing to help, then give chat another try, got another rep, repeat until someone helps. Another time I had this issue I ended up having to call and dog at a manager to get the price adjusted. The guys in India following the script will categorize it under "Amazon doesn't price match" and just not help. If you can get someone that isn't Jandeep and more Amy then you'll do better.
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Lol, thanks, I'll keep trying until I avoid a Jandeep. I keep getting those odd names, now that you mention it.

I placed an order on Sunday, Oct 1. On Tuesday, it said 'Preparing for Shipment' and as of early this morning, it barely moved to 'Shipping Now.' I don't know why or how Amazon can get away with taking so long to ship orders, and fluctuate the price, and still not charge the lowest price when they take so long to ship an item.

I'm not a Prime member, unfortunately. But still, 9 days to ship an order that's in-stock is a little ridiculous.

Topic   Amazon question before I contact them.