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As someone who wishes these two were in business in my hs days, I definitely enjoy the services of both regularly for about 6-7 years now, maybe more. Today a lyft driver literally left me speechless so I'm very curious The driver/rider debate on this one.

So i had a fare put in. Not a wait and save, but an immediate ride. The driver was about 5 minutes eta which was not the issue. He then proceeded to tell me he was going to conveniently fill up his tank of gas before picking me up despite me already being the designated ride on his queue. rather than telling him thanks for making me late for work this morning on a 933 fare put in with a 5 minute wait on a 12 minute ride to be in by 10, who knows how long he would have taken before picking up the fare. I've been blown a way a few times by a rider, I've smoked in cars. I've ridden in cars with families' and even colleagues i've known. I've had drivers get angry waiting 5 minutes on me and others willing to wait up to 3 hours, but this really blew me away. So i cancelled and went with uber instead.

Now onto the uber ride i explained him the situation w previous driver and he agreed with him to my surprise. His reasoning was a little all over the place, but he put it like this essentially. You don't want to run out of gas while driving a car with a passenger?

I get out of work and i take lyft back home. I explain the situation to my driver and he also agrees, but his reasoning was based upon the queue stacking and not having the opportunity to be able to do so.

As a rider my perspective is this. While i don't agree that you aren't compensated as a driver to go from your destination to the pickup point. You do or in the very least should be obligated to the passenger you choose to pick up. You can decline the ride clock off and work or not on your time. It's not fair in the least to be expecting an arrival in 5 minutes when travel time is five minutes alone plus a car that needs to be filled up at 930 in the morning. That's just terrible business.

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I've taken Uber and Lyft tons of times in the past. I never once had a driver tell me they needed to get gas before picking me up. At the end of the day, I believe the driver should of signed off until after they were done getting gas. Essentially they expect you to wait longer while they save a few minutes of their day by already having a rider and refusing to sign offline.

You don't know their hours though. Many work odd hours overnights and well into the morning. There's no designated hours and is kind of like being self employed. So they probably were getting low.

Another thing I don't like is how the vasty majority were using 2-3 different services at once. Which so many told me they do. Which sometimes leads to them canceling if they get a better offer on a different service. I don't mind them doing it if they use a different app when they're close to dropping me off. Like I'm cool with that.

Case in point, just like with some passengers, Uber and Lyft drivers are not always the best.

My overall experience with ride apps has been good with many nice conversations though. And I used a good amount of different services years back.

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Reminds me a time I was working a supermarket check stand. My receipt tape ran out so I went to put a new one in. The next lady in line starts cussing at me because I should have done that before it was her turn.
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I drive for Uber. A driver should have gas in the car. Generally speaking, and particularly when I'm driving people and not food orders I will always start my work day with a fill up. There are times where its so busy that I need to stop and get gas again. The thing is that I know when I'm getting low I have to bite the bullet, go off line and take 5-10 mins and go fill up again. There are times when I might accept the ride and if I'm near a gas station just stop. That usually only happens late night on weekends on those rare occasions when I know there aren't a lot of ubers around where I work and its just wasted people who can handle waiting an additional 3 mins. But I have to say that the responsibility is on the driver to have gas in the car.

There are many minor complaints I have about passengers. Most are trivial, some are more substantial. The only time I've ever told a customer I had to stop for gas was when I was at the tail end of a 10-12 hour shift and I wanted to feel out how far they were going. An hour drive after being at work 10 hours F that. But I might use the line "if youre staying local I don't need to stop for gas"

Also worth mentioning that most drivers on these platforms aren't full time and aren't professional drivers. So the navigation skills and hospitality skills may leave something to be desired. Being any kind of taxi driver is equal parts transportation and hospitality industry. It's not about forcing conversation the whole ride its about having good manners and politeness and knowing when to leave people alone. As well as knowing quick short cuts rather than simply speeding to get places quicker.

Sometimes I see the directions and it wants to take me 3/4 square that's twice as long and 3 times the distance that the diagonal road I can see on the map but isn't highlighted will. Most drivers will absolutely not improvise and take the diagonal road. Drivers are afraid of criticism, or making a mistake. They don't have the experience, balls or even knowledge of the neighborhood they are in to make moves like that.

Also worth mentioning that it's not surprising that all your drivers sided with the Original driver. Most drivers I've talked to and most passengers accounting of their rider experience paint drivers and very selfish, self involved proprietors. They look at things exclusively from their own perspective. I can't do this at work or in life. I have to imagine the perspective of my passengers as well as how things effect other people around me. Ultimately the driver should have been off line and gotten gas, got gas and said nothing, or offered you the choice to cancel the ride and not be subject to an additional wait time. From my perspective I would say the driver acted in a selfish and unprofessional manner. Having said that- if 5 minutes make you , me or anyone late for work- that's on us. There's got to be personal responsibility both ways.

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